Thursday, 19 December 2013

New Song by Kid Cudi - "Satellite Flight" (Out 2 Days)

Here's the latest song from Kid Cudi. It's been out only two days and has racked up over 250,000 plays (nice). The fans are feeling the track as well. My favourite part is the sampled intro (brilliant). Im my mind this song seems very smoked out. But thats not a bad thing and I am a really solid supporter of Kid Cudi. Personally my favourite song he's ever done is "Sound Track To My Life" (See below).                      

"Satellite Flight" is a great song that definitely grows on you and gets better the more listens you give it. The song would bloom with a wacky as hell video with martians and satellites.

My description of the song and events that lead up to its production would be: Kid Cudi waking up from a deep slumber in his bed on Mars.  Then after having an asteroid shower, deciding to record a new song through a cherished vaporiser, before escaping into space with his moon boots. I guess now he's just a Satellite in space in mid-flight trying to survive. Stay tuned for a new record dropping out of the sky from Cudderland.

Love Cleveland, even though I nearly died their!!! :)

Love this song: "Sound Track To My Life"

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