Saturday, 27 February 2016

Theoradical Hobohemians "Sympoisum" Event 19th of March! at Mercury Theatre

The Woodstock of Poetry is here Baby! 
Sat 19th March 8pm Theoradical Hobohemians 
Storm The Mercury Theatre.                                     The Trailer explains everything!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Denny's With Franco - Joed Out Reunion Show Photos

So after @greg.franco rocked out at UFO the other night we rolled down the gentrified tarmac and scored some late night Denny's at round 12am. I ordered CurlyFries and an apple juice and Greg got a T bone steak that was sizzling on a plate like an explosive amp on overdrive. Unfortunately I went a bit overboard on the aioli sauce and had a lactose intolerant hang over the next day haha forgive me lord for I have sinned. But what was really funny was how when we rocked up a middle aged couple built like german tanks were going of their nut at a tired worn out waiter that looked as grey as statue. They kept on hollering about how their order had been lost and how the waiter who also seemed to be the manager of the restaurant, quite possibly a prodigy of the hospo industry due to his young age had let them his insatiable patrons sit for an hour with no hope of receiving any food. People started staring and slowly but surely entertained grins sprang up on every bodies faces due to the comic debacle and fierce verbal exchange. I reckon the free drama made the food taste that much better certainly the showdown wasn't your usual average dining experience of chomping in meek silence. I actually thought the waiter was gonna quite possibly get his head knocked off his invisible shoulders by a powerful haymaker. That didn't happen thankfully but what really seemed to push the hungry couple completely over board was their free chips being lost!! but are some deep fried chips really worth making yourself look like a psychopathic asshole? I think not but hey it sure was better than watching the dull t.v on the side of the wall!

Photos from the gig "Joed Out" (Reunion Show) 20.2.16

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Greg Franco's (Rough Church) Rocking Solo Show at UFO

Greg Franco preformed a solo Rough Church set last night at UFO and he brought the pain Daniel MaƱetto played bass and mixed sound the whole night and kicked some ass. Andrew Maitai also took to the mic and brought the roof down with Joed Out's final song of their reunion show and I even scored a sweet cd of their whole back catalogue! What an epic night it was an awesome private rock 'n' roll show with people dancing on their heads and jumping around like nobodies business shit was cray cray

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

TPPA Hell No! The Neo-Kalashnikovs Protest Video

TPPA demonstration march up Queen St today. NZ sovereignty shouldn't be negotiable, increase in medical bills isn't good for people and corporations shouldn't be in control of our lives. We have rights..this is not a free trade agreement, its about controlling people on a global scale. Don't sign!

From Volita Bioletti:

I'm not down with the signing of the TPPA... I'm not down with the national government trying to bypass the people of NZ without a referendum or respecting the treaty (not that they ever have) BUT I'm excited about the protests coming up on Thursday. Family friendly march 'Don't sign the TPPA' going down Queen St at 12 noon from Aotea Square as well as The Real Choice Blockade of Federal St going on from 9am. Thank you to Edward Wheeles for joining us on stage after the night of partying that him, Moss & Co endured prior!

Shot and edited by Ruth Bioletti and Sugarlumps Productions