Monday, 30 November 2015

Having a Blast at The Lab Recording Studio, NZ with The Neo-Kalashnikovs & Olly Harmer

Had a blast making records today with Olly Harmer and The Neo-Kalashnikovs at The Lab Recording Studio, NZ big thanks to Volita Pearl Bioletti and Gabriel Bioletti for giving it heaps! our Dad/Producer Jeremy Bioletti for stopping any arguments and our mumager Ruth Bioletti for looking after the munchkin and bringing us a hard drive to back up our new music, good times 
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Friday, 27 November 2015

The Neo-Kalashnikovs New Cream E.P - Going a bit Crazy-in-a-good-way

Going a bit Crazy-in-a-good-way recording the new The Neo-Kalashnikovs Cream E.P the records out on Rocawave Records December 15th. The gangs heading into The Lab Recording Studio, NZ this coming week to track some more songs but heaven behold the records already shaping up nicely which is exciting! I'm really looking forward to the release party at Flight 605 our favourite local haunt, so definitely try and coming along if your free its on a Tuesday the event page will be up soon!!
Stay Classy Auckland smile emoticon Moss

Friday, 20 November 2015

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - Recording New Record "The Cream E.P"

I had a real busy week working on new recordings for The Neo-Kalashnikovs upcoming release "The Cream E.P" December 15th at Flight 605.
I'm really excited about the new songs having been heavily involved in the writing and music process. I was also in charge of recording the record which was a bit daunting but I am real stoked with how its sounding which is a great feeling.
I don't think I am going to mix the singles for the record but i'll probably work on some of the album cuts so keep your eyes and ears peeled people!
Stay classy Moss :)

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

SinKara's New Single - "Golden Chains" - Middle Eastern inspired Grunge Rock (Mt Eden)

I've been listening to SinKara's new single "Golden Chains" recorded at Depot Sound recently!

Alexei Wrassky preformed on guitar and vocals. I caught him playing at the end of year MAINZ show at the Dogs Bollix this past Tuesday. His Auckland central based rock band have recorded an E.P that will be released very soon so check out the first single above!  

The guys of Sinkara who also include Jack Gribben on lead guitar, Lucas Ostrowski on Bass, Alex JP on Drums and Alexei - Vocals & Gat also have a sick and truly epic rock song called "Tar Black Day" hiding in their back catalog 

So if your a fan of Pearl Jam's music and there album 10 or enjoy 90's Rock with some sick middle eastern riffing and chord progressions then get amongst SinKara!  

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Hot New Cali Rock Song - "Going Home" by Epsilona

How did Epsilona write and record "Going Home" it has an amazing sound? was it in a studio or DIY?

The verse and chorus were first written by Minh in the living room of a new place he had just moved into. There was nothing inside yet, so his acoustic guitar sounded cool when it echoed in the house. The rest of the song was put together and structured together with the band. It was recorded at Fat Cat studio in Sacramento, California.

Are you guys working on album at the moment or just releasing singles? 

We recorded an EP, and it's already been mixed and mastered. We're just releasing singles off of the EP the release date 11/28/2015.

Whereabouts are you Epsilona from and what is it like where your from? pros & cons

We are from Sacramento practicing in a suburban house by the university college. We love it in Sacramento! It's not a big City, but not a small town either. We seem to get the best that a big city and small town would have to offer here. We absolutely love our community. Anyone in their 20s would love living here right now. 

What are some of the bands biggest influences from the past and modern times?

Our influences come from everywhere. Melodies from Miles davis, dynamics and chord progressions from patrick watson, wicked space tones from Tame impala etc. Virtually everything we've ever heard is in our music.

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to Epsilona playing a show?

A brawl broke out between a group of angry men on psychedelics on the other side of the courtyard when we played up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. On top of that, a guy stumbled and knocked over a trash can, then climbed on stage and hid behind one of our cabinets (during our set). It was by far the strangest gig we have ever played, but we would probably go back because we want more stories like this. 

If you had a choice between critical or commercial success which would you chose and why?

Our version of success would be to have the ability to keep playing music, spreading our music, and just being able to survive while doing it. We will do what we have to do to make that happen.

Band Bio and other music available from the band at:

                                                   Carlos Gutierrez Drums

Cory Phillips Bass

Minh Le Vocals, Guitar

Chandler Hale

Friday, 6 November 2015

Husk's Debut Album "The Freaks" & The Leers Drop Watersliding new single "Finally Happy"

HUSK have released their debut rock album "The Freaks" online and its sick to hear some fiery fuzzied up local rock tunes from the guys. The band recorded their debut album at the Lab studio in only two days and if my sources are correct Djeisan Suskov mixed and mastered some of the record. Husk's record has machine gun drum rolls, face searing guitar riffs and emotional and expressive lyrics with an almost ghostly delivery as well as groovy propelling bass lines reminiscent of Unknown Mortal Orchestra

My favourite cut from the album is;

The new single "Finally Happy" from The Leers produced by Sven Pettersen which includes musician's Matt Bidois, Jack Furniss, Jacob Buchan, James Kippenberger reminds me of Mac De Marco's tripped out college radio album "Salad Days".
Just for a bit of background Mac De Marco created one of largest selling alternative albums in recent history that actually clawed its way onto the Billboard Hot 100;
 Keep your eyes peeled for when 
the album drops! the title is called 

"Are You Curious?".

Fat Freddy's Drop New Album "Bays" - A solid return to form

Are you feeling the new album from the raucous Wellington based NZ group Fat Freedy's Drop?
I am so def try check out the new single "Razor" it's solid synthy dub Kiwi goodness

Monday, 2 November 2015

Did Taylor Swifts Production Team Rip off "Shake It Off"??

Thumbs up for this guy, he could seriously have a legal case in an impartial court of law?I reckon a lot of entertainment lawyers from Nashville to L.A will be frothing at the mouth, with their brief cases and notes at the ready to fight it out in the court room on contingency buoyed by the Marvin Gaye Family win against the plagiarism of the inebriated Robin Thicke!

I find it very strange that Jesse Graham is black and Taylor Swifts music video parodies Black culture, perhaps its an in-house cynical joke? the use of the word "Shake" at the end of the hook of Taylor's version really seems to try its best to obsfucate the use of the word 'fake' at the end of Jesse's, perhaps 'shake" was employed in order to throw anyone off the bread crumb trail that might just lead all the way back to "Haters gone Hate". 

Whats for sure is that T-Swift needs to answer clearly and openly whether any of her 'writers or producers' heard the song and used consciously or not as influencing factor lyrical for her production aka Sam Smith style for "Stay with Me" that hurt his reputation and wallet.

There also seems to be a strong underlining racial dynamic in the claimants case of inequailty that will annoy a lot of black people in America. For to long white artists have been illegal stealing their 'original ideas' from Black artists and not giving them their songwriting credits! from rock to R'n'B just look at the Rolling Stones and their inability to recall past artists songs that sound remarkably like theirs!  

I believe in credit given were credits due, I hope this is resolved before it ruins a talented 'recording artists" legacy that Swift has worked very hard to establish :)