Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - Run My Way (Music Video)

Hi everyone The Neo-Kalashnikovs latest video "Run My Way" directed by Ruth Bioletti is here. This video is more cinematic than our others  and didn't feature any singing along to the song.

If you like it you can download a free instant download of "She's on Heat" right here which contains "Run My Way":

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Oh Village: Say No to Wilco

What is the bands ethos and mantra ?

"Anything can happen"

Hey did it feel getting so far in the Youthink Magazine's Best Teen Band Competition sounds like there was some stiff competition taking out 2nd plae against 50 bands is one serious feat of endurance?

It was an awesome experience and we learned a lot. The best part was meeting other amazing young bands in our area.

Whats British Columbia like to play as a band and what is the kind of thing people do for fun there? hanging out at Sheetz lol ?

We don't have Sheetz here, but we looked them up and they look amazing. We would hang out at a Sheetz all day long!

Does Oh Village approach recording in a certain way? home studios or big studios? particular recording method for example completely live ?

We've done both home and studio recording, and we like both for different reasons. Our album was recorded at The Sound Suite in Abbotsford.

Which tracks are the band most proud off the album?

Restart and In This House because they exceeded our dreams.

Have you guys been playing your jams in neighboring states?

We have played a bit in some other Canadian provinces such as Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

How was it working with Steve Klassen on Headlights/Red lights E.p ? 

Headlights/Red Death was a great first step and a fun experience. It was like a first date between the band and Steve Klassen.

Where is the best place to get our hands on a copy of the awesome album Far Side of The Sea ?
At one of our shows or on Bandcamp. It's also available on iTunes!
  click here =   http://ohvillage.bandcamp.com/

 Would you guys like to be a band likened to Wilco  ?
In some ways, no.

Your guys music is really cinematic was that something you wanted to achieve?
I could see it easily scoring a great bit in a movie or climatic T.V event?
Thanks Moss. Though we've never made that a goal, we appreciate the comment.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

What is it about Chuck Taylors ??

The weird thing about Chuck Taylor shoes are there success in my view. A little piece of canvas with a shoe sole and a great emblem has destroyed the choice for hipsters. The kids know that a pair of shoes which will always undeniably cool for anyone who isn't too old is the Converse All Star. It looks so unassuming but theres something deeply attached to it that has fostered it's success. I'm not stupid I know that they're branding budget for the shoe would be in the tens if not hundreds of millions but thats not the catalyst for it's success it only maintains it. 

In my opinion what makes the Converse so successful is it's the vibe. The shoe stands for a freedom that is an obvious big F you to all other shoes and fashion in general. While everyone has moon boots with their Nike Swooshs and amazing gadgets the converse has jack all. Essential the shoe is a metaphorical under dog that is supported by youngsters of every generation to show the established old farts they suck. 

Friday, 9 November 2012

Paranoia - The Neo-Kalashnikovs (an exclusive music video debut)

The Neo-Kalashnikovs release their latest music video "Paranoia" directed by the talented Nick Tidmarsh (Graduate of Design Unitec). As one of The Neo-Kalashnikovs in house directors he has created what the band labels as ecstasy in motion underscored by hear hitting rock. Gabriel the frenetic bass player who has also studied classical piano for 4 years said;

 "This is just what the band wanted, something to get the people fired up like Fish Filet" 

Lead singer Volita Bioletti was also beaming from the bands latest video release for "Paranoia" she said to me that she is so proud of the Neos for creating the track under heavy time constraints in the studio. She told me the recording took place in Point Chev Auckland, NZ at Tonewheel studios. I talked to her over the phone after the release, she said;

"Recording Paranoia was done fast, like the band had learnt the track the night before we were slamming it out a little sleep deprived (laughs) the next day in the studio. By the way we used some un-conventional microphone techniques to get the vocal sound which was something we were aiming for as a nod to our rock influences like the nine inch nails. Also if it wasn't for producer Justin James who worked tirelessly to create our vision this song would have been destined to be a no show, stuck in the vault as a draft. 

But you know, everyone rose to the occasion and were so glad we can present it to all our loyal fans. Paranoia is off our album "She's on Heat" which is available as a instant download so everyone can share our art, but anyone who buy it from our bandcamp gets a credit on the next album coming soon"

They're you have it guys rock music for all