Tuesday, 27 September 2016

She Looked At Me (Moss Rock) demo

Demo of a song I did, i've always really dug this melody and lyrics Volita Pearl Bioletti came up with Jeremy Bioletti playing the gat 👅😃

Monday, 19 September 2016

A Question to all Auckland Mayoral Candidates in the local body election: PUBLIC TRANSPORT

A Question to all Auckland Mayoral Candidates in the local body election: Have you looked into lowering the cost of Public transport? What are the profits and revenues being made by public transport service providers? As an Aucklander I feel the cash price of 5 dollars for two stages from (Mt Albert to Auckland) is way too much. I have a Hop card and student concession and it is still very expensive. People I know drive cars and get lifts to avoid the costs of public transport. I don't see why Goldcard holders should be allowed free transport while Students are not! I feel the cost of Public Transport needs to be reexamined and lowered to entice people to use it! Christchurch had some free and very cheap bus fares when I last visited a while ago now! If we are a Supercity we can do much better Moss

If I was standing for Mayor of Auckland I would...

If I was standing for Mayor of Auckland I would collapse the Auckland housing market and get rid of all domestic and international price speculation and Capital gains people are making from the market. Houses are for living in they are not a means to a profitable business by exploiting others who are not privileged enough to own a home! If you want to have a business there a plethora of other industries and other ventures to look into. Buying up houses and renting them out to families struggling to get by makes my blood boil. Worse are people who jump into bed with banks purchasing houses to flip them months later slicing off a tasty immoral profit. I have seen half of my extended family who lived in Auckland immigrate to Australia to improve their quality of life. The condition of the housing from what I know dramatically increased. Auckland not yet a Supercity!

A good pair of shoes
Can transform a tramp
Into a King

this is for the ones who didn't make it

You seem trapped like a stoat slowly dying
Lost in a cycle of self-destruction and praise
One finger on the button of the nuclear bomb, hand on your crotch
Could you do it kill woman, children, husbands indiscrimantly
In an instant flesh burnt to dust by the man made sun of Hiroshima

Underlining pain and turmoil married to social unrest
Black slaves in the street know the real pain of the oppressed
Are you reader willing to fight even die at my side
 in an army of citizens swaying marching left right left right
Reaching out hands poised with serated knives
 or will the state do us in and steal our lives
Why not simply save face and conceal the magic of swines

A hundred years a thousand more and were still no closer to peace on earth
Locked in the throws of rapture brought on by torturing your toes
 we languish embedded in a holy war of symbols ruled by an aristocratic asterisk
The rich the poor everyone suffering due to impounded interest and slanted economics
Our world the great leveller crushing us into a small tidy compressed trash can
Of False humility and wickedness black grimy and festering
We grow and improve forever imprisoned in a cacophonous groove
In an eternal return to dance across stars like a melancholy moon
Who speaks "life is so pretty but it always ends so soon"

Onwards upwards climbing pecariously in the pit of hell
The work must be done our minds reforged for a labour ensues
Fighting off depression evil thoughts sharper than sickles and swords
At the same time we are becoming what you dreamt a million times
For Inside us lies dormant the keys to a universe of joy
Like a newborn child humanities essential character is good

David Merrit - Describing the role of the poet in New Zealand society

David Merritt from Paris Mercedes on Vimeo.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

musing on ideas in Zarathustra

Dry your eyes, there's no use in crying
we all live under the moon at night
were wolves howl and nightmares roam
that is until the flaming sun comes out
bringing life renewed to those who wander 
like scared animals being hunted we hide
praying for one last day to feather our nests
before our bodies decompose under moss covered trees

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Don't even so much as think of voting for Phil Goff as Mayor of Auckland

No Phil Goff proposing a ten cent charge on plastic bags will not save the environment. It is a stupid empty and futile symbolic gesture. If this is the best idea you have you truly are a moron. What even gives you the idea to think that you can be a mayor of Auckland when you can't even lead the opposition party properly. I am so sick of these career politicians wasting government time and resources to introduce meaningless and utterly stupid bills onto the floor. I also want to state how Auckland is not a super city the reason being we still have homeless people sleeping rough on the streets, a super city is incompatible with such easily remedied social problems occurring. So Phil instead of thinking the sun shines out of your ass how about you introduce a bill into parliament to build more housing for the homeless in Auckland. Until you do that I strongly suggest you don't even so much as think of voting for this man.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Movie Review - “Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus”

You may know of Micheal Cera he has made a lot of crap movies that we’ve probably all watched hated and yet secretly enjoyed. Well dis-regard all your movie prejudice and well placed Hollywood animosity because “Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus” available to watch on Netflix's kicks some serious millennial ass.

 The film is based around the ding bat pictured above who is from America and travels all the way to Chile to get wasted on Cactus. Along the way he meets some locals who he befriends including the free spirited and foxy lady “Crystal Fairy”, together the squad decide to find a Cactus and cook it up to get a nice natural buzz going on.

Important to note - said cactus is only found in Chile. Everyone in the film can’t believe how a pasty white guy with no name could travel all the way to their beautiful country just to get ‘out of it’ and drink his lethal slimy looking concoction on a beach. 

The reason why this film is a must see is not to see actors simply pretending to drink peyote cause they actually do no acting necessary yo! Instead you owe it to yourself to watch this film because in one way or another we’re all like the lost American with the cactus desperately searching out something to give our life meaning. We are all guilty of investing our time, energy, love, dreams, hopes into a shallow dead end to avoid the realisation we are all going to die. 

By going on the cinematic journey with ‘Crystal Fairy’ a strange and cosmic woman she shows all morons the world over how we must embrace all aspects of our lives, not only one that we think holds all the answers. This is because we always risk disappoint when we invest heavily in a holy grail that offers any robust meaning to our lives. Arghh shucks just watch the bloody film!  

Book Review: “Nice Work If You Can Get It” - by Don Franks

Ever wondered what the life of restaurant or hotel lobby piano player resembles? Or even better what such a person's life would look like who lives in little old New Zealand? well look no further and get your hands on Don Franks new vivacious book "Nice Work If You Can Get It". The well-known musician from Wellington who has played for years on the piano, banjo and even the Russian "Balalaika" (a 3 string acoustic guitar shaped like a triangle) offers the reader a rip snorting read and laugh from beginning to end in his latest comical offering. 

From his residency tickling the ivory keys at the bourgeois restaurant "El Casino" in Welly under the rule of a fiery Italian boss, to a series of traumatic paid gigs in NZ back country round a camp fire with a lone acoustic guitar, Don leaves no stone upturned or gag up his sleeve. The authors writing is elegant clear and packs one hell of punch like a n awesome blog post one usually never find amongst the cacophony on the internet. 

In truth Don’s book actually makes me wonder if he would've done better to have taken up the pen and avoided plucking strings and plonking keys for a pittance amusing drunks and overfed restaurateurs. But once  you even read one page from his new book it confirms how Don the musician is a born performer, who feeds off the love or hatred of a crowd no matter what size. 

Plus if Don had chosen the pen over the string his readers wouldn't be able to dive into his messy world of zany tales explaining how a man could live from one gig to another in our nations past. 

One of the highlights of the book is when Don retells how another musician certainly not Don himself! ;) played one song over and over again making a good pay day in an upmarket club, let’s just say "Blue Moon" and "Spanish Eyes" come up an awful lot in this book! Bravo Don. 

A Fragmented Poem Written 11/07/2016 edited 12/07/2016 abandoned same day

Strangers on Facebook       living in a digital realm     divorced from our physical reality
Slowly bobbing up and down on the tranquil waves of a shared Wi-Fi connection
Like a lifeboat it connects us together even families
The Simulacrum allows us to experience the outside world once removed
We are confronted by murder        sky rocketing house prices    and Presidential candidates with no hair                                 

Instead of being thanked for staying in a bastard loop of society         we are flogged by bills emailed constantly by companies
Extorting us demanding money from somewhere           to keep our dis-jointed connection insurrection               strong and blue
Failing to pay the troll toll quickly makes us resemble       something akin to a chimpanzee pained with a nagging feeling of
Information withdrawal and pining over a lack of bananas        we can no longer log in and blob out         instead constantly choosing to check the news fuelled by neurosis
Old physical newspapers lay forgotten     or burnt to a cinder more likely used to serve food upon them to furry domestic animals with hungry bellies

We refrain from walking in every instance unless it is with a lover
Much better to drive, pump gas into the oil drenched glory hole and
Drive on, to a MacDonald’s or organic grocery store anything that can be consumed
We desire whether the sub-text is virtue or vice
How irrelevant, we pirate the latest movies, we rip off record companies
We protest the purchase of any goods and services that are not cheaply stolen
We want free stuff the masses shriek

Yet we still struggle to maintain the vicious mortgage
Amidst the chaos we strive to buy back what we most desperately want our
Freedom            to live without exploitation in a true democracy
Were we are not ruled but valued        this is humanities desire in 2016
/ Meanwhile the rain pummels the rooves of our dwellings
Causing holes to spring up      like a slowly sinking ship

We continue to precariously exist          bobbing up and down 
on our island in the sweet south pacific

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Brother Gabriel - A Brilliant Photographic Visionary defending himself against a Heartless Wellington Art Critic

Gabriel Bioletti commented on this.

Sam Allen Probably my favourite piece in your 2106 collection, the stark contrast of light and dark, the absent confusion of the Grobbie, the number of pixels, all add to this sense of existential numbness. This piece really captures the futility of seeking purpose in life
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Gabriel Bioletti Hey Sam I greatly appreciate you're considered opinion on this initial collection. However there is just one point I need to make in response; I feel the shortest path to greatness and fulfillment in art is to live it, breathe it, encompass the ideas you portray into your own everyday life. For this reason I feel like any attempt at perceiving 'intent' in my pictures will result in a somewhat contrived analysis of the real meaning behind the aesthetics. So whilst you're description does seem apt, I do struggle to reconcile my own personal beliefs with such an interpretation.
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Moss Bioletti

Write a reply...
Sam Allen Oh hey Gabriel, it's not often I get to talk to such a visionary artist as yourself. I guess the fame hasn't found you yet, but I'm sure it will some day.
You posit that my perception of meaning in your work was an "attempt", but to me the words came e
ffortlessly, and without contrivance or indeed any motive of self-aggrandizement.
Given the absolute subjectivity of art and beauty, I feel that you as the artist need to learn to relinquish absolute interpretive authority over your works as you release them for public consumption (I too struggle with this, would you believe!). My comment was not an attempt to trap your art's meaning in stasis, but more to add a sort of meta value to it. 
We could even argue that my comment has more beauty and meaning than your photo, as it demonstrates - through its very existence - how art can inspire and bring substance to thought.
Again, really love the photo.
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Gabriel Bioletti Oh hey again Sam. I do realise that, to a certain degree, the notion of 'death of the author' has been quite en mode recently. While i do agree that there is a certain obligation for critics of art (such as yourself), i believe vehemently that there is a much stronger obligation for the artist (me, in this case) to be steadfast in their original interpretation. The idea of absolute subjectivity does result in potentially integral motifs, themes and techniques to be lost in translation. This results in a violation of the conservation of information, something i believe to be of a much higher significance.

Again, don't think for a moment that i don't appreciate you're feedback. Maybe we will have to agree to disagree
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Sam Allen Dear sir.
I hope you understand that I'm actually one of the most down to earth and humble people you will ever meet, and I don't appreciate being called a "critic". What I do is not the dissemination of criticism, but the delivery of high impact and i
nsightful commentary on various pieces and their meaning as I interpret it.
My commentary adds impact to art and increases exposure of the artist, as I have a significant following of art lovers who rely on my taste and interpretations.
I hope you appreciate that the rigidity you try to impose on your work's meaning is a self serving knife to the throat of all viewers.
no offence intended.
Samuel Allen.
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Gabriel Bioletti Dear Hopeless Critic,

Judging by you're utterly inappropriate and unprofessional response i would be inclined to think that you are not nearly as significant a CRITIC as you have built yourself up to be.

It is not my job to validate you're sub-par existence as a source of second-hand information. I appreciate the necessity of constructive criticism in order to move forward as a coherent and self-contained artist. Furthermore, you clearly display great insight and potential to legitimately contribute to the world of the art and I would sincerely suggest you pursue tertiary education on the subject in order to convey you're ideas in a more succinct, less frantic manner.

Yours sincerely, Gabriel Alfred George Bioletti
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Sam Allen Sir.
Let us agree to disagree. While I respect your obvious and gratuitous skill as an artist, I find you manner to be unbearably standoffish and 
I strongly suggest that you also pursue tertiary education, perhaps in formal communication.

I came to you with nothing but good intentions and you turned around and shat all over my face and in my ears.
How dare you call me sub-par. You have no right to criticise my work.
You are an insufferable artist and I only hope that you may one day find peace within yourself as I did long ago.
Good day.
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Gus McRobbie I think i'll eat it now.
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Moss Bioletti the photo that spilt a thousand words