Friday, 25 September 2015

Robotic love tangled up in colourful leads :)

The 16 track sounded sick today drums had heaps of low end and the kick was intense like an old skool soul record glad I tinkered round with it a while ago now it's way more open and free kinda like the difference between being locked up and on the run.  
The guitars were shimmering almost orchestral clean not dirty. I hooked up the Ekadek electronics and sound​ Ak47 to my Akai hard disc recorder I rescued from a bargain bin many years ago a vintage grunge child of the 90's and was pleasantly surprised or in truth more like completely bowled over. I was just winging it as you do throwing up a few mics and capturing sound while trying new grooves and stuff. The wild, wet and windy backdrop of Auckland city and its up and down weather patterns provided the best scene like out of a movie for recording and mucking round and having fun. Its almost indescribable diving into the river of sound its pure and refreshing experience almost biblical you never quite know whats down their like the belly of the beast all the possibilities surrounding you like fate swirling round in immeasurable depths :) But God Am I looking forward to Summer or what man! 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

PREMIER: New Music Video "Drama Queen" from The Neo-Kalashnikovs

The new "Drama Queen" video by The Neo-Kalashnikovs Is Out Now You Can Stream it Above!!!  We had so much fun making this video with all our friends and I think you can really tell by the video what an awesome party it was haha :)

A big thank you to everyone involved especially Grierson David for doing such an awesome job of acting lead nemesis and of course Leanne Rattray Mark McIvor Ruth Bioletti Volita Pearl Bioletti Zoran Zoki Jennie Donovan Malcolm William Santa Dixon Andrew Maitai William Turner Talor Ormsby Josh Ormsbyyou guys all made this possible thank you so much!! smile emoticon 

"Drama Queen" T-Shirts Available here:

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

"Drama Queen" Music Video - To be Released This Thursday 24th of September 3pm, Sweet!

Our "Drama Queen" Music Video is being released this Thursday 24th of September 3pm!

One day after my birthday ;) I'm really stoked with how this song turned out considering it was

our first time recording our own song, I even had to step up and mix it too haha. Volita and our

producer did an awesome job without them this recorded wouldn't exist, looking forward to

sharing it with everybody who loves NZ Rock music as much as me!!! arghhhh :) Moss

p.s - we have a whole lot of songs that we will be recording soon and fingers crossed pressing to

vinyl to be released on our fledgling indie label Rocawave

Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - "Drama Queen" Rock T-Shirt [Out Now]

~Limited Edition~

The New T-Shirts are ready! We had quite a few pre-orders from the 'Drama Queen Release Party' but what we do still have in stock is: 

In Black/V Neck: 2 XSml, 2 medium, 3 Large, 3 XL and 2 2XL. 
In the Grey with Crew Neck we have only 3 3XL.

For the Fan Club we have decided that everyone that wants a T Shirt to pay what they cost us $10 to make each one so something around there or above would be great. You can either pick up or include some money for postage about $5. The Neos xx 

Includes unlimited streaming of Turn The Tables via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

"Violet Highway EP" - Sounds like a Motorhead freight train smashing into a Joan Jett Rock concert

Absolutely loving this new song by Violet Highway called "Caught Up In Your Game" it's so visceral and primal just like a Motorhead freight train smashing into a Joan Jett Rock concert in full swing!! arghh love it!! smile emoticon Congratulations to James Rimmer Jacqui Munro and Ant on such a kick ass performance your song reminds me of a badass scene in Fight Club, yuss ⚡✊📀

   Violet Highway (Band Photo)

"Caught Up In Your Game" - Official Song Lyrics
High School sweethearts met at seventeen
He's from a rich family she's a beauty queen
When school was over he started screwing around
But like a puppy she would never let him down

It makes me sick it makes me sick ...

You two
You two deserve each other
You two
You'll never change
You two
You make me grateful that I'm
No longer caught up in your game

Was I an escape for you or just some chick
I should have known it wasn't right it just didn't click
Man I feel sorry for her I bet it hurts
But they say you take the love you think you deserve

It makes me sick it makes me sick ...

You two
You two deserve each other
You two
You'll never change
You two
You make me grateful that I'm
No longer caught up in your game

It makes me sick it makes me sick ...

You two
You two deserve each other
You two
You'll never change
You two
You make me grateful that I'm
No longer caught up in your game


Linear & Production Notes

Violet Highway EP, track released 13 September 2015
Written and performed by Violet Highway. Recorded and mixed by J. Hampshire-Perks. Mastered by R. Rowntree.
Violet Highway are: J. Munro, A. Deane, J. Hampshire-Perks

Friday, 11 September 2015

Plastic - Cut "So Numb" Straight to 2 inch Analog Tape

I'm really enjoying So Numb a new song by Melbourne band Plastic made up of local act Five Mile Town. The recordings from the Nightmare E.P all sound super phat, lush and punchy like a warm tropical island transporting you away to a different world. The record was most likely recorded straight to 2 inch analog tape like all of the greatest records of the 60's and 70's. There's certainly no sharp digital crunch on this record all the sonic edges are smooth and well rounded.

Plastic's playing throughout the whole record is focused delivering back to back great performances. The lyrics float along offering catchy hooks and vivid imagery while also managing to draw in the listener connecting on a strong emotional level. Stephen Mowat working out of Aviary Studios in Melbourne has done a brilliant job recording, mixing and producing this record as it sounds very professional and smooth like a good whiskey! :) Stream the song above and sit back and relax :)

Sunday, 6 September 2015

New Song 'Gold' by Kiiara - Catching Heat on the Internet

Catching heat on the internet
She worked at a Hardware store in Illinois before she was discovered and released her track on the Fader. A lot of people think when they first hear the track that she's a new Scandinavian electro-pop act but she's not. Her music has been compared to FKA twigs among others.

The Great Flag Debate

I just wanted to clear up some madness jumping around about trying to get the "The Red Peak Flag" design into the New Zealand flag referendum. Many of you probably don't know but
New Zealand is under going a perfect storm - an identity crisis so the National government can avoid doing anything productive in office for their whole third term. Here are some snubbed designs many now labelled great alternatives like Otis Frizzels "MANAWA":

Or the obvious Maori choice "Tino Rangatiratanga", anything but that one aye ;)

What I truly find worrying is a 20,000 strong signed petition advocating that we switch our flag to
a back packing brand red peak is the fifth option thankfully not an official choice.

I also don't know about you but I see striking similarities to the SOUTH AFRICAN FLAG aka our Rugby playing arch-enemies. I can't imagine anything worse or more embarrassing than flying this flag high which incorporates Red, White, Black and Blue!

                                                      'Red Peak' by Aaron Dustin

South African Flag (below)

The current New Zealand flag that my grandfather Harry Bioletti 
fought under in WW2 in the South Pacific 

Rugby Ball Flag 

The World is Crowded - Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Moss Rock Hook Cover)

Getting quite a few plays on this song on Soundcloud laughs
'The World is Crowded' my favourite song off the new Unknown Mortal Orchestra album smile emoticon

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Blues & Percussion - T-Shirt Design - Refugee Crisis facing NZ

Just a Percussion and Blues Loop I Did

A T-Shirt Mock Up design for a limited run ill be getting done 

My view on the Refugee crisis;
what good is it NZ being a wealthy country if we can't share it! Everyone should be allowed to come to NZ shame we can't even seem to look after our own as well as we should probably the main reason for our failings is that we can't even get past ourselves to look after others! Its no good letting in refugees in NZ to be discriminated against and to live under the poverty line as second class citizens - we need to try harder across the board and really take up our responsibility for looking after everyone in the Country especially new arrivals escaping war torn countries and conflicts!