Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Open Letter to Lorde - The Young New Zealand Woman that Conquered the World

Dear Lorde
I saw that a lot of people were trying to put you down and kill your love buzz. I'm actually really upset that these people are becoming so irate and acting so poorly. These people are not trolling they are just hands down discriminating on racial grounds and being fueled by hate. I remember Volita our lead singer was friends with James back when he was studying at Elam in town. I remember he had a pension for robots and was always super friendly and intelligent. He's also really good friends with Joe who is great friends with Liam a very close friend of the band. I just wanted to tell you to be strong and "Kia Kaha". People have forgotten that your still only a young person and they need to show you more RESPECT. Everyone knows that you are going to have the last laugh and take a clean sweep at the Grammy's! Sorry in the past for bagging on you about stupid record company stuff. If anything you have been the ONE person to inspire my above all the others in Music this year!!! :). I hope you have a great Christmas and really enjoy your success because you have inspired so many people to reach for the stars. I'm sorry if I have offended you in the past. Sometimes when we like someone so much we get a bit carried away and make a fool of ourselves. When I was coping a lot of hate my good friend and neighbor Bryan told me "Remember Moss those people are just fleas on keys". Thats all they are
bloody Keyboard warriors dependent on a broadband connection to spew forth worthless dribble. They're nothing and Your a Star, a Star that deserves to burn brighter than the hottest piece of matter in the Universe. 

Have a RockNRoll Christmas Love The Neos

p.s Heres a little take on Royals that I was gonna record as a parody but saw that I was beaten by about a million people 

They'll Never be Loyal

They've Never Seen a Diamond in the Flesh
They Cut their teeth on Welfare in the dole Cue
But I'm so Proud of my address
Living on this estate
They're Green with Envy

But everybody's like standing in the dole cue Sipping on a Beer
Waiting for a job thats Never Ever Their
They don't care were all high on drugs and our cupboards are all bare
But Everybodies like Tescos babies muggers in the street
cheap drugs and violence going down the pub
We dont care were all wrapped in the Royal Love Affair

Cos they'll never be Loyal, Loyal
They dont have da blue blood
Our money just aint for them
get the batten on them again
cos ill always be their ruler Ruler Ruler
Sunning on my yact again
And Baby ill rule them rule them
They'll never be in my fantasy

Lorde is the one of best things that ever happened to NZ Music 
She taught us that we can achieve on the highest level possible
     With one voice, one recording and one song YOU CAN CONQUER THE WORLD 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Neos Love ITunes & Big Shout out to Lorde and Emily of Street Chant!!! for Reading the Blog!!!!

      Buy Diamonds Here:   

Giant Shout Out To Lorde for reading the blog I hope it gave you a laugh stoked NZ is still at number one in the States. Got your back with Cher Lloyd she's a Knob. And of course Huge Shout out to Auckland Rocker Emily of Street Chant for reading the blog and the twits on twitter. By the way I don't hold it against you that you didn't want to play us at The Kingslander to see who was the greatest band to rule them all. It was actually super generous of you to just chuck in the towel. By the way Volita said my graphic design was great and said "I'll give it to you I'm just Jelly it's so good (about the diamonds single art I did haha)" The Neos Love iTunes <3 lol

The Official Music Video of  "Diamonds" by The Neo-Kalashnikovs

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A Reply to David Lowery - From The Neos

A Reply to David Lowery - From The Neos

It seems that you are of the old guard, an esteemed academic of music no less. A person willing to sit on the sideline and attack the younger generations, so we swear back in your face. You seem to think that as music fans young people are wronging artists by downloading free music, you are naive. Mr Lowery you are blind to see the larger philosophical picture of the move away from conventional record sales - for what is taken away and forever lost is sometimes given back in spades.

The internet has given us a platform to convey our music to the world in a time were corporations are monsters in all markets. Apple alone has $500 billion dollars in a bank account and your worrying about the kids downloading free music. You fail to understand and see the love that makes one download 11,000 songs onto a hard rive, you also fail to see the hardships faced by young people to buy music. At a time when people are struggling to afford a mortgage, petrol, food and basic healthcare music is a bastion of hope and happiness. The artists is secondary to the beauty they give their listeners, for better or worse. Whether it is right or wrong downloading music is thus irrelevant for the sense of pleasure and joy still permeates through the true medium of audio. 

This is in no way to say that artists and record companies do not deserve their just deserts but to stew in your hateful quagmire, is to fail to see the vast changes unfolding within society. Money has been digitised into credit, priceless paintings are sold online as prints, 3d printers stand to revolutionise the building industry, the internet has outsourced all conventional labour value, the Chinese people have been exploited into non-existence, the list is endless. But you are blind to this Lowery, for music is only the minute particular in the vast ocean of the universal. I believe that objects in our society have shifted into the sanctuary of the free world

A world in which money is not relevant. Did you not see that the U.S federal government has no money, states are on the verge of bankruptcy, millions of civil servants have been furloughed and yet your continual moan is heard in the media. You whine about your pitiful royalties dwindling. In many ways you are a nostalgic artist unformed, not yet realized as a musician. You want to be upheld as the musicians champion, the champions musician, a person of supreme status who fights for artist revenue and corporate backed enterprise, these days are gone.

To long have corporations raped, manipulated, extracted and exploited the greats. These being the true artists of sound that have given our worlds sound and incandescent colour. The very music that is symbolic of the human existence and greatest potential has been tainted for to long. In vast contrast Mr Lowery your music is a shadow or trace of the genuine talisman. However, do not be unkind to yourself many fall short of greatness in music potential myself included. But you scream musicians have been treated unjust and we all know that you are right. Even I have burnt potentially 10 albums worth of music. However, the vast amount occurring while below the age of 12. From this statement can you begin to see that you are directly attacking the children of younger generations. Your hatred and discrimination is produced from the confusion of the world which is continually born again and ever changing, I bid you to look out your window. So that you stop your relentless attack upon the poor and the defenceless who's right is much greater than yours being their freedom and liberty to choose to purchase music. 

But why do you despair Lowery for when we grow as individuals and groups, society as a whole we come to realise the importance of buying music. For even the smallest child grows up as you have done and will in turn chose to support the true artists who are the majority, the indie artist, yourself - the ones that are free and dependent on the virtue of others. But if major labels disintegrate and no one ever buys a record again all the better, it is the peoples choice - music will not die it will always carry on in a more purified form removed from money. Perhaps the future is already upon us for some of the most beautiful records in the last year were given freely to me like "AcidRap" by Chance The Rapper. If you were to ask my vision of music I honestly believe there are two options. The first being that the destiny of the greatest music in the future will be freely shared by all nations, worlds and galaxies (technology permitting) it's creator to become the most revered individual in the cosmos for an instant. The second option being the blind return to purchasing music forever so artists get their 20%. I choose the first because I imagine a future world were a song like "Gangham Style" is free and everyone is partying like Rockstars on Mars

The Neo-Kalashnikovs

Dis-claimer: David Lowery is the Man and this is just bouncing ideas!!! he's a man doing great things and I have the utmost respect for him :)

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - An Interview on Self-Promotion & SoundCloud for the Indie Artist

You're doing pretty good with 1300+ followers on sound cloud. What do you think helped the most in getting this far?
1) To crank a solid game on sound cloud you need to start liking peoples music, following people up to the 2000  follower limit, write nice comments to people after listening to their music and always comment back to people that take the time to message you enjoying your music

Indie rock is big in the UK but if you had to pick another country in Europe to do concerts, which would it be?
2)If you break America you break the world, Japan and German are also really important for a rock musician. All 3 countries have the biggest music markets in the world. So you can either slum it in New Zealand with platinum album sales or tour America and get paid for moving like 50,000 records which is like ten times platinum in NZ haha. For instance LF =m2 (Larger populations equals more fans which results in money squared haha) 

What do you think is the best way to get a following quickly in a short amount of time?
3)Do really awesome albums and give them away on the internet and play shows on Saturdays were ever you can and promote it by shooting video, recording it, poster it, love it haha!!!!

Which radio station in the UK would you want your music to get played on?
4)BBC Radio 1 by Zane Lowe the biggest DJ in the World and a New Zealander too!!! Man that guy needs to spin "Gorgeous Baby" already and stop interviewing Kanye :)

What was the best venue/place you played at?
5) Las Vegas in the middle of Summer, they shut off a block downtown and we rocked out in front of the local college crowd. When I say the sound system was loud it was like Skrillex on crack. After the show we went back to our hotel the El Cortez (one of the oldest hotels in the city). It had been owned by Mafia Bosses to Movie Stars and every hustler in Las Vegas in between. After the show our friend Rico from San Pedro and I (not to be confused with my friend in Highland Park) went off and gambled on the slot machines there. He ended up losing his money so I put mine on the line and with some help from lady Luck managed to break even. By the way we actually grey-hounded into Las Vegas which is insane because its like a 12 drive or a one hour flight haha but its such a euphoric feeling when you see the Bright Lights and how dope is Cesar's palace thats like Ancient Greece on steroids. We ended up having a huge band fight when we got their we were so delirious. Still we had some Long Islands on the side walk you can drink them on the streets there and everything was all good :) The Neos

Monday, 7 October 2013

The Neo-Kalashnikovs Stand up for Young People like Miley Cyrus: Screw the old haters like Sinead O'Connor

They say a photo tells a thousand words and this one certainly does. If you can't tell it's Miley Cyrus and Sinead O'connor Fused together :) The creative image was masterminded by Nerdy Frames and all the words are from The Neo-Kalashnikovs

Big shout out to Nerdy for proofreading the letter and Keep Rocking New Zealand!!! Click the Link:

Dear Sinead O’Connor I think you have a good-heart but have expressed your message in a way that only seeks to identify the negative aspects of Miley Cyrus, which are really not so severe. After all she is a young individual with a lot of responsibility and people relying on her to cut through the mainstream media to sell records. Things have changed since you were famous Sinead, which seems like a century ago. Today musicians like Miley recognize the value of viral marketing campaigns that are risqué. Do you honestly think Miley is so naive that she won’t be judged for expressing her sexuality in any way she sees fit? From the view of a feminist she has every right to present herself as a women in anyway that she sees fit, so RESPECT HER and come down from you withering aged high horse!!! 

Miley is the number one female artist in the U.S. right now and she has achieved this herself by taking risks. Other artists in the industry rely upon hundreds of millions of radio spins to hit the number one spot; I would imagine Miley’s spins have been limited if not inexistent. Where is the respect due to her! For this young woman and her capacity to go for broke. She is a true entrepreneur that has taken the crown in the most male dominated record charts in the world. Every woman that reaches the top spot in the Billboard Hot 100 deserves to be celebrated and not ridiculed by their idols that have inspired them (with no effort on your part). The general sub-text of your letter can be boiled down to the fact that you think Miley is a prostitute and is the abused property of the record industry. This is a simplistic and childish take on the real, you don’t recognize the value of what Miley has generated and her subsequent achievements. 

At such a young age she has shown all the people of your rotten age what we can do regardless of corporate industry executives controlling the recording industry. I bet there are a lot more men that are angry at Miley for making the top spot than individuals who have generated a giant income off her record sales. Because news flash there is no money in selling music, pirating makes record sales pointless due to the money needed to spend on marketing to get your music heard above the rest of the clutter of music! This is not to mention artists like you that
                                     DO NOT SUPPORT YOUNG ARTISTS. 

Where were you when Miley was recording her record, you sure as hell didn’t offer to collaborate on a record with her or mentor her obviously. And you see that’s the difference between artists like Miley and The Neo-Kalashnikovs we don’t need you or your paternal belittling. Your industry hang-ups are bases in antiquity. If we don’t get financial backing our generation doesn’t sit round feeling sorry for ourselves! We go number one of our own accord whether that be through music videos, sponsorship deals, tv shows all areas that Miley excels in. Young people are the future and we make sure we hit the top spot – by any means. Just ask fellow New Zealander, Lorde she hit the number one spot, but her song had to be played hundreds of millions of times to achieve the same feat Miley achieved with a viral video. There is no difference between young people that achieve on a grand scale like Miley or Lorde, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are all forced to fight against the hegemonic gate-keeps trying to block YOUNG PEOPLE HAVING A VOICE (who are both men and women). 

You Sinead O’connor need to stop sitting on the sidelines and put your money were your mouth is. Help young artist become famous and stop taking the selfish route by flogging the dead horse that is your career. That way young people have the option of not having to resort to extreme measures of publicity to help further their careers. If Miley Cyrus had just shaved her head and shot the wrecking-ball video she would have got a pathetic 10,000,000 views. Her operation and music career would cease to function and this is your remedy to her, tow the line and through away your future? You need to realize the game has changed and Miley Cyrus is a champion representing oppressed young people starving due to exploitative rents imposed by your generation, crushing student loans and skewed house prices! Miley Cyrus is making sure the young peoples true voice is heard and she is in sublime rebellion from all your social conventions and norms.

At a time when almost all young people are unemployed across the globe and not one person the age of 21 has a seat in Congress or Parliament you will only see more Miley Cyrus and others who follow in her footsteps in our cry to be heard. We shall scream in unison until our lungs give out the world-over to fix the wrong your GENERATION HAS LEFT US WITH BEING DEBT, NO JOBS & NO TRUE CAREER PATHWAY TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE. YOUNG PEOPLE UNITE #SelfPimpin IS BACK ON THE MENU 

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