Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Open Letter to Lorde - The Young New Zealand Woman that Conquered the World

Dear Lorde
I saw that a lot of people were trying to put you down and kill your love buzz. I'm actually really upset that these people are becoming so irate and acting so poorly. These people are not trolling they are just hands down discriminating on racial grounds and being fueled by hate. I remember Volita our lead singer was friends with James back when he was studying at Elam in town. I remember he had a pension for robots and was always super friendly and intelligent. He's also really good friends with Joe who is great friends with Liam a very close friend of the band. I just wanted to tell you to be strong and "Kia Kaha". People have forgotten that your still only a young person and they need to show you more RESPECT. Everyone knows that you are going to have the last laugh and take a clean sweep at the Grammy's! Sorry in the past for bagging on you about stupid record company stuff. If anything you have been the ONE person to inspire my above all the others in Music this year!!! :). I hope you have a great Christmas and really enjoy your success because you have inspired so many people to reach for the stars. I'm sorry if I have offended you in the past. Sometimes when we like someone so much we get a bit carried away and make a fool of ourselves. When I was coping a lot of hate my good friend and neighbor Bryan told me "Remember Moss those people are just fleas on keys". Thats all they are
bloody Keyboard warriors dependent on a broadband connection to spew forth worthless dribble. They're nothing and Your a Star, a Star that deserves to burn brighter than the hottest piece of matter in the Universe. 

Have a RockNRoll Christmas Love The Neos

p.s Heres a little take on Royals that I was gonna record as a parody but saw that I was beaten by about a million people 

They'll Never be Loyal

They've Never Seen a Diamond in the Flesh
They Cut their teeth on Welfare in the dole Cue
But I'm so Proud of my address
Living on this estate
They're Green with Envy

But everybody's like standing in the dole cue Sipping on a Beer
Waiting for a job thats Never Ever Their
They don't care were all high on drugs and our cupboards are all bare
But Everybodies like Tescos babies muggers in the street
cheap drugs and violence going down the pub
We dont care were all wrapped in the Royal Love Affair

Cos they'll never be Loyal, Loyal
They dont have da blue blood
Our money just aint for them
get the batten on them again
cos ill always be their ruler Ruler Ruler
Sunning on my yact again
And Baby ill rule them rule them
They'll never be in my fantasy

Lorde is the one of best things that ever happened to NZ Music 
She taught us that we can achieve on the highest level possible
     With one voice, one recording and one song YOU CAN CONQUER THE WORLD 

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