Tuesday, 28 January 2014

PREMIER: Cure Motel - "Do It Your Own Way" (The Official Single)

Here is the first official single "Do It Your Own Way" by Cure Motel in association with Rocawave Records. The electro punk rock/house producer has been touring the single up and down the coasts of NZ and it's officially dropping tonight!!! I really dig this tune it reminds me of if Devo and Gangnam style got all mixed up in a blender and served on ice. 

The song is 100% Kiwi (can I get a hell yeah!!). I'm super stoked to have the PREMIER and will be working hard to get it heard. "Do it" will be available for purchase physically through Bandcamp and digitally via iTunes as part of the first Rocawave compilation. But until then grab a limited time free download and keep rocking New Zealand!!! :) 


Linear Notes:
Cure Motel's debut single "Do It Your Own Way" is an electro punk dance rock anthem.
Darcy Gladwin is the producer/singer/programmer/guitarist/synth player. 
He also managed to pen the lyrics for the single "Do It" in his spare time ;)
Production Credits:
Original demo recorded and mixed by: Darcy Gladwin at Cure Motel Studio
Profesisonal single recorded and Mixed by: Olly Harmer of The Lab studio in Mt Eden.
Mastering engineer: Brian Lucey in the U.S (Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys)
A&R: Moss Bioletti

Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - TV2 Advert

Stream "The Neo-Kalashnikovs" Music: https://soundcloud.com/theneokalashni...
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The Neo-Kalashnikovs were stoked to be
 a part of the TV2 2014 rebrand. The Director and crew were super nice. The camera man was really talented. Apparently the camera was shooting at 1000 frames a second and I can tell you it was a hefty piece of hardware. The lighting man on set was from the Hobbit and he did an awesome job. On set it was kind of free form and we were more or less left to jam in the garage, that is until a giant explosion went off and shot littles "2's" everywhere! :)

On the take that TV2 kept Volita almost got her leg blown off and fell over. The look of rock angst is actually pure pain haha. But every aspect of the shoot was pure fun. Moss also screwed up the slow-motion cymbal shot hence there's no cymbal shot haha. Our stylist was Lisa Matson at http://www.lisamatson.co really helped fine tune Volita's outfit and was brilliant to work with :) Moss on the other hand was given the o.k from the director straight away in his own clothes that he specifically chose. Bass player Gabriel is wearing a "Cage the Elephant" t-shirt. The song was stock production music from Sony/ATV. Hopefully the band gets the o.k from the director next time to use our own song. During our performance in front of the cameras the band were playing "Take It Or Leave It": http://youtu.be/EQjLY1PqNC4 
RockNRoll The Neos

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

PREMIER: The Neo-Kalashnikovs - Rockers go back to school

The Neo-Kalashnikovs go back to school visiting Kadimah School to talk about music and songwriting while promoting the "Make A Wish Foundation NZ' www.makeawish.org.nz. They also taught the kids how to sing their song 'Shining star'. Check them out at: www.facebook.com/TheNeoKalashnikovs or listen to their music on: soundcloud.com/theneokalashnikovs


Filmed and edited by : Ruth Bioletti 
twitter: @ruthARTrocks

A Sugarlumps Production

Rocawave Records 2014

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Otis Mace - The Tom Waits of New Zealand

Well it's Christmas time and the bells are ringing. But the hardest man in the Auckland rocknroll scene is still hard at work. Otis Mace guitar ace is getting ready to preform at The Dogs Bollix and the date is the 22nd of December 2013. The year is almost out and Santa is gearing up on his sleigh. I bet i'll be getting a piece of coal for all the bad things i've done this year. Despite the lingering insult from Saint Nicholas I'm very glad to be attending Otis Mace's intimate RockNRoll Christmas show. There's even a xmas tree in the corner and it really does add some ambience to the corner. The bar is also looking very well-stocked and thats always good. Paul is manning the door. I slip him my cover charge and troop off to find myself a sweet seat with a scribbled purple heart across my wrist, ha who needs stamps. I quickly find my ideal seat and kick back and wait for the dope NZ music talent to roll out. This my friends is a real NZ music show all that other stuff in May is for posers. Unlike the corporates Otis is a man that represents NZ music all year round every year and  every day!! and that deserves some respect man! Settling into the newly renovated venue I get introduced to Kristie the wife of the bassist of Inside Out. She's playing before Otis.  She tells me we've meet before and it must have been at the gig we played with her husband at Windsor Castle, man that was a brilliant show. I can't wait to hear the bands up coming album, it's also nice to see a friendlie. The atmosphere is civil in the bar and very well behaved I might even go so far as to say there is a feeling of genuine happiness lingering.

I scan the room and see the giant sound-desk about two tables down from me in my perfect seat. I've also managed to get my hands on a Black Porter from the friendly bartender. The glass my beer has been served in isn't typical either its kinda  medieval and lets face it 'old-skool' never goes out of style. For a moment I pause and take a break from writing. The performances is almost upon us and I plan to write in real time so I need to rest up. A highlight of the gig I know is going to be the steel-guitar player John Segovia accompanying Otis tonight. I'm also eager to hear some of Kristie's latest songs. You know Auckland city doesn't seem like much but on the right night she sure is pretty. 

Kristie is the first to take the stage and pulls out a beautiful acoustic guitar from a road worn case. Her husband couldn't make it tonight,  he usually plays the soaring guitar solo's, but despite this the music begins to flow. Three rude ex-patrons walk past her just before she launches into a fantastic set (idiots). It's a minimal sound from Kristie tonight just a lonesome acoustic and vocals, but it's tops because the sound isn't cluttered and everyone at the show  can grasp the meaningful lyrics and enthralled by the playful melodies. She really starts to hit her stride with her third song "Ragdoll". This particular song well-crafted and the key of the song key compliments her range perfectly. Consequently the song was in my opinion the best of the night, in many ways due to the flawless singing of this young and impressive songwriter. 

The next song Chrsitie preforms is about her documenting the gigs she's played on the road. Apparently she has played over 300 gigs in the last 2 years, what an achievement!! and a serious feat of endurance. The song was meant to be scattered with lots of long guitar solos but her husband/guitarist isn't here so she cuts it short. I really enjoyed the riff of the road song she was playing. But Christie isn't messing round and she's into another number and this time she's in the zone and excelling, the whole room is too. The guitar playing is a complex pattern picked with multiple fingers like a Bob Dylan song that escapes me. Next thing you know the chorus is here and it doesn't let you down. The lyrics muse about the chances of finding someone to love. And hey we all know those chances aren't the best but in-between all the car crash relationships and heartbreaks this song seems to make them all feel worth it. It's a rare song that can make you feel this way (happy) and it's an even rarer songwriter that can lead you there.
Kristie's Music with her brilliant band "Transit of Venus"

It's also really important to mention that Otis Mace mixed the sound for Kristie's set in about 2 minutes flat and I have to commend him as it held up tremendously. It's so good not to have a drunken monkey eqing the living daylight out of the sonics! It also creates a surreal feeling with no one behind the boards kind of like out of a horror movie. With all the blood red bricks lining the walls like the inside of a tomb we're having a frightfully good time. Kristie's set draws to a close and It's become painfully obvious this young woman has some raw talent. The best type in my opinion. She's got some solid respect from me for getting up there and giving it heaps. I'd really like to hear some dope recordings by her with someone who knows what their doing producing.  Maybe a warm tapey analog set-up would really make  her shine recorded.

However, the show must go on and at last Otis has arrived. His first set is an acoustic ensemble. The first track played by the roughish guitar player is "Kinder-Suprise" and it proves a good warm-up. His second song is even better being an evocative "I Remember You". I particularly liked the story he told the audience for this song. It was a tale about his younger self trying to sell a song  to a big star, convinced he would get paid a fortune. You Nashville bastards should have bought it, but even they wouldn't have been able to do it this much justice tonight. By his third song "You Can't Buy that Type of Attention" he's producing stunning performances. You can tell when a veteran muso is hitting their stride kind of like a gambler on a winning streak everything they do just becomes gold. The aforementioned song is just pure Otis Mace. It has that organic propulsion that just can't help but make you cherry up and be thankful to be alive. My favorite line of the song is "success is the best revenge" and ain't that the truth. Apparently not long ago he played the song in London and a German man in the crowd couldn't understand what he was saying. At the German's bidding Otis almost lost control of the crowd that was quickly turning rabid. In the end the guitar slinger had to stamp down on  the stage. Little did he know this action would end the life of a giant cockroach under his foot. The crowd after they heard this started to calm down but the German man still didn't believe him. In the end the man had to come up on stage at Otis bidding to see that it was in fact true, the disgusting bug was dead as could be.

The next part of Otis show was riff heavy and electrically charged. He slung on his telecaster guitar and turned the volume up. The song is loud but good loud and the lyrics are singing about shopping at some trashy joint. It's a bit of a mind warp and I'm enjoying it because who doesn't like a good RockNRoll mind warp!! The song has a some serious speed to it like a throttling 1966 Mustang (just like my friend Owen has). Otis is enjoying himself and why not indeed "lets go shopping all day long" hell its Christmas after all. A nice finish with a plunky swaggerfulled riff is all we need and then its back into the sonic chorus. 

Observing Otis and identify with my cunning eye that he's now in full on charm mode and is doing what he does best massaging the crowd into a state of loving  euphoria. He even says "though your a small crowd you make me feel like I could have another relationship". The slide guitars warble in and then we are caught up in a classy performance about musings about new relationships (the best kind) even if they don't manifest in the song, hey sometimes thats the breaks. I actually believe Volita's childhood friends dad is playing slide and he's a real master! Words can't describe his performance well one could perfect oh my god and then the man goes into a solo and were in all honest witnessing something great right in front of eyes. Thankfully it ends to much of a good thing can be great though and people get some more drinks. Despite ingesting a potentially lethal burrito (joking haha) i'm feeling great. I wander off to get another beer because all this typing is making me mighty thirsty. New relationships now Otis is talking about something profound there, I didn't see any on the menu but believe me I would've bought a few if they were. 

After a break Otis begins the song of the night. It's about a young couple who are faced with making a tough decision. I wonder to myself whether it is biographical. The song makes me feel jolly and festive. The soaring twin guitar solos in the intro set the tone and my ears are perking up all sorts of crazy. I never was one to see a good song go by under appreciated or a woman. Otis singing is in my opinion off the bloody meter, I mean it's bloody good. This song if well produced could work on radio, Otis you beauty. The slide guitar is again perfect. The song is singing about declarations of love, good jobs and wealth all things I like. I've got to say this songs performance is worldclass i'm feeling really proud of Otis. 
 Finally the last song of the night is about a good looking woman called Tracey. A woman that in the running of the song becomes apparent needs to answer her letters better. Otis was romantically entangled with this Tracey he tells us but never heard back from the wench, ain't that the way the cards fall sometimes. "Why won't you write to me Tracey? You said you would but? you didn't". Dis-regarding this minor problem in the Otis love life back in the day it becomes clear Tracey had a great pair of legs on her. Stunning enough to write a song about them. Well they sure must have been a great pair of pins Tracey? I told Otis later she should have just mailed up her legs if she couldn't be bothered writing! Otis would've paid postage I reckon. Anyway i've got to stop writing and take a break this has been one hell of a show at the Dogs Bollix tonight and I'm calling time. After all Santa's on his way. 
 F@ck You Corporate Twats get a case of Otis Mace :) TMR
Follow Him at: https://twitter.com/OtisMace

Sunday, 19 January 2014

PREMIER: Slydigs - Bang Bang & My Bullet Was Gone (Music Video)

Slydigs have come to my attention and I've spilled a great cup of coffee sitting up so fast. Yes, these guys are a serious RocknRoll outfit. I'll tell you how I know this almost instantenously its because of their hair. If a rock band has great hair there gonna go far and Slydigs have the best hair since Arctic Monkeys in my opinion.

The British rockers from Warrington in the North West of England remind me of early records made by super successful Aussies Jet who are one of my all time favourite rock acts. After watching "Bang Bang & My Bullet Was Gone" it's safe to say we're all seriously impressed at TMR. Co-editor Volita immediately said she loved them and that was 30 seconds into the video!

The highlights of the tune are the musicians powerfully playing in unison to support the song, the brass section thundering in and out as a hook and the vocals that cut through. Because lets face it if your vocals can't cut through a rock n roll track your in a precarious position, thank goodness these vocals have more cutting power than a commercial lawn mower while being sweeter than lemonade.

I'm also blindingly taken back by the cinematography of the music video that gives the viewer a privileged glimpse into how real RockNRollas play on the road. The lush stage lighting also adds buckets of finesse and glamour. I also really dig Slydigs attitude towards music. It's a take no prisoners gun on the trigger approach and they mean business. I mean the video could have easily been by Kasabian! or another notable act who top the charts on the regular.

I usually don't get so fired up about a new Rock Band this early in the year but Slydigs have bucked the trend and I'm stoked. I also want to mention that lads image is on fire. So stay tuned if your ready to rock with the electric Slydigs in 2014. The group have told me they will be hitting the studio with producer George Shilling a mainstay of Primal Scream and their legendary records. The E.P's release is scheduled for April/May and they plan to hit the road all round Europe to support the release.

May the Rock Gods be with Slydigs in 2014

Rock On TMR




Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs Make the Cut - Featured on "Original Mattress" Stateside Music Blog

I'm Really Stoked to announce The Neos have made the cut of the Influential music blog 
Original Mattress.!!! :)


A big thank you to Hllwy for putting pen to paper and writing something really nice about the band. It was a real honour to be featured on the blog as we were up against some fierce competition. It's really dope to see some NZ Rock on Original Mattress def the first. Thanks heaps to everyone for listening to our song and video. And a shout out to A&R Swirv for putting me on to the platform. 

RockNRoll The Neos 

Here's the Article Link:


and some Visuals:

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Beige Music - Record Producer meets Cover-Extraordinare (Paris, France)

Can you describe your musical career in 5 sentences for our readers?

- I studied classical piano and sang in a boys choir when I was a kid, which learned me harmonies
- I've discovered the Beatles when I was 13, and got my first guitar for christmas plus a Beatles chord sheet. I've spent hours on it, trying to play every song, even those I did not know
- I founded a band with my classmates at 16, I was a guitarist and lead singer, we made a few gigs in our hometown, the band actually still partially exists ... sometimes !
- I've always loved to record music, my first experience was with a Tascam 4track machine, which I still own
- I still play with a band, and I'm running my own home studio, in which I spend most of my spare time

Where can we find out more about your music?

Conveniently at the end of this interview!
Who are your biggest influences? 
Mainly music from the 60s : the Beatles, the Beach Boys, PhilSpector, the Zombies, the Rolling Stones, all this classic stuff and the bands they've influenced : XTC, britpop bands (Blur, Pulp, the Divine Comedy ...)lBut I also listen to many other things, from Arcade Fire to AC/DC, from jazz to cassical music !
Who is your favourite Rock Band?
I always come back to the Beatles,they had the best songs, the best sound, the best attitude

Do you think electronic music will still reign supreme in 2014? 
I love Electronic music when it's organic and real, and when the synthetisers are so well used that they carry feelings and emotions.For example DaftPunk's RAM was a masterpiece, because they made their robots sing like humans. Arcade fire's last album has bits of electro sounds that are great too. I've introduced a synth into my studio recently, and I like to put more and more electronic sounds in my productions. On the other hand, the basic electro sounds of, say, David Guetta, do not interest me at all ... because it's sterile and not musical at all.
Do you like the song "It's All Over Now" written Bobby Womack and preformed by The Rolling Stones? apparently Keith Richards has been criticised and idolised for his guitar solo in the song, your thoughts?
No idea !
Favourite Beatles song?
Can I pick the whole B-Side of Abbey Road ?
Tips for making and producing music?
Never stop trying new things ! Nothing is worst than bad habits and doing always the same recipe won't bring you anywhere !
Picks on the Grammy's for 2013? who do you think will win best song and best record?
Best Record : Daft Punk (RAM)
Best Song : The Rolling Stones (Doom&Gloom)

Thanks for agreeing to this interview Beige. And also for being so generous with your time. Everyone at TMR looks forward to hearing more songs from you in the future!!

The Moss Rock

Stream Beige Music Right Here:

I Wanna Be Yours - But Lover You Just Don't Call No More???

I wanna be yours even more than before 
I wanna be yours even more than before 
I wanna be yours even more than before 
I wanna be yours even more than before 
I wanna be yours even more than before 
I wanna be yours even more than before 
I wanna be yours even more than before 
I wanna be yours even more than before 
I wanna be yours even more than before 
I wanna be yours even more than before 
I wanna be yours even more than before 
                                                            but Lover You Don't Even Call No More?????????????????????

I guess it's true You probably don't even Love me Anymore???

                                     Definitely not like before...

Monday, 13 January 2014

Angel Olsen's Inspired new song "Hi Five" a glowing Composition with a Dashing of Guitars

The new Angel Olsen song "Hi Five" has been premiered by Thefader.com. You can stream the song directly below.

This song is an inspired gem of sonic power. The production is powerful the singing pure and the songwriting/overall old skool vibe is fantastic. Glowing.

Website: http://angelolsen.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/angelolsenmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AngelOlsen

The New Warpaint Record Sounds like a Minimal, Cult-Status, Rocker

My thoughts on the new record by Warpaint; very minimal, good drum sounds, unique tones on each track. The whole record is super-produced. I also think the album would have had a lot more impact if had come out prior to Lorde who has in effect taken the style of the new Warpaint record and delivered to the bulk of North America, before them. Having said this it may be good for the band as they may be more easily embraced by the music buying population. The bands new record is top notch indie release and super solid, you can tell a lot of people spent a ton of time and money on this record and its been worth it. I hope the sonic reverberations inside listeners heads are all positive because this is a nice record.

I mot not to sure how to assess it lyrically but hopefully there are more hooks that I heard on the first listen. Having said this critics have been ranting on about how the album fits together and slides into the next track really well. A brilliant release from the L.A woman maybe not a hit record but a timeless cult status record for sure and that aint bad !!! :)

Stream Warpaint's new album here: 

Musings about MGMT - Musical Heroes of a Lost Generation

MGMT is an interesting band for a mirade of reasons. Just today I was scouring the internet and revisiting the duo's early music which I adore. However, what caught my eye on account of if it being spread all over the internet was a 'riff' about the duo being bemused by success. It became apparent through a bit of reading that the pair were severely caught off guard by the maniac success of their first album "Oracular Spectacular". If you think about it does seem at odds with coherent thinking that two indie rockers would spawn 3 serious mainstay  anthem in modern times. No wonder the band was confused as well because they'd actually released runaway hit 'KIDS' 3 times prior to platinum sales of their so called 'debut album'. Fortunately the unassuming debut record by MGMT instead of becoming a commercial failure founded a place in the hearts of countless children worldwide as a very sought after record. 

Unfortunaetly there is a sadness tinged to the inspiring success of MGMT. As they became a band decidedly against grasping the power of music in their hands, unknowingly dealt to them by a dice roll of fate. It does seem resoundingly sad that the success of "Oracular Spectacular" could poison the band against their artistic abilities to solidify the new psychedelic/pop phenomena the band had discovered. In turn the long-term ill effects of success creating an unsettling affect upon the direction of the band. Some critics even stating that the band descended into a post "OS era" of musical degradation in which the pursuit of their damaged musical egos was paramount. 

Indeed the shock of having written some of the most populars songs seemed lost upon MGMT. One might even speculate that the hits they so unwittingly made saw them beckoned into a self-imposed state of prolonged depression. The effects of such problems discernible by the bands action in choosing to shun their new won fans by creating alternative songs which seemed paradoxically flawed. The fact that the mainstream didn't understand MGMT's later works was equally meet  by the undergrounds brooding resentment of their place in popular culture. I guess the saying it's lonely at the top isn't around for no reason. It also seems a musician can't simply make top tier songs from an alternative background see them cross-over into mainstream territory, then try reverse the recipe towards later indie acclaim. It seems no one has any interest in a band that seeks to re-enter the underground via the mainstream (an utterly foolish pursuit some might say). Perhaps the trappings of success are just to hard to miss! despite the problems of MGMT is it not unfeasible that they could still have derive some level of satisfaction by creating experimental hits. If they had added a potent underlining political message aimed at the youth it might have been a perfect endeavor. It almost doesn't even need to be said that chasing the illusion of reputation seems utterly pointless in music, especially when those that would viciously detract from your works are the same people you seek praise and acceptance.

Don't get me wrong i'm not saying there's anything wrong with the new music from MGMT. In all sincerity I enjoyed "Your Life is A Lie". The video was fun the cow-bell even golden live but  what i'm really trying to get at is the feeling of sadness created by a band like MGMT. It just seems crappy that a band who has the songs within them to compete with the greats (Bowie, etc), chooses to shun their responsibility by producing cathartic music for so many. Its like MGMT in  a way is like someone walking into a voting booth who in the end decides not to vote when they are faced with the conundrum of actually being able to. To be painfully frank it seems that the band is completely underestimating how many people are relying on them, crying out for them to flatten the trashy pop-stars of today whose music is gone tomorrow. 

Music lovers want a champion, no they need a champion and it hurts music and fans to the very essence when musicians who are able to create the envisioned master-piece deny them. On the very basis that to many people will find enjoyment in the new piece. Everyone wants MGMT two simple guys from Brooklyn to create another classic album because everyone else lacks the style and finesse to do it properly (like them). 

To put things in perspective people round the world are dying under oppression and although MGMT can't change that they can create a piece of art, world-spanning that can help address atrocities and reduce human suffering. 

If and it's a big if MGMT made a whole album of hits with a truly dark and political sub-text it would be the best album of the decade if not ever. What they are doing right now is great and sarcastically funny but it is second rung to art that reverberates around the world. Lord knows we could all do with a new record to cling too in these uncertain times. 

To sum up all I would ask of MGMT is for them to start thinking about others more who make up the lost digital Generation. Despite the world and it's beautiful technology corporate greed, corrupt politics and consumerist ideology still threatens human happiness. Musical Heroes are still needed and MGMT is one of them thats already  established. RockNRoll TMR

High Art + Low Art = Art 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Blue Jeans - Low Budget Comedy that Packs Serious Laughs (Pure Stupidity)

Man this is a really funny tv show streaming on Youtube called "Blue Jeans". It reminds me off The Office and The Wayne Anderson show with a bit of Curb Your Enthusiasm thrown in. It's about a family of country music stars that are trying to make hit records. The humour is quite dry but it builds up into some seriously funny situations. This particular episode is about recording the youngest Blue Jeans family members first single. Hilarious escapades unfold!! All in all Pure Stupidity

Moss Rock

Stick Figure - The Sound of My Addiction

The sound of my addiction by stick figure super glue tight cooked in sticky studios. A white middle class american rises from the Jamican authenticity ridem like a phoenix rising from the coal mine. It's jah smockstack factories of the midwest that has helped us find the complete holy grail and sweet deliverance by way of a young man that can fit a rhythmic ditty together like a puzzle in the hands of an old man full wid dah wisdom of the ether. The album is beautifully played especially extremely fucken loud man!!! Leighton Keutenius


Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Cribs - A Medley of Great Indie Rock Songs

I was once a sceptic of The Cribs but I've changed my tune and really like them. They're a band with some solid integrity. They do exactly what they want and their music is refreshingly alternative. In a sense the guys write pop songs but they rock them out and don't worry about commercial factors.                 I for one completely agree with the bands rock ethos, because to be quite frank, no mistakes should be sanitized out of existence for greater sales. The main reason being that one runs the risk of ruining a potentially great song because of a miner defect. And lets face it you don't just throw something away because it's not perfect, at least I don't anyway. For me then the imperfection of The Cribs is why they're great because they stand for; great rock music without the dross that causes malignant creative rock hang-ups or should I say hang-overs laughs.

On a personal note I'm actually really keen to dig deeper and find the hidden gems scattered amongst their albums. I also just want to mention that the core band are all siblings and that makes them rock even harder for me. I remember people asked the lead singer once if he was worried about his album charting after the success of a previous record going number 13. He said he didn't give a f#uck as long as the record was better than the last. For him at the end of the day he just wanted to rock with his brothers and everything else was either irrelevant or close to it. Cool. Another thing I like about The Cribs is how they use their brains to twist things in a creative way lyrically and make fun of people that would try to detract from them, very inspirational :)

Friday, 10 January 2014

King Krule: The Snarling "Easy Easy" (London)

I recently found out about the fire King Krule and his song "Easy Easy". Critics have been comparing him to Billy Bragg and it's not hard to see why. His songs are powerful and his voice is ginormous. The aforementioned song has a refreshing, genuine and British vibe too it. It's not indie dross or mainstream crap its genuine music that is in this day and age can be quite hard to find. He actually reminds me a lot of the Arctic Monekys before they blew up. The song is an extremely emotional performance in which Krule sings about dead end jobs, zombie people and the drabness of life in general. 

However, despite the moross view of life offered by the young man that seeks to highlight how the bulk of the society is slowly being crushed to death, you just cant help but feel positive while listening at the same time (rare). It's this distinct talent of Krule to tie low points and high points of everyones life experiences together that makes him a compelling new artist.

I've also included his live performance on David Letterman that he smashed. Especially considering it was his American TV network debut in front of millions. On a side note what I think would be really exciting would be if Krule channelled a little more Johnny Rotten. Everyone knows that Krule can snarl and it would be awesome to see him hack at society even more than has done so far and more violently.  To sum up a brilliant new musician with cracker of a cricket swing :) Videos of the blazing Londonite below!! 
Moss Rock


Easy Easy:

Well same old Bobby, same old beat
Well yeah they got nothing on me
The same old clutch, same old streets
But yeah they got nothing on me

And easy come and easy go
Well yeah I'm sure I told you so
Well they just want you for your dough
Man I'm sure I told you so

And with your dead-end job
That's been eating away your life
You feel a little inside
The trouble and strife

And now you spend your evenings
Searching for another life
And yeah I think maybe
I think you've got them in your sights

Well, easy easy
There's no need to take that tone
Well easy
I'm on the telephone
Man just leave us alone

[Verse 2]
Ow no I should've kept my receipts
Cause the sandwich I bought
Yeah it's been off for a week

And 'low Tesco's stealing my money
When positivity seems hard to reach
I keep my head down and my mouth shut

Cause if you going through hell
We just keep going