Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Racket of a Road Crash!!! - NZ Rockers risk lives in Virtuous act as Good Samaritans

 The band weighing up how to push the Totalled Car while dis-regarding Giant Petrol Leak!!!

Breaking News:
There was a Racket of a car- crash in Mt Albert today folks. Being the good old Moss Rock minding my own business, heaven behold, in my very own neck of the woods,  the whole Rackets Gang out in full force trying to rock a totalled vehicle out of on coming traffic. Funnily enough the driver of the car was still lodged in her seat trying her very best to make the car go up in a flaming fire-ball by gunning the engine to the max. Unfortunately my loyal readers, even Toyotas can't drive themselves when both wheels are completely munched into the bumper were the license plate you'se to live.

Despite the potentially life threatening scene that occurred at the lethal intersection of New North and Alberton Ave, the Rackets men were the Auckland Rock band of the hour. The trio piled out of their car like an All Black rugby scrum against Italy and decided to lend their raw power to the rage against the machine. It really was a tectonic sight Oscar, Jeremy and Vince pushed with all their might. Indeed they did their very best to clear the car from oncoming traffic. And seriously I don't know about you but fuck AA call Rackets those dudes are onto it bro!! 

Anyway I didn't stay long enough to see what happened in the end hopefully rock prevailed over a half-destoyed pile of mangled metal. But hell, was I gonna hang around a leaking petrol bomb previously known as a car on the off chance that one of the gang might accidentally light a ciggie and send the whole bitch flying sky high, Hell No, but what a sight that would've been!!!

The Moss Rock

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The new Rackets video "Gay Boyz" documenting a families fight for survival in the unemployed turdhole of Auckland, NZ

The Rackets on holiday/shoot in Hawaii courtesy of NZ on Air 

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