Thursday, 9 January 2014

"Turn The Tables" Rock Single off to FBI Radio in Aussy (The Neos)

Today The Neos sent off their Rock single "Turn The Tables" to FBI Radio by dragonfly with way to many postage stamps for the journey. The winged monster just couldn't get enough of those Hobbit stamps lol. I really hope the parcel got tracked Gabe haha                
shout out to Volita for rocking the Glue Spraycan and getting those covers on haha!!!

Also a big thanks to our dad who took a day of work to roll up to the studio with us and produce the bands biggest songs so far. He really did a Rick Rubin and was sprawled out on the couch in the studio and just listened for a while like a Zen-master.

And while we were all struggling to cut the right performance he was chilling out. But then thankfully he saved the whole operation by telling us all to play TNT way slower. He also said the vibe of the track needed some more slacker rock, so he told us to not try to hard haha!          

By the grace of the rock devil it definitely did the trick as its been the bands biggest radio success. Some one even said it was being spun in China (just a joke). Well not quite but its a tune with a good pair of legs on it and thats what you want!!! :) You can stream the song below, download it for free or buy it off iTunes!! whatever you do remember to rock the f@ck on !!!

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