Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - Hamilton Show at Altitude Bar (NZ Tour)

Here's a video with Volita talking about The Neo-Kalashnikovs first leg of their NZ Tour.
It just happened to be shot in a Thunderbird going at a rate of knots haha :)

RockNRoll The Neos

The Band's Rock single "Turn the Tables" 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Force Fields & The Neo-Kalashnikovs Play Bodega 17th of May

The Force Fields Official Tour Poster for their North Island Shows featuring The Neo-Kalashnikovs. Make sure you roll up and rock out at Bodega on Saturday May 17th!!! it's gonna Rock!!! 

Event Link:

Force Fields New Video "Zeroing" Out Now.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Auckland show of The Neo-Kalashnikovs & Force Fields Tour cancelled

BREAKING NEWS: The Auckland Show at Tabac Bar has been cancelled due to the Bar selling itself!!! The Neo-Kalashnikovs and Force Fields will now be concentrating on the HAMILTON show at Altitude Bar & Nightclub.

Which is actually great news as the P.A is going to be Giant and the show will have some amazing lights going on!! If you want to have a Rock'n'Roll weekend def come down on Sat 3rd of May.

I've attached the heart rendering hand typed note from Volita Bioletti so hopefully people don't miss this Public Announcement!!!  Happy Easter Rockers!!!  Neos

PREMIER: Force Field's music video "Zeroing" (3D)

Here is the latest music video from Wellington based band Force Fields who will be on tour in May preforming at: 
MAY 03 HAMILTON at Altitude
MAY 16 PALMY NORTH at The Royal
MAY 24 WHANGANUI at Space Monster


Produced by Tim Shackleton and Force Fields.
Engineered and mixed by Tim Shackleton at Das Bunker, Waterloo, NZ //
Mastered by Jay Fee at Conduction Mastering, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada //
Video directed by Paul Wedel

Matt Jeyes // drums
Matt Plummer // guitar
Paul Wedel // guitar and vocals
Jeremy Nolan // bass 


I can see you in the corner of this room, 
soon I'll ask you to come a bit closer and focus.
One thing I'll be compelled to mention, my intention:

that you and I could leave this reality.

Now that I have got your utmost attention, I'll venture
you know exactly who started
this sequence of events.

You and I could leave this reality.

Force Fields

Friday, 18 April 2014

@Peace New Record Breaks Boundaries in Space & Time

Check out this mean NZ record! it reminds of that buzzy passage out of Meno no not Menopause
haha where Plato is talking about how everyone has a pair of wings attached to their souls
and their attached to the gods that are rolling round in the Sky. And you kind of piggy back on them and you lean over and see the Forms that are the pure essences of Beauty, Justice and the Good!!!

The record also has dope influences of space and time caving in on itself. I reckon Satre's ghost may have smashed out some synth riffs while high on mesculine playing a synthesizer on a couple tracks!

Super dope record. Check out the homies youtube channel here:

I swear to God T&H are like the equivalent of Trailer Park Boys accept the Canadian rapper 
is Tom Scott and Haz Beats is his friend who gets locked up in the movie! Outstanding work!!!

On a side note I was also super impressed with Lorde's Taite victory speech. A lot of people have been chatting about it online and I was super impressed. I thought the rumours of her being a genius were silly until I saw here talking. She seems like a seasoned academic, but she has read over 3000 books so thats kind of more reading than you do for a degree up to the highest level lol. Undeniably a great NZer!!! and she loved this record too :)

BRAVES (NZ) - Official Debut E.P - Massive sound!!!

I saw these guys play at Ding Dong club a while back I've finally got my hands on the streaming copy of their debut E.P that is self-titled. This is for fans of hard-core, rock and GC's all across Australasia.

I talked to their lead singer at the gig and he told me Chad from the Rabble was producing, mixing, recording the record and man what an epic sound. The drums slay and the tones are great from the start of the E.P to the end. BRAVES are one of my favourite NZ bands around so catch them on the road as they are on tour real soon!!!

P.S- I'm really stoked they recorded "5 Years" that song rocks hard-core!! 
(Unofficial stream courtesy of Braves sole proprietor/owner)


May 3rd - Shadows Bar

May 17th - (TBA) Auckland City

May 24th - East Auckland

May 30th - Whammy Bar

June 6th - Zeal Art Room

June 7th - Never Silent Festival

You can support BRAVES by buying a record from their Bandcamp were it all goes to them:

Hit them up on Facebook here if you like their tunes!

Official Lyrics for "5 Years" by Braves 

Five years from now
and she's permanent on my mind.
A splinter in my gut to form a great divide.
I'm absent, defiant, as she sits there in silence
it's lonely decay, my only escape in time.

And it just won't end (x3)

I'm broken, drifting out at sea
and I think I've lost something inside of me.

Ten years from now,
and I'm all that's left by her side
self-consciously determined by our wasted time.
I'm fucked up and fragile,
this consistent battle is breaking my will,
her eyes never leave me still.

And it just won't end (x3)

I'm absent, defiant, as she sits there in silence -
it's lonely decay, my only escape in time.

Her bright eyes glow - bright eyes show.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs & Force Fields - North Island NZ Tour in May (NZ Music Month)

The Neo-Kalashnikovs & Force Fields - First leg of the NZ TOUR 2014

Forcefields (WGTN) and The Neo-Kalashnikovs (AKL) plan to decimate the North Island’s main centres; 
Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington in May (NZmusic month). They aim to build local buzz around their new singles “Zeroing” & “Treat Me Right”

The tour came about from a chance encounter online. The bands have never met so it will either be a 
saucy first-date or perhaps a steamy love affair who knows? There might be a shotgun wedding in Auckland, a motel honeymoon in Hamilton or an expensive divorce in Wellington. What’s going to 
happen in Palmy is anyones guess? One thing is for sure though both bands mean business!

With Forcefield’s solid live reputation in Wellington and The Neos heavy radio play on Hauraki FM 
this is a tour for NZ rock fans nationwide. From the angst student to the tough nut tradey and all 
those uptight brain surgeons in between ‘we will rock you!’ With brain-splattering bass, face searing guitars & soul wrenching vocals they’ve got you bro! 

Tickets available on the door for just $10 and $15 with your very own signed CD

Tour Dates:
Friday May 2nd - Tabac, Auckland
Saturday May 3rd - Altitude Bar, Hamilton
Friday May 16th - The Royal, Palmy
Saturday May 17th - Bodega, Wellington

Facebook Links:


Band pages:

The Neos Impress Four time Grammy winning A&R

Hey Rockers 
The Neo-Kalashnikovs had some really good feedback about our song "Turn the Tables" from Noah Goldstein. He's a four time grammy award winner from the USA. He's actually Kanye West's go to recording engineer. He was actually the man who recorded all the vocals on Yeezus that was produced by Rick Rubin. He's also great friends with Arcade Fire and helped sculpted the Suburbs sound arguably their best album. Anyway I just wanted to say a big thanks to Radio Hauraki for believing in the band and that song. We are actually in the midst of tweaking it for an A&R in the US for potentially some solid airplay on rock stations and without our fans and our team this wouldn't have happened let alone been possible!!! RockNRoll 

On a personal note Noah is someone that is a really genuine person. You can see his love and drive to make great recods is the very fibre of his being. To have someone in his position say that "all I can here is limitless potential" after listening to your track is a real eye opener. It's really awesome when you meet someone who understands what your doing and why you do it because it's the very people that are crazy enough to scale the Great Wall of China that see beyond it into the freeworld. Nothing great is ever achieved easily and so you just got take the good with the band and be philosophical about your life Shit i've had my share of ups and downs and the key is to look past that and build a life that you want to live utterly, completely and forever (Nietzsche)! If you want something bad enough and are willing to put the work in 10o and 10 % you can attain anything the only thing stopping you is yourself. Real talk. The Will to Power is strong!


Radio Hauraki Support's The Neo-Kalashnikovs (AUK) & Forcefields (WTGN)

Big ups to Radio Hauraki for supporting the North Island tour of The Neo-Kalashnikovs and Force Fields from Wellington!!! Great to have such an awesome radio station with such a powerful History giving us power to Rock!!! :)

Event page is here:

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs view on Sampling - Arctic Monkeys leading the Charge

I heard Arctic Monkeys Arabella early last week. It's awesome to hear rock bands sampling classics like "War Pigs". Obvioulsy it's not as good as Ozzy's song but it is a sick tune thats for sure. In terms of songwriting i'm pretty rubbish but I think it's a good idea to imitate art because their are no rules at all in the abstract medium of music. Especially rock were the sound aims to be authentic and fresh. I for one know a song I'd really like to hear a new version of just slightly sampled by a new song. I actually think sampling is the way to do a superiour cover of a song. As it allows an artist to pick out there favourite parts of a composition and infuse it with something new. Good on the Arctic Monkeys for bringing the sample back to Rock 'N' Roll were it rightfully belongs because lets face it The Rolling Stones ripped off everyone under the sign. Hell even "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was a complete rip off the Pixies sound right down to the bassline just done better haha :) Nirvana even had Steve Albini who recorded the Pixies best album by far "Surfer Rosa" record their follow up album "In Utero" and don't even get me started on Dave Grohl haha just joking  

P.S - Gabe loves "In Utero" such a great record