Friday, 18 April 2014

@Peace New Record Breaks Boundaries in Space & Time

Check out this mean NZ record! it reminds of that buzzy passage out of Meno no not Menopause
haha where Plato is talking about how everyone has a pair of wings attached to their souls
and their attached to the gods that are rolling round in the Sky. And you kind of piggy back on them and you lean over and see the Forms that are the pure essences of Beauty, Justice and the Good!!!

The record also has dope influences of space and time caving in on itself. I reckon Satre's ghost may have smashed out some synth riffs while high on mesculine playing a synthesizer on a couple tracks!

Super dope record. Check out the homies youtube channel here:

I swear to God T&H are like the equivalent of Trailer Park Boys accept the Canadian rapper 
is Tom Scott and Haz Beats is his friend who gets locked up in the movie! Outstanding work!!!

On a side note I was also super impressed with Lorde's Taite victory speech. A lot of people have been chatting about it online and I was super impressed. I thought the rumours of her being a genius were silly until I saw here talking. She seems like a seasoned academic, but she has read over 3000 books so thats kind of more reading than you do for a degree up to the highest level lol. Undeniably a great NZer!!! and she loved this record too :)

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