Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs view on Sampling - Arctic Monkeys leading the Charge

I heard Arctic Monkeys Arabella early last week. It's awesome to hear rock bands sampling classics like "War Pigs". Obvioulsy it's not as good as Ozzy's song but it is a sick tune thats for sure. In terms of songwriting i'm pretty rubbish but I think it's a good idea to imitate art because their are no rules at all in the abstract medium of music. Especially rock were the sound aims to be authentic and fresh. I for one know a song I'd really like to hear a new version of just slightly sampled by a new song. I actually think sampling is the way to do a superiour cover of a song. As it allows an artist to pick out there favourite parts of a composition and infuse it with something new. Good on the Arctic Monkeys for bringing the sample back to Rock 'N' Roll were it rightfully belongs because lets face it The Rolling Stones ripped off everyone under the sign. Hell even "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was a complete rip off the Pixies sound right down to the bassline just done better haha :) Nirvana even had Steve Albini who recorded the Pixies best album by far "Surfer Rosa" record their follow up album "In Utero" and don't even get me started on Dave Grohl haha just joking  

P.S - Gabe loves "In Utero" such a great record

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