Friday, 31 July 2015

Average Rap Band (Tom Scott & Lui Tuiasau) - Release Groundbreaking Introspective Rap Record "Stream of Nonsenseness"

Produced by Dandruff Dicky

Budget for record $42 dollars but it sounds 

like a million redistributed dollars. There are 

also some really tasty t-shirts available via 


Favourite track at the mo: Bending Spoons 

It was actually really buzzy cause I just watched this really boring youtube video about the difference between analytical philosophy and the continental vibes  So it's good to know Tom Scott and his peer-reviewed crew don't think much of the analytical side of things just listen to the lampooning on "What it Is" the sampled geezer clearly conveys how boring and full of crap sanitised philosophy can be!

 I mean I was doing an honours course at debt ladened AU and had the misfortune of choosing a $1000 honours paper that studied word for word Ludwig Wittgensteins "Philosophical Investigations" to be honest I enjoyed it in a quirky way but couldn't understand any of the logic and stuff in it. I read it my way as I wasn't 'allowed' to read any secondary texts (books on hard and confusing books) in the end I just canned it. 

Anyway all the continental philosophers are god damn Rockstars aka Nietzsche, Zizek, Plato, Marx but some analytical philosophers are cool to like Aristotle and Kant is kind of half of each side and ethics is mainly analytical and I really enjoy that stuff but anything to heavy on the numbers and Im putting that book down. Just like the old skool wise dude Montainge  he guy who invented the essay he said 'I aint hurting my head for no book, read read it again but i'd rather throw it away then stress out about it!' (paraphrase). Proust also a total continental guy believed every book no matter how good it was none of them no book can ever be above being thrown away by us in favour of doing something else ironic as he wrote the longest most windy and slow paced book in the world but apparently its pretty good I mean the title is basically the dopiest ever "In Search of Lost Time" 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Moss Rock Show - Episode Number 4 (Finally hahaha)

Episode 4 of The Moss Rock Show bringing you all the hottest tunes from around Sunny old NZ and the Rest of the World can't forget that place too :) Stream the show in the player directly below!!
it may take a few seconds to load

Thanks for listening to the show Hamish!! :) 

Playlist Number 4!!!  

Ratatat - Cream on Chrome 
Silicon - Burning Sugar 
Rackets - Swan Song 
War on Drugs - Ocean in Between the Waves
Wilco - Magnetized 
Racing - Stereo Fields
Tame Impala - Love and Paranoia 
Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon
Steel Pulse - My House 
Lee Scratch Perry - Groovy Situation 
Boh Runga - I Dreamed a Dream 
Hannah Trigwell - Stay With Me 
David Kilgour and the Heavy 8's - Comin On
Liam Finn - Wrestling with Dad
Madyk - Some Kisses  (New Artist) 

Friday, 24 July 2015

Hulk Hogan's Life is Falling Apart

I just found out about the racial controversy surrounding Hulk Hogan. Apparently he was caught on a 'home movie' being very dis-respectful about the ethnicity and colour of other WWE wrestlers. He even took aim at his own daughter for apparently dating someone who wasn't white. The shockingly racist and abhorrent remarks could not have turned up at a worse time for Hogan who is currently in the financial fight for his life. He is in the midst of a serious court litigation trying to prevent Gawk media from releasing a video of a sexual nature that would destroy his reputation and future career opportunities in entertainment. Below are some of the worse statements uttered by Hogan courtesy of the Enquirer:

"I don't know if Brooke was f*cking the black guy's son," Hulk said, the sources add.
"I mean, I don't have double standards. I mean, I am a racist, to a point, f*cking n***ers. But then when it comes to nice people and sh*t, and whatever."
According to their sources, Hogan also said: "I mean, I'd rather if she was going to f*ck some n***er, I'd rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall n***er worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player! I guess we're all a little racist. f--king n***er."

To me it really does seem as if Hogan's life is falling apart even though his trying his best to right his wrongs. The American icon issued a formal apology renouncing his hurtful words and disturbing prejudices caught on camera. But, despite his best efforts he has since been stripped of all his his wrestling accolades and white washed from the WWE hall of fame.
The old saying 'there's no smoke without fire seems' applicable to Hogan's life because in the past his credibility has been rocked by controversies and rumours surrounding the man from being unfaithful in his marriage to not looking after the interests of his family before himself especially his daughter. From my outside perspective what I see is an old lost man who lacks a normal level of empathy toward the people he loves. Perhaps fame fried Hogan's head as he even says himself in the attached video  he use to party so hard he couldn't even remember peoples names!

With all the dirty laundry spilling out across the pavements perhaps Hogans greatest achievement will finally be coming face to face to with the pain he has caused his fans of all racial backgrounds and socio-ethnic strata. The old saying seems to apply that 'what goes up must go down' but before we are so quick to condemn Hogan a man he is completely in the wrong we must remember he is "human all to human" in the words of Freidreich Nietzsche. The simple theme of human fallibility is re-inforced by his daughter Brooke a person has seemingly endless empathy for him.

If You Knew My Father~
By Brooke Bollea
If you knew the dad I knew,
you’d know his tender heart.
He’d never want to hurt his fans,
or family from the start.
If you knew my father,
you would know how hard he fought…
and the way it brought a smile to people light, medium and dark.
We always fight a battle
that people never see,
and sometimes when you’re hurting, you don’t think logically.
Human isn’t perfect,
and perfect is not he,
but I can tell you one thing, it’s just not what it seems.
Cause If you knew the dad I knew,
you’d know he raised me well.
He taught me folks are so much more
than shades could ever tell.
And If you knew my father,
you would know he’s down to earth.
He may have slammed the giant,
but remembers life’s true worth.
If you knew my father,
if you just walked in his shoes…
then you would know that microscope that comes with yellow boots.
If you knew my father,
you would see your own in mine.
And if he was your father, you could never find divide.
Cause me- I bet your father
or someone that you love
Maybe regrets something
they wish they’d never done.
So if you know my father,
remember he’s a man,
and you would crave relief if people judged everything you did.
The lord says to forgive them,
don’t be the one to stone…
so please remember his strong arms when you were all alone.
The lives he’s changed, the friends he’s made,
the people he’s inspired…
It makes me sad to see my dad
defeated and so tired.
If you knew my father,
you would know just how he’s hurting…
For he loves every one of you, regardless of your story.
And if you met my father,
I know he’d give you love!
He’d lift you up, apologize and give you all a hug.
For those who think you know my father,
remember who you are.
We all can make mistakes and carry ugly scars.
Because I know my father,
I can promise this-
Just like you and I, things we don’t mean can sometimes slip.
We all continue learning.
This life can be so rough…
So if you know my father, please try not to be tough.
My father has a daughter,
and I have feelings too.
And if I knew your father, I would do the same for you.
A tweet from Hogan what to make of it is up to you. 
In the storm I release control,God and his Universe will sail me where he wants me to be,one love. HH

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Neo-Kalashnikovs & The Glocks - "Get Ready to RockNRoll" Show Kings Arms 24th of July Friday $10

The Neo-Kalashnikovs play The Kings Arms Tavern
Tomorrow night Fri 24th of July with The Glocks 
$10 on the door can't wait to Rock!!!
p.s our new single "Drama Queen" is mixed and will be 
surfing off to the sunny West Coast of the USA to be
mastered by none other than Big Bass Brian the man who
added the finishing touches to Sublimes first record smile emoticon


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Lives of Professional Street Fighter Players (Capcom)

This week i stumbled across an elightening documentary about Professional Arcade players. The doco is called "More than a Game" and narrates the lives of some of the best sportsmen (sic) in their chosen digital field of choice namely Street Fighter arcade machines. One of the marketing bosses at Capcom who is an ex-street fighter fanatic clearly outlines the serious history of the game in his own words. In his opinion the youthful bespectacled character states how the original Street Fighter Game was a flop the gameplay proving to rigid, contrived and on the whole uninspiring.

However from their mega failure jumped out with a karate kick the significantly updated and worldwide hit version 2.0 aka Street Fighter 2 kicking off an arcade gaming revolution. Here is the doco if your interested apparently Street Fighter 4 is the most widely played modern arcade game in the world, amazing.

Amy Schumer - Uses the Force in Sexy Star Wars GQ Photoshoot

Well its not everyday Amy Schumer jumps into bed with C3PO and R2D2 for a GQ parody photo shoot. I can only wonder in a slight state of fear how die-hard Have reacted to seeing there heros in such compromising situations copy-right holders Disney are all up in arms and hot under the collar. I guess when you pay for A movie franchise to the tune of $4 billion dollars thats kind of justified. In Amy and GQ's favour i personally think theyve done a good job of dramatizing The sex lives of the Star Wars characters that weve known to come and love, Sorry that came out wrong. Ill keep my eyes peeled to see if a court case Kicks off inrelation to the saucy snaps below ;)

Artificial Intelligence - Google, Film and

Artificial Intelligence is a buzz word thrown around a lot lately but its actually something that is very common to us all and utilised in our daily life! If you use the search engine Google you may not have realised it as an artificial intelligence/search engine that has been set up much like a human mind to help us answer questions, get to places we know or simply find a link to a video we can't find ourselves.

I guess one of the great innovations and strengths of AI is the ability for the technology to do one thing supremely well. Unlike human beings who have to cook, clean and go to sleep artificial intelligences resides in a contained digital world were they only have to think about what we programme them to do, for now!

AI is also evolving into a lucrative business with the company Google buying a Kiwi tech start up
for around a billion dollars, and get this the money rolled in because they start up found a way to make a digital mind play the crude arcade game Pong (yes the tennis style game) and watch it get better and better over time by analysing the experience and learning from its flawed playing skills, much like a human player.

In mainstream media AI is also becoming more prevalent with movies such as the Hollywood thriller Ex Machina wrestling with issues of the increased development of non-human thinking beings and the moral issues surrounding rebooting a computed mind. To be honest if you could download your memory content into a computer would you and should you? Issues surrounding updating hardware aka fake human robotic bodies is also skewed with problems, if you could tweak and tinker with your body to the point of perfection would it be socially acceptable, one could easily draw a parallel to plastic surgery in our society and the associated stigma's and desires associated to it.

Furthermore is that our  innate ability to read and show facial expressions, understand and manipulate laws of attraction and gain social power, even make love something that should be replicated by AI programmers and their creations. In the movie Ex Machina the real problem with conscious robots is when they get to the precipice were human beings can no longer distinguish themselves from robots and realise that they are talking and interacting with a robot. It's a strange idea but artificial bodies and intellect of an AI will one day be able to fully mimic human actions and behaviours, imagine talking to someone made up of metal and silicone instead of tissue flesh and blood.

But when we do find ourselves face to face with a being powered by artificial reason will it change our conception of what means to be 'actually' a human being. The ability of a computer android to trick a human into thinking they have true consciousness is the apparently were the 'Turning test' is passed according to Ex Machina and the human race is overcome in the chain of evolution.

Despite AI robots still being dismissed as domestic pipe dreams there are even now scholars and individuals already wrangling with non-human super intelligence. In the low budget documentary 'Singularity or Bust' a leading expert in the physiology of Minds and how they work

Ben Goertzel

wants to bring to life a friendly sentinel being (his life work). And despite his appearance as a long haired hippy scientist he does have over 70 publications in scientific journals as well as a PHD in mathematics so I would say the possibility of him and his friends actually achieving AI lift is a real worry.

This is because a period of "Singularity" in modern lifetime will see;
  1. The Singularity is an era in which our intelligence will become increasingly nonbiological and trillions of times more powerful than it is today—the dawning of a new civilization that will enable us to transcend our biological limitations and amplify our creativity.

The Neo-Kalashnikovs & The Glocks - Play Kings Arms Friday July 24th

The Neo-Kalashnikovs are playing this Friday 24th of July at The Kings Arms with our good mates The Glocks !!! So Roll up if you want to #Rock Here's the Event Link:

It's been too many months since we last played. It's time. And so we make our return to Auckland's best live venue. Set aside the evening and be ready to be Glocked! 
Actually be ready to be machine gunned too. We have our friends The Neo-Kalashnikovs joining us on the bill. Definitely a night where the fuzz pedals and Carl's grunge vocals are gonna get a work out alongside some sweet female vocal harmonies. Tickets $10 at the door.    Facebook Event

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Former "Crystal Castles" Singer Alice Glass Escapes Toxic Relationship - Releases new empowering single "StillBirth"

The Artists official statement about surviving her ordeal pushing forward and taking full creative control of her life and music career. Congratulations Alice Glass keep the new music rolling in!! :)

Melbourne & Sydney Rallies Spin Out of Control - Racism vs Anti-Racism with Police Stuck in the middle

A lot of ink has been spilt in the recent 2015 July Racist vs Anti-Racist rallies in Australia over the weekend we are just finishing. Melbourne was the worst affray by far with a worrying sense of lawlessness breaking out in conflicts across the streets. One aerial video supplied in the links below from a hovering drone shows people swinging at each other on a road with complete abandon for consequences.

As I was trying to compile videos and photos from different news stations to compare the cover from the mass media what was obvious is the severe lack of coverage of anti-racist protestors, very few photos of them exist without them being pepper sprayed or seen as the victim of police control.

Check out the photos and videos from this Zizekian "Social Event" and stay informed. NZ media seems to be very slow to post any up to date stories on a fierce riot in very nearly our own backyard.
There have been no reports of fatalities and only minimal arrest but this protest could have certainly turned out differently. A strong sense of violence and anarchy was present in both pro-Islam and anti-Islam protesters with the Police coming out in full forces on both sides.

Most importantly there have been serious allegations and reports of a supposed viral video of a police men high giving a Racist Protestor in the middle of a street battle, what may have been an isolated case, unfortunately seems to point to the Australian Government favouring the Anti-islam racist protestors making the Police's bias against anti-racist protestors not as neutral as one might have hoped!

A link to a good video at the top of the article showing the narrative and opposing factions:

An article with serious rally footage displaying the extent and ferocity of the conflict between the two
parties with police trying to prevent the parties engaging in all out confrontation:

New York Riots - Heaps of police but more relaxed less Anarchy than in Ozzy

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Full Album Stream - Tame Impala "Currents" Sounding Awesome :)

Sweet Sweet Melodies and more Synths than Guitars arghhh :)
My favourite track so far "Eventually" 

The making of the album in a kick ass house in the Ozzy Outback

Check out Anthony Fontano's great Album Review for "Currents" he breaks down the record in a positive way and offers some really sick insights

Will Australian Musician "Jarryd James" Win the New Zealand Silver Scroll Award??

       Is the Brilliant Australian musician Jarryd James gonna win the Kiwi Silver Scroll
So they have wheeled at the latest shortlist of Kiwi hopefuls to get there greasily little mitts on the fabled existence of a NZ Silver Scroll. Which is all fun and good but what kind of excuse can they have nominating an AUSTRALIAN for the New Zealand Silver Scroll did I miss something or did I just forget to take my dumb pills. It clearly states on Jarryd James wikipedia page that they talented artist (Dis-claimer his song "Do You Remember" is phenomenal) that he's born in Melbourne and yes thats in Australia. And don't get me wrong I know the KIWI Joel Little helped write the song making it a KIWI-AUSTRALIA song written penned collab kind of like a peaceful covert ANZAC military operation but are we really ok with this??? Well maybe its time to lay down are metaphorical musical weapons and give and Aussy his just lemon flavoured desserts and roll over and just admit it in front of the whole of Australia that the person who wrote the best Kiwi song was in fact a stone cold Ozzy Battler making us Kiwi muso's all look pretty bloody stupid and useless I just have to think would the Ozzies do the same for us? maybe so please comment below. Anyway thats the 2015 Silver Scroll Question Folks; Can we give the award to an Auzzy do we have it in us? :) 

The top 20 songs nominated for this years APRA Silver Scroll have been announced with SJD and LORDE both having two songs each in the list.
• Back Into Your Life by Clap Clap Riot
• Call The Days by Nadia Reid
• Can’t Keep Checking My Phone by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
• Collarbones by Thomston
• Cool It by She’s So Rad
• Dark Child by Marlon Williams
• Do You Remember by Jarryd James     AUZZYYYY
• Get Out Alive by Mel Parsons
• Just In Case Allelujah by Eyreton Hall
• L.A.F. by Broods
• Little Pieces by SJD
• Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
• Naomi by Martin Andrews
• Perfect Health by Mulholland
• Special by Six60
• Touch by Maala
• Unplugged by SJD
• Water Underground by Anthonie Tonnon
• Welcome Back by King Kapisi
• Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde

Neil and Tim Finn's - Grand-BeachBall-Slamin Undie World Champion 2015 Title Fight [WWGrundy Worldwide Network Exclusive]

The WWGrundy crowds are screaming hear tonight folks and everyone wants to know who's gonna win the Grand-BeachBall-Slamin Undie World Champion 2015 Title Belt

Plain as the eye can see both contestants have under gone a rigourous and gruelling half-naked training regime and personal trainer work outs of what must have been constant couch slams and refrigerator pull ups as well as the dreaded mind training techniques of kung-fu action kicks in mid power nap.

Well a lot of naysayers have been tooting their horns saying age will be a factor in this fine example of human masochistic endurance but I personally believe that this middle aged man-off is as evenly matched as you get. Their overwhelming fluro Pasty posteriors their heredity wrestling techniques and choice of shoes and shoeless feet make this fight so even it could go anyway, even possibly a crowd members if they wish to join the Finn melee.

 I'm really hoping, even though our audience ratings would go THROUGH THE ROOF that someone doesn't get downtrousered in our Batle Royale tonight even though it would certainly be a network first the legal implications would make it a disaster!

The bets are coming in at the local Mt Albert TAB and the brutal Freudian battle between father and son for sheer domination will prove one hell of pay day for a gambling dude. Liam finn is two to one favourite with Neil paying out 10 times as much on a side bet long shot if he pulls out his trademark trade of a Don't Dream its Over Wall Removal that has left his past opponents alone and isolated delirous daze

Traversing the oedipus complex at every twist and turn the victor of tonights crunch will be allowed the sweet victor of drowning the loser in the blue ocean behind them while making the loser stomach churningly wear the 3 week old training undies of Timothy Finn, the smelly objects actual existent still being contested at this very moment.

Without further adieu in the left Blue unders corner we have the usurpppperrr and all round El Loco taco mr Liam Undertaker Finnnnn known for his powerful wrestling rugby dump trucks of destruction and in the left corner we hhavvveeee the El Diabolo Red Devil Underpants Capadra himself Mr Neil undisputed king Finn of Calamity Chockhold eye gouge master finger cruncher toe crusher midnight crooner let the Games BeGINNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dis-claimer: No family bonds were hurt during the shooting of the Live title match video replay above. And if anyone has the remotest problem or issue about this post please send myself a friendly email to: and I will communicate with you in all seriousness about easily the greatest NZ music video of 2015 :) and make any fixes or changes that you need done!! This is attended as farce in good humour to promote a genuinely unique piece of visual/musical NZ art and not meant to offend anyone. 

The Nazi Royal Family Salute

Hmm what to make of this well we all know the Royal family are German in heritage so it shouldn't come as such a big surprise. And they do seem like they are horsing around a bit and rough housing and shaking around a lot like wobbly jellow! plus their pet dog is quite cute the way it runs round...but nevertheless the clip for all it's worth shows how non-plussed the royal family was to Nazi take-over an organisation put together and funded by the German aristocrats of which the Royal family would have very close ties, if anything the clip displays a fearless grapple hold on power regardless of which way WW2 ended, thank god we didn't end up with a Nazi Royal Family posing with Hitler perhaps some where over the rainbow in a parallel universe things are a little more fruity!!! On a more serous and sombre note the clip post holocaust does seem to trivialise the atrocities perpetrated by the Third Reich, and on that note I think the Queen herself should apologize to protect the reputation of her family and loved ones. Although she was to young to understand the significance of her actions her parents surely should've known better! shame on you Queen Mother :)

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - Kikiri Records Chicago Podcast

Hey guys here is a podcast Volita and I did for Kikiri Records in Chicago :) 
For our 8th podcast, New Zealand band - The Neo Kalashnikovs guides us through a collection of solid Rock and Grunge tunes, revealing the gear used for the recordings and the compelling stories behind their songs. Enjoy!
Follow The Neos:
Soundcloud: @theneokalashnikovs

Friday, 17 July 2015

Lana Del Rey's - Melancholy new single "Honeymoon" - sultry, sexy, but no smile post Wedding :)

Lana del rey our favourite dark side popstar/beauty queen has been trending on the Billboard social media charts after leaking her new song "Honeymoon" to the masses. After I stopped trawling the internet news for a second I gave the single I listen this is what I thought!

Instantly I hear influences of Sinatra again but in a more modern sounding context than "Ultraviolence" nostalgia ladened production. There is also certainly a sultry, sexy character to
Del Rey's singing performance with over course an underlining melancholic sadness.
It's hard to really get a wrangle on the song as we all know Lana is undeniable marriage material
and you would think of her jetting off the Bahamas post wedding hopefully happy, but thats not the case as this song is most certainly about her inevitably falling into a bad, destructive relationship.

If your expecting a home run smash hit like 'Summertime Sadness' your paddling the wrong canoe on this one folks but if you feel like the world has kind of let you down even when you should be super happy this could be the song for you :)

Vocals and harmonies are blindingly good

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Wilco Releases New Free Album "Star Wars" - Track By Track Breakdown of The Record

Hot off the press people Wilco throw out to the internet cosmic Universe a brand new album called"Star Wars" and its 100% for free so just head over too:
I think you may need to sacrifice an email address to get the album but come on its worth it!

Just managed to listen to the album struck gold on track 6 "Taste the Ceiling" it doesn't sound as
low-fi as the other tracks. I would hesitate to say that the bass drum throughout the whole album is kind of non-existent same with the bass its quite a trebly record with mostly guitars ride cymbals and vocals. To my ears the record seems more like a hastily made mixtape that rappers usually rush out in the downtime between albums.

Track 7 "Pickled Ginger" is rockier with a big guitar riff and some serious fuzz pedal action is definitely happening with slight tints off Arcade Fire, come on are the drums gonna drop on this record lets hear them...there they are kind of snappy starchy snare then some tom rolls know both yes theres a ride cymbal in their with a discordant synthesiser Icky Thump White Stripes style keyboard without the tone - oh no wait here are some cool guitar overdubs panned hard stereo left and right yes its about to get their - then it stops arghhh guttered!

Onwards to the next song "Where Do I Begin" ughh some angst singing a minor key depressed cronnier song with a plodding chord twang rhythm getting bored not bad just kind of pedestrain next song!

 "Cold Slope" finally something funky this is good then goes into some softy psychedelic stuff yuss we have lift TUNEE out of it those stereo guitars are back again arghh scary this is a really promising song could be Brilliant on a re-listen its got a good building vibe to it but its so trebly threatening rock but are we really rocking

 'King of You" easy listening rock think Neil Young as a toddler playing with trainer wheels nice record just falling asleep made it halfway

Now for the final track Magnetized I can't do it not a bad melody oh hold that thought this is getting all John Lennon yes this is happening it's the Wilco I know holy shit do you hear those guitars OMG that drum fill man this song is great except for the really depressed verse that is positively distopian despite the verse being so not as good as the rest of the song it still works because you actually need a break from the goodness thats flooding out this song in other parts Im caught in a bubbling hot mess with a smooth oasis of goo running down the stream and were all slowly drowning in a state of ecstasy oh yes we have indeed become Jedi shotgun Yoda and damn it we get killed by Sith were know in some Jedi Heaven no wait know I'm the only one left in heaven bored but chilling yes this is worthy of the name Star Wars Magnetized you beauty you have saved the day you my friend deserve to be the number one track on the album!!!!!! :) Love you Wilco 

Sadly I got a copy emailed to me and thought hell yes a free album from Wilco then a quick
Google search later and yep sure enough its free for everyone so get out there with your broad band
wireless modems or your clunky old dial-up Tarzan style connection and enjoy new music from
a great band that brought you some of the dopiest whizz cheese out like "Handshake Drugs Downtown":
p.s- I have no idea what this song is about probably something lurid sinister but in my naive bliss its just some funky dude who likes to shake peoples hands haha

Rackets Found Dead - Walking the Skeleton

Stream the Album above and start Living!!!

Well I'll be damned those kinky King's of old skool Slacker rockyroad fame Rackets drop a sick new album "Walking the Skeleton" straight from the top of the Dirt Pile. The musical range on this record could be likened to a Valentines buffet meal its vast, unhygienic and yet you really want to eat it all in a facken instant!! nutty professor style. Hysterical Nietzschean madness aside oh yes on a more proper and eloquent British note, quaint, the audio work from the Auckland rockers took many moons to construct including a few blue moons were we all know what happens. Like some bollocks new state funded National motorway to John Key's Ponytail caressing paradise the is over! but are we there yet? I'm not gonna lie this album is an emotional roller-coaster with all the highs and lows of a refreshingly painful joke that the past NZ election was, but what do Kiwi's finnd so inherently magnetizing about the colour blue?

From a personal down to earth tip of the Fedora my fav track that really is a heart to heart tear jerker is "Swan Song" with a flaming performance of god knows who from the band playing some Spanish castanet's which sounds as if their life depended on it or perhaps their rent! to the classic boistorious rock fuelled antics of "Barracuda" offering in my dark mind a high-class Remeura lady on the hunt like a paranoid piranha that at the same time offers up the greatest lyrical highlight of the record from my view;

"I taught my brother and sister both Karate"

We then do a drunken backward U-turn without indication into an atomic musical swerve that sees us together wading waste deep into the seas of the Mediterranean Hawaiian shirt unbottoned pinacalada in one hand our best mate Jez being swept off into the surf never to be seen again withourselves just caught in the moment laughing at the beauty of the world while languishing in the melody laden obnoxiously phat snare young cash money sound of "Fools Gold" with what i might add is a really stand out vocal performance on the record from none other than the All Black's themselves leading their tone-deaf fans into a Rocking haka

But wait a second Rackets comes charging out of Rugby Union changing room ready to rock out in the middle of the field they storm the stage playing fasce shattering powerslides from the new record the Super bowl at halftime is eclipsed by the almost NZmericans going wild Katy Perry faints in a self-induced Diva moment overwhelmed by her bosom and for a moment the world is in a complete of Buddhist like harmony as a car crashes into the stadium filled with an Isis militia trying to stop the musical Rugby broadcast in all its footy glory they are hacked down one head at a time by the Sonic power of Rackets unbudging nationalism backed up by the thunder thighs of Jonah Lomu propelled by a healthy morning meal of South Auckland ghost chips.

In all sobriety what a colossal stonker of an Album Rackets you have all earnt a well deserved outstanding F+ for your services to derail the brainwashed public of New Zealand your knighthoods are already in the mail with a lifetimes supply of scorched almonds :) :) :)

David Kilgour and The Heavy Eights - "End Times Undone" - The Jangly Happy RockNRoll Dunedin Sound

I found myself recently flicking through the latest Phantom Billstickers Cafe Reader "Have as Much as You Want" Volume 6 the super ice cold Winter edition and found myself studying the new David Kilgour and The Heavy 8's awesome trippy album cover for "End Times Done". Wow who does that hand belong to God, is the fire symbolic of a happy camp fire or mans ultimate destruction, does that phallic object belong to someone haha.

Jokes aside I read the article on Cleaner brother in arms Hamish Kilgours new music making and cutting old school vinyls for an American and low and behold I decided to check out some of the oldschool flying nun stuff on Youtube, the filthy old 16mm clips are great, they are so pre-youtube youtube class great tunes Kiwi history totally!

Anyway I was surfing around in the Google owned music quagmire and rolled across all the great classic songs from the Clean and the Verlaines, gush Dunedin sound those good old Dunedin sound days so innocent just enjoying being alive in the post war baby booming times (bad math give or take some decades. Well I got listening to the new album by Kilgour and Eights and give it a thumbs up nice one kick ass punch in the balls. It's got chills, its got spills, RockNRoll with such a lack of ego in the music you just end up floating round in the cold Blue Auckland Winter night sky.


Thursday, 2 July 2015

Theoradical Hobohemians - Mercury Theatre 2015 Official Trailer

Like the Big Bang the Theoradical Hobohemians 2015 "OBLIVION" exploded into existence with mind boggling dimensions!!! We are very proud to present this show at Auckland City's stunning Edwardian Theatre. We have Poets doing what Poets do best..Ranting about LOVE!!! We got our Vaudevillian Spectacle on with our special guest Hobohemian, violin virtuoso Murray van Horn...a wonderful addition to the troupe!! More than a show...a way of life!!!