Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Lives of Professional Street Fighter Players (Capcom)

This week i stumbled across an elightening documentary about Professional Arcade players. The doco is called "More than a Game" and narrates the lives of some of the best sportsmen (sic) in their chosen digital field of choice namely Street Fighter arcade machines. One of the marketing bosses at Capcom who is an ex-street fighter fanatic clearly outlines the serious history of the game in his own words. In his opinion the youthful bespectacled character states how the original Street Fighter Game was a flop the gameplay proving to rigid, contrived and on the whole uninspiring.

However from their mega failure jumped out with a karate kick the significantly updated and worldwide hit version 2.0 aka Street Fighter 2 kicking off an arcade gaming revolution. Here is the doco if your interested apparently Street Fighter 4 is the most widely played modern arcade game in the world, amazing.

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