Saturday, 18 July 2015

Will Australian Musician "Jarryd James" Win the New Zealand Silver Scroll Award??

       Is the Brilliant Australian musician Jarryd James gonna win the Kiwi Silver Scroll
So they have wheeled at the latest shortlist of Kiwi hopefuls to get there greasily little mitts on the fabled existence of a NZ Silver Scroll. Which is all fun and good but what kind of excuse can they have nominating an AUSTRALIAN for the New Zealand Silver Scroll did I miss something or did I just forget to take my dumb pills. It clearly states on Jarryd James wikipedia page that they talented artist (Dis-claimer his song "Do You Remember" is phenomenal) that he's born in Melbourne and yes thats in Australia. And don't get me wrong I know the KIWI Joel Little helped write the song making it a KIWI-AUSTRALIA song written penned collab kind of like a peaceful covert ANZAC military operation but are we really ok with this??? Well maybe its time to lay down are metaphorical musical weapons and give and Aussy his just lemon flavoured desserts and roll over and just admit it in front of the whole of Australia that the person who wrote the best Kiwi song was in fact a stone cold Ozzy Battler making us Kiwi muso's all look pretty bloody stupid and useless I just have to think would the Ozzies do the same for us? maybe so please comment below. Anyway thats the 2015 Silver Scroll Question Folks; Can we give the award to an Auzzy do we have it in us? :) 

The top 20 songs nominated for this years APRA Silver Scroll have been announced with SJD and LORDE both having two songs each in the list.
• Back Into Your Life by Clap Clap Riot
• Call The Days by Nadia Reid
• Can’t Keep Checking My Phone by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
• Collarbones by Thomston
• Cool It by She’s So Rad
• Dark Child by Marlon Williams
• Do You Remember by Jarryd James     AUZZYYYY
• Get Out Alive by Mel Parsons
• Just In Case Allelujah by Eyreton Hall
• L.A.F. by Broods
• Little Pieces by SJD
• Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
• Naomi by Martin Andrews
• Perfect Health by Mulholland
• Special by Six60
• Touch by Maala
• Unplugged by SJD
• Water Underground by Anthonie Tonnon
• Welcome Back by King Kapisi
• Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde

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