Friday, 17 July 2015

Lana Del Rey's - Melancholy new single "Honeymoon" - sultry, sexy, but no smile post Wedding :)

Lana del rey our favourite dark side popstar/beauty queen has been trending on the Billboard social media charts after leaking her new song "Honeymoon" to the masses. After I stopped trawling the internet news for a second I gave the single I listen this is what I thought!

Instantly I hear influences of Sinatra again but in a more modern sounding context than "Ultraviolence" nostalgia ladened production. There is also certainly a sultry, sexy character to
Del Rey's singing performance with over course an underlining melancholic sadness.
It's hard to really get a wrangle on the song as we all know Lana is undeniable marriage material
and you would think of her jetting off the Bahamas post wedding hopefully happy, but thats not the case as this song is most certainly about her inevitably falling into a bad, destructive relationship.

If your expecting a home run smash hit like 'Summertime Sadness' your paddling the wrong canoe on this one folks but if you feel like the world has kind of let you down even when you should be super happy this could be the song for you :)

Vocals and harmonies are blindingly good

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