Sunday, 19 July 2015

Melbourne & Sydney Rallies Spin Out of Control - Racism vs Anti-Racism with Police Stuck in the middle

A lot of ink has been spilt in the recent 2015 July Racist vs Anti-Racist rallies in Australia over the weekend we are just finishing. Melbourne was the worst affray by far with a worrying sense of lawlessness breaking out in conflicts across the streets. One aerial video supplied in the links below from a hovering drone shows people swinging at each other on a road with complete abandon for consequences.

As I was trying to compile videos and photos from different news stations to compare the cover from the mass media what was obvious is the severe lack of coverage of anti-racist protestors, very few photos of them exist without them being pepper sprayed or seen as the victim of police control.

Check out the photos and videos from this Zizekian "Social Event" and stay informed. NZ media seems to be very slow to post any up to date stories on a fierce riot in very nearly our own backyard.
There have been no reports of fatalities and only minimal arrest but this protest could have certainly turned out differently. A strong sense of violence and anarchy was present in both pro-Islam and anti-Islam protesters with the Police coming out in full forces on both sides.

Most importantly there have been serious allegations and reports of a supposed viral video of a police men high giving a Racist Protestor in the middle of a street battle, what may have been an isolated case, unfortunately seems to point to the Australian Government favouring the Anti-islam racist protestors making the Police's bias against anti-racist protestors not as neutral as one might have hoped!

A link to a good video at the top of the article showing the narrative and opposing factions:

An article with serious rally footage displaying the extent and ferocity of the conflict between the two
parties with police trying to prevent the parties engaging in all out confrontation:

New York Riots - Heaps of police but more relaxed less Anarchy than in Ozzy

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