Thursday, 16 July 2015

Wilco Releases New Free Album "Star Wars" - Track By Track Breakdown of The Record

Hot off the press people Wilco throw out to the internet cosmic Universe a brand new album called"Star Wars" and its 100% for free so just head over too:
I think you may need to sacrifice an email address to get the album but come on its worth it!

Just managed to listen to the album struck gold on track 6 "Taste the Ceiling" it doesn't sound as
low-fi as the other tracks. I would hesitate to say that the bass drum throughout the whole album is kind of non-existent same with the bass its quite a trebly record with mostly guitars ride cymbals and vocals. To my ears the record seems more like a hastily made mixtape that rappers usually rush out in the downtime between albums.

Track 7 "Pickled Ginger" is rockier with a big guitar riff and some serious fuzz pedal action is definitely happening with slight tints off Arcade Fire, come on are the drums gonna drop on this record lets hear them...there they are kind of snappy starchy snare then some tom rolls know both yes theres a ride cymbal in their with a discordant synthesiser Icky Thump White Stripes style keyboard without the tone - oh no wait here are some cool guitar overdubs panned hard stereo left and right yes its about to get their - then it stops arghhh guttered!

Onwards to the next song "Where Do I Begin" ughh some angst singing a minor key depressed cronnier song with a plodding chord twang rhythm getting bored not bad just kind of pedestrain next song!

 "Cold Slope" finally something funky this is good then goes into some softy psychedelic stuff yuss we have lift TUNEE out of it those stereo guitars are back again arghh scary this is a really promising song could be Brilliant on a re-listen its got a good building vibe to it but its so trebly threatening rock but are we really rocking

 'King of You" easy listening rock think Neil Young as a toddler playing with trainer wheels nice record just falling asleep made it halfway

Now for the final track Magnetized I can't do it not a bad melody oh hold that thought this is getting all John Lennon yes this is happening it's the Wilco I know holy shit do you hear those guitars OMG that drum fill man this song is great except for the really depressed verse that is positively distopian despite the verse being so not as good as the rest of the song it still works because you actually need a break from the goodness thats flooding out this song in other parts Im caught in a bubbling hot mess with a smooth oasis of goo running down the stream and were all slowly drowning in a state of ecstasy oh yes we have indeed become Jedi shotgun Yoda and damn it we get killed by Sith were know in some Jedi Heaven no wait know I'm the only one left in heaven bored but chilling yes this is worthy of the name Star Wars Magnetized you beauty you have saved the day you my friend deserve to be the number one track on the album!!!!!! :) Love you Wilco 

Sadly I got a copy emailed to me and thought hell yes a free album from Wilco then a quick
Google search later and yep sure enough its free for everyone so get out there with your broad band
wireless modems or your clunky old dial-up Tarzan style connection and enjoy new music from
a great band that brought you some of the dopiest whizz cheese out like "Handshake Drugs Downtown":
p.s- I have no idea what this song is about probably something lurid sinister but in my naive bliss its just some funky dude who likes to shake peoples hands haha

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