Thursday, 16 July 2015

David Kilgour and The Heavy Eights - "End Times Undone" - The Jangly Happy RockNRoll Dunedin Sound

I found myself recently flicking through the latest Phantom Billstickers Cafe Reader "Have as Much as You Want" Volume 6 the super ice cold Winter edition and found myself studying the new David Kilgour and The Heavy 8's awesome trippy album cover for "End Times Done". Wow who does that hand belong to God, is the fire symbolic of a happy camp fire or mans ultimate destruction, does that phallic object belong to someone haha.

Jokes aside I read the article on Cleaner brother in arms Hamish Kilgours new music making and cutting old school vinyls for an American and low and behold I decided to check out some of the oldschool flying nun stuff on Youtube, the filthy old 16mm clips are great, they are so pre-youtube youtube class great tunes Kiwi history totally!

Anyway I was surfing around in the Google owned music quagmire and rolled across all the great classic songs from the Clean and the Verlaines, gush Dunedin sound those good old Dunedin sound days so innocent just enjoying being alive in the post war baby booming times (bad math give or take some decades. Well I got listening to the new album by Kilgour and Eights and give it a thumbs up nice one kick ass punch in the balls. It's got chills, its got spills, RockNRoll with such a lack of ego in the music you just end up floating round in the cold Blue Auckland Winter night sky.


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