Friday, 31 July 2015

Average Rap Band (Tom Scott & Lui Tuiasau) - Release Groundbreaking Introspective Rap Record "Stream of Nonsenseness"

Produced by Dandruff Dicky

Budget for record $42 dollars but it sounds 

like a million redistributed dollars. There are 

also some really tasty t-shirts available via 


Favourite track at the mo: Bending Spoons 

It was actually really buzzy cause I just watched this really boring youtube video about the difference between analytical philosophy and the continental vibes  So it's good to know Tom Scott and his peer-reviewed crew don't think much of the analytical side of things just listen to the lampooning on "What it Is" the sampled geezer clearly conveys how boring and full of crap sanitised philosophy can be!

 I mean I was doing an honours course at debt ladened AU and had the misfortune of choosing a $1000 honours paper that studied word for word Ludwig Wittgensteins "Philosophical Investigations" to be honest I enjoyed it in a quirky way but couldn't understand any of the logic and stuff in it. I read it my way as I wasn't 'allowed' to read any secondary texts (books on hard and confusing books) in the end I just canned it. 

Anyway all the continental philosophers are god damn Rockstars aka Nietzsche, Zizek, Plato, Marx but some analytical philosophers are cool to like Aristotle and Kant is kind of half of each side and ethics is mainly analytical and I really enjoy that stuff but anything to heavy on the numbers and Im putting that book down. Just like the old skool wise dude Montainge  he guy who invented the essay he said 'I aint hurting my head for no book, read read it again but i'd rather throw it away then stress out about it!' (paraphrase). Proust also a total continental guy believed every book no matter how good it was none of them no book can ever be above being thrown away by us in favour of doing something else ironic as he wrote the longest most windy and slow paced book in the world but apparently its pretty good I mean the title is basically the dopiest ever "In Search of Lost Time" 

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