Saturday, 1 August 2015

"So What are we Worried About" - Jane Kelsey vs Mike Hosking The Painful TPPA interview

The real story behind the TPPA 6 main points:

1) NZ will make no money ssigning the TPPA agreement. The US government released a statement saying if all our trade barriers were removed i.e capital investment, foreign business regulations,  labour and wage laws and health and safety practices in the workplace the New Zealand economy stands to increase trade by 0.01% GDP in 2025, hip hip yeah nah

2) Pharmaceuticals and Medicine prices will sky rocket on Life saving drugs "Biologics"
costing NZ $25 million a year for each drug per year.

A Quick maths equation: 5 live saving cancer drugs
                                         at the price of $25 million dollars a year
                                         Over 10 years = $1,250,000,000 NZD  sound nice Pharmac I bet it does

3) Handcuffs will be placed on the Government hindering our abilities to make the laws of New Zealand

4) We don't even know what is in the agreement, and thats not normal

5) Foreign investment will be hard to regulate in our own country

6) The NZ Government will open itself up to being sued overseas by TPPA signees
    in shadow Kangaroo Courts

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