Friday, 14 August 2015

Slow Gum by Fraser A. Gorman - Album Review by Moss Rock

I was checking out Courtney Barnett's indie record label Milk Records and stumbled across
this album 'Slow Gum' by local guitar slinger Fraser A. Gorman. I decided to give it a listen
and at first I was a bit put off by Fraser's somewhat quirky vocal delivery that kind of jumbled along.
But the more I listened to the music the more I found myself enjoy were it got to the point that I'd traversed from a position of mildly dis-liking 10 minutes ago to think it was f#@ken brilliant. Well yes hopefully i'm not one of those whack jobs who can only hate or love something with no middle ground haha. But who cares cause man the production on this record is beautiful, luxurious, soft, full sounding, warm, earthy with a strong flare of swag. It almost even sounds like it's been recorded in a church hall straight to 2 inch tape used by audiophiles.

To sum up my favourite songs on the album are: "My Old Man" and "Book of Love" which both have different vibes the later song is more jazzy and trippy while the former is a down country jam out with an elegant and tasteful string arrangement. If you like some of the greats aka Bob Dylan, The Band's stuff hell even Lou Reed try this record on your computer, stereo, headphones go on give it a  gander you might really like it. It's cheaper than flying out to Australya and fare more pleasant then sunbathing in your Auckland backyard in winter.

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