Thursday, 27 February 2014

Jeremy Bioletti - Auckland Lawyer Moves up in the World

I'm really stoked to see my old man going up in the world. Not only does he have a dope new office higher up in his building he also slayed some guitar solos on our upcoming single that we mixed in the studio. He's a man of many talents and has nerves of steel. I wouldn't want to go up against him in court thats for sure Onwards and upwards is the motto RockNRoll  Love ya Dad   

Jeremy Bioletti Shifting Office this weekend.

Going up in the world...
Level 4, 35 High St, CBD.

You can contact him to talk about all legal matters that are stressing you out via cellphone or email anytime;

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

THE NEO-KALASHNIKOVS - Shining Star dance remix by POECK from BRAZIL (Carterton Balloon Tragedy)

Hey Guys
Here is the official remix by POECK of Shining Star. It's out on Sweet Punch Records all the way from Brasília, Brazil!!!  POECK is an amazing musician/composer and The Neo-Kalashnikovs are really looking forward to working with him more in the future. A giant Shout out to Brazil!!!    And my good friend Hobbs  

The song is about the Carterton Ballon Tragedy and helps us remember the momentous event in New Zealand history .This humble little  song helps keep alive all the young New Zealanders involved and cements the belief that they will be Shining Stars Forever!

You can also stream the original here just make sure to pause the New Remix above :)
The Free Download button is also enabled as well so you can have a copy of the single for free :)

Monday, 24 February 2014

Fashion Designer John Varvatos starts a new Major Record Label in the U.S.A

Pictured: Mr Varvatos with his friend Alice Cooper

The Well-known fashion designer, John Varvatos has started a new record company John Varvatos Records. It will formally launch sometime this year and will have Varvatos serving as the curator as well as president of the label which will see him signing new acts as well as releasing high profile reissues and compilations. The collaboration will bring together two distinct brands with a goal of releasing timeless records under the imprint's focus of "genuine music in the spirit of legends."

The John Varvatos brand has previously been involved with the launch of high-profile campaigns featuring artists such as 
Willie NelsonJimmy PageRobert PlantChris CornellJoe PerryVelvet RevolverGreen DayGary Clark Jr.Cheap TrickAlice CooperZZ Top and Dave Matthews. Legendary rock band KISS are currently the face of the company's spring 2014 campaign. In 2008, Varvatos took over the iconic CBGB's location for one of his New York storefronts which has since hosted free shows from artists like Guns N' RosesJane's AddictionSlashTom MorelloThe Roots and many others.Varvatos comments; “Music has always been my big passion and an energy force in my life. As a result, my brand is deeply rooted in it as well. The connection between fashion and music is undeniable and symbiotic. In Republic Records, I have found the perfect partner to create a new music platform. Their success stands unparalleled when it comes to finding and nurturing new talent.” 

Republic Records is home to Lorde  and Mr Varvatos label could be the one to release her next record , but only if it's not to rock centric otherwise he needs The Neos haha :)

BECK - Blue Moon [New Album "Morning Phase" Out Soon]

Here is the new song "Blue Moon" by Beck and it is sombre and beautiful. It reminds me of
that song "Beautiful Boy" maybe its in the same key the riff is very similar and seems just a bit more jumbled. Even the projection of the vocals are similar. It's a vague similarity but it really is the same in some ways. The songs lyrics are pretty bleak but the production is amazing. Beck's vocals couldn't be any better and I like the line "you can't save the ones you've cut in battle". Admittedly I looked at the lyrics and they all say "you can't save the ones you've caught in battle" but that seems less touching to me so I'll stick with my line as I think thats probably what Beck would've meant because the song is clearly about heartache and "feeling cut up"And as you grow up you do realize that sometimes we do cut the ones we love. Most of the time not because we can't not hurt each other its probably just because we do have flaws and no one is perfect even the person who you think is perfect. Well that was a bit of dross!! haha. Just listening to the song again yep it's definitely "caught" but "cut" is cool as well. It's more emotional. Other highlights from this track are the bass drum that is solid as heck and the mandolin which is well played or is it a Gamjo!! haha. It's true I was quick to think the new Beck record was of little to no interest but man he's still got it and his skills are more refined and dear I say it he's even more jaded haha. I hope there are some upbeat songs as well, maybe another "Loser" LOL love that song!! His Odelay record was a real classic as well, the artwork was brilliant too :)

It's John Lennon :)

Stream Odelay in all it's digital Glory!!! :)

The Great Poet Murray Haddow of Auckland City

Internet shy Mr Haddow has finally joined Facebook! 
This great Grey Lynn poet/gardener/comedian has been performing wildly & passionately in NZ for the last few decades with drummers, lawn mowers, saxophone players and full bands. He is a true hidden treasure of Auckland and New Zealand's poetry & music culture. He can recant John Cooper Clarke poems like there is no tomorrow and performs poetry as a true artist does, for the love of it.

The Scottish rock band The View are big fans of Mr Haddow after they played a show with him in Auckland a while back and knowing him personally and having performed with him countless times I can say I am a mega fan of this man. He has supported me and my band from the very beginning and inspired me so much artistically. If you are lucky enough to know about him you are sure to become a fast fan of this humble and very talented artist. Show him your love. 

Written by Volita Pearl Bioletti

"Murray haddow is a Rock 'N' Roll institution and the greatest poet in Auckland City" Moss Rock

Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Bioletti's and John Lennon (By Charlie Bioletti)

Our youngest brother Charlie found out a really cool fact about the song 'Penny Lane' for his school project!
The Bioletti's and John Lennon
John Lennon as a school boy use to get his hair cut at the barber shop in Penny Lane run by the Bioletti Family.

James Bioletti ran the barber shop in Liverpool into his nineties had been involved with the Guiseppe Garibaldi (1807-1802).

The Italian battle for independence and statehood. The Bioletti family had old guns, bullets, grenades and pictures of happy Italians waving their flags high on the walls around the Barber shop.

"In Penny Lane there is barber showing photographs of every head has the pleasure to know and all the people that come and go stop and say hello…In Penny Lane the Barber shaves another customer" 

These extracts are directly about James Bioletti the ex-revolutionary Barber of Penny Lane my ancestor. He is Moss, Gabriel, Volita and Charlie's Great Grandfather. As well as our cousins Theo, Toby and Louis who have all lived in England recently and probably hobbled around the old streets of Liverpool at some stage. Our relatives Sara Bioletti and her family are also living in Liverpool to this very day which is epic!

By Charlie Bioletti

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

An Interview with John McNab from Freaky Meat

An Interview with John McNab from Freaky Meat:

1) What was the first record you bought?

Michael Jackson's Off the Wall. As a 9 yr old I was a serious fan of him and that album. 
The music was pretty high energy and the dance moves.. nuff said! 

2) How did "Freaky Meat" get their name?

We were at a book launch at the Dogs bollix  (Shane was co-author) The book was called "Freaky Meat" and I asked if we could use the name for the band. So yea.. my idea contrary to popular opinion.

3) What kind of guitar, gear do you use?

Mostly the Fender Strat. modified to accommodate my tastes which the purists would hate. Fender amps too, and guitar picks of destiny.
For Jazzier tones I use a Gibson ES-135 and the Gibson also happened to be the guitar in the new video because it looks sexier! On the recording the guitar tones of the Gibson and my old Fender Strat were blended together to add a unique shine to the record. 

4) Your favourite Freaky tune to preform live?

It is actually" Ghost Kitchen" our latest single when it's grooving hard. We were keen on making a dirty funk record injected with some heavy rock vibes. We like mixing things up a bit.. more than your average pop-song, experimenting with textures and dynamics. This song musically was more of a funk/rock journey which is different to the jazz/metal thing that we like to do as well. 
As a guitarist the arrangement of Ghost Kitchen is
challenging so when you play it well its awesome.

5) Where about's did you guys shoot your new video coming out soon?

The Tool Room in Titirangi. There was a bit of cafuful over the cigar smoke as Shane was getting a bit carried away with the cigar in hand. It looked like he was enjoying the cigar a little too much, It started seeping into the restaurant, and you really shouldn't be doing that these days. But he did a really good job and sacrificed his lungs for the shoot. Hardly any lungs were destroyed in the video shoot.

6) Who is the Rhythm section creating some fun silhouettes in the video & what gear are they using?

Jules Pettitt is on Bass guitar playing a 5-string Ibanez through his Mesa Boogie Mk V, 
doing his best not to blast us all to pieces.
Our drummer James Percy smashes sticks on a  
Yamaha Master studio Drum kit and Paiste Signature range cymbals.

7) Where did you track the "Ghost Kitchen" and get it mixed and mastered?

We recorded the song at The Lab studio in Mt Eden with head engineer Olly Harmer. He did a great job recording and mixing the song in break neck speed. We then sent the song to the U.S.A to be mastered by Brian Lucey who has worked with
Arctic Monkeys and other great bands like the Black Keys. 

8) Where have you played recently?

We played in Wellington at Valhalla which use to be Medusa. It was great venue and great sound, cheers guys really sweet set-up. We got some cool feedback from all the Wellington Metalheads, lots of open minds in Welly. The stage and P.A were epic and the layout was tight! We also played in Fielding in heavy dub territory, we survived and opened eyes and ears. 

9)  Any cool preformances coming up with your Jazz set and the Freaks?

Yes, actually we are close to confirming our slot at the Harbour Street Jazz Festival in Oamaru, 
so a different set for this gig! I even put down the gat in favour of a saxophone for a couple of numbers

10) How do people get a hold of your music and say hello?

You can hit us up on our official website

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - Collectable "Turn the Tables/Gorgeous Baby" Live/Studio Release

The Neo-Kalashnikovs Collectable "Turn the 
Tables/Gorgeous Baby" Live/Studio Release 

Purchase your limited edition copy here:

This record has been signed, sealed delivered by the band. The brand new and previously unreleased Live recordings of "Diamonds", "Turn the Tables" and "Gorgeous Baby" were recorded at Tonewheel Studio by Justin James. The package also comes with a signed "She's On Heat" album poster by Gabe, Moss and Volita. You can also download the whole original "She's On Heat" album of the QR code on the poster.  If you have any queries or want to say hi to the band feel free to email us at:

Rock On The Neos

Sean Bailey VS McDonalds

Sean Bailey was a young McDonalds worker who was unfairly dismissed by his employer. 
The reason for his unjust dismissal was due to the fact that Sean found out and helped expose the corruption of McDonalds not giving legally untitled breaks and not paying their employees what they were legally entitled to be paid.

Millions of dollars is still outstanding to all workers who have been denied their PAID breaks.
The protest also sought to address workers being fired for placing an extra piece of cheese on a burger! Not many people know about these issues due to the active suppressing by the mainstream media. It is not uncommon for NZ Mac Donald's employees to work
for 10 hours without a break! The Neos were out to support UNITE UNION as they protested with Sean against corporate exploitation of young
people and others in New Zealand! 

A big thank you to Jo Carolan of Unite Union and Sean Bailey
As well as friend Omar Hamed 

Edited by Ruth Bioletti @RuthARTrocks

The Neos - It's about expectations!

Moss Rock discusses his latest cd run and the highs and lows of being a DIY CD manufacturer.

Also out new website: 
has launched this week so drop in and rock out!! :)

Monday, 10 February 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs Place 3 songs in "Fleecing Led Zeppelin" - A New York Indie Film


We've just found out that 3 of The Neos songs will be featured in the upcoming movie  "Fleecing Led Zeppelin". The songs featured will be "Turn the Tables", "Diamonds" & "Paranoia". The story of the film goes that sometime during their last sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden in 1973, Led Zeppelin had more than $200,000 stolen from them out of a safety deposit box at the Drake Hotel, NY. The money has never been found until now!

 Make sure to watch the trailer to the film above.

The band would also like to thank the Director Gabriel Tolliver of Ol' Soul Production based in Queens, New York. He was the original person that backed our songs for the film. Also a huge shout out to fellow Kiwi O. Valerie Nicolas at Kiwi Brooklyn Media Group who is the New Zealand Producer of the film and woman who got the movie made! 

By the way Volita recently found out that Gabriel and Valerie are aiming to get the movie into the Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Fleecing Led Zeppelin will no doubt be carving up the Festival scene in 2014 .And if didn't know The Neos have actually been to the Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. We almost died on the way there as our friend drove down the wrong side of the freeway. It's funny how we got out of that one haha I might actually might save it for another interview. Needless to say the Rock & Roll hall of fame is must see for Rockers worldwide !!!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Unrelenting Pursuit of Leighton Keutenius for New Music (Episode 1)

Dear Readers
I just want to let everyone know that we have a new columinst joining TMR in 2014 this week called Leighton Keutenius. He is a great friend of mine and is at the beating heart of new music on the internet. His unrelenting pursuit of new music is an amazong asset to us here at the Moss Rock and we are really excited to have his help. Below are all the rare and hard to find musos/records he's found for us this week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have listening to them. Thanks for your support Leight brilliant to have you with us!!! :) 

Great band for Black Keys Lovers!!!

Baxter hes done bad things migrated to truck stop bus greyhound central from the middle east check the production out on this play it loud original songwriter on his time in his own mind so fricken happy to find

Sometimes the music just gotta be peeled back with paintstripper so it leaves a burn on the flesh this album isnt about musical evolution but more standing strong in its musical direction its a foming stew of early police with a sesoning of sublime get those jandals on now and taste this well smoked bbq

These dudes album "Yardboat" is really unique and trippy. This performance of theirs wouldn't be a miss at Woodstock awash with the vibes that go with a concert of such epic proportions. 
I really like the songs "Magnetoception" and "Fountains of Gold" there names alone are brilliant.

They have subtle influences of the Doors and bands of that era. It seems to me the more you think about these guys the better they are. The drummers ghost name game is on point. The long hair is
kick-ass. Also the background vocals remind me of the Klaxons monster hit but instead of limited to one song they span the whole album "Yardboat". You can stream it on Spotiy.

 You'd be a fool to say these guys don't have some magic. The potential for them to make a super tripped out hit is very high in my opinion. It would be cool if Eric Clapton did a guitar solo on their next album. Hints of Creme springs to mind and those dudes are legends. Their album "Yardboat" is very nice to listen to the production is intense. I'd love to know who recorded it. All and all a great new band. The riffing on the intro of "Country Moon" is sublime.  

Leighton Keutenius