Monday, 24 February 2014

The Great Poet Murray Haddow of Auckland City

Internet shy Mr Haddow has finally joined Facebook! 
This great Grey Lynn poet/gardener/comedian has been performing wildly & passionately in NZ for the last few decades with drummers, lawn mowers, saxophone players and full bands. He is a true hidden treasure of Auckland and New Zealand's poetry & music culture. He can recant John Cooper Clarke poems like there is no tomorrow and performs poetry as a true artist does, for the love of it.

The Scottish rock band The View are big fans of Mr Haddow after they played a show with him in Auckland a while back and knowing him personally and having performed with him countless times I can say I am a mega fan of this man. He has supported me and my band from the very beginning and inspired me so much artistically. If you are lucky enough to know about him you are sure to become a fast fan of this humble and very talented artist. Show him your love. 

Written by Volita Pearl Bioletti

"Murray haddow is a Rock 'N' Roll institution and the greatest poet in Auckland City" Moss Rock

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