Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Bioletti's and John Lennon (By Charlie Bioletti)

Our youngest brother Charlie found out a really cool fact about the song 'Penny Lane' for his school project!
The Bioletti's and John Lennon
John Lennon as a school boy use to get his hair cut at the barber shop in Penny Lane run by the Bioletti Family.

James Bioletti ran the barber shop in Liverpool into his nineties had been involved with the Guiseppe Garibaldi (1807-1802).

The Italian battle for independence and statehood. The Bioletti family had old guns, bullets, grenades and pictures of happy Italians waving their flags high on the walls around the Barber shop.

"In Penny Lane there is barber showing photographs of every head has the pleasure to know and all the people that come and go stop and say hello…In Penny Lane the Barber shaves another customer" 

These extracts are directly about James Bioletti the ex-revolutionary Barber of Penny Lane my ancestor. He is Moss, Gabriel, Volita and Charlie's Great Grandfather. As well as our cousins Theo, Toby and Louis who have all lived in England recently and probably hobbled around the old streets of Liverpool at some stage. Our relatives Sara Bioletti and her family are also living in Liverpool to this very day which is epic!

By Charlie Bioletti

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