Monday, 24 February 2014

BECK - Blue Moon [New Album "Morning Phase" Out Soon]

Here is the new song "Blue Moon" by Beck and it is sombre and beautiful. It reminds me of
that song "Beautiful Boy" maybe its in the same key the riff is very similar and seems just a bit more jumbled. Even the projection of the vocals are similar. It's a vague similarity but it really is the same in some ways. The songs lyrics are pretty bleak but the production is amazing. Beck's vocals couldn't be any better and I like the line "you can't save the ones you've cut in battle". Admittedly I looked at the lyrics and they all say "you can't save the ones you've caught in battle" but that seems less touching to me so I'll stick with my line as I think thats probably what Beck would've meant because the song is clearly about heartache and "feeling cut up"And as you grow up you do realize that sometimes we do cut the ones we love. Most of the time not because we can't not hurt each other its probably just because we do have flaws and no one is perfect even the person who you think is perfect. Well that was a bit of dross!! haha. Just listening to the song again yep it's definitely "caught" but "cut" is cool as well. It's more emotional. Other highlights from this track are the bass drum that is solid as heck and the mandolin which is well played or is it a Gamjo!! haha. It's true I was quick to think the new Beck record was of little to no interest but man he's still got it and his skills are more refined and dear I say it he's even more jaded haha. I hope there are some upbeat songs as well, maybe another "Loser" LOL love that song!! His Odelay record was a real classic as well, the artwork was brilliant too :)

It's John Lennon :)

Stream Odelay in all it's digital Glory!!! :)

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