Thursday, 27 March 2014

LOCAL ROCKERS: The Bonzai Birds - Wrong Is Right As Rain

Great guitar tones and a nice opening refrain with chilled out vocals all combining together  bring to mind an NZ Tame Impala. A band that must be one of the only Australasian rock bands to be nominated for a Grammy. The song is a rhythumic juxtaposition  with blending tones and melodies which make it in my mind a great song to listen to on a rainy Sunday morning (smoking a cigarette). If this is the benchmark of Bonzai Birds work I'm excited and looking forward to hearing more music from these rockers. "Right As Rain" is definitely a song with multiple layers which is the best type of song, because every time you listen to it you can focus in on new parts of the arrangement keeping things dope. A really promising song commercially and critically. Moss from The Neos  

Monday, 24 March 2014

Theoradical Hobohemians - Underground Poetry Event 1st April 8pm (The Basement)

Interview with promoter Ruth Bioletti
Q. How did you come up with the name "Theoradical Hobohemian" for your event?
A. I was literally banging my head against a brick wall trying to think up a cool name of
r my show of underground, irreverent poets when my family and I did a brain storm after dinner one night. Luckily for me there are some very creative people in my house and everyone had a word they particularly liked. My son wanted the word Theoretical, my daughter Radical, I like Bohemian and my husband Hobosexual but that one was taken. So there you have it...Theoradical Hobohemians!!! Four words slammed together, its quite simple really!!! ((laughter)) 

Q. What can we expect from the show at The Basement on April 1st
A. Well anything can happen at this event!! I've come to know these poets and musicians and they are....well..'wild' and that really is an understatement, believe you me!! Expect the unexpected is the best advise I can give anyone brave enough to buy a ticket!! (laughing). But there is going to be some serious Beat Poetry from Shane Hollands who is teaming up with musician Paul Williams as The Beautiful Losers. The line up is a who's who of Auckland's Underground Poetry scene...from the inner world of the visually impaired poet Renè Harrison who looks like a pirate, to the take no prisoners ex-marine Jeremy Beale! 

Q. I see there are a couple of women in the line up Ruth...are they as 'irreverent' as the guy poets??
A. Ha are you kidding me, these two women Michelle Bolton and Simone Kaho are feisty woman and not to be messed with!!  Michelle's mashed up American-New Zealand accent can cut through the noise of the worst Krd bars! Simone is also not the type of woman to let people ignore her. When she gets up on to the stage she pounds that poetry listen!!! Both women are very experienced and are respected amongst the poetry scene in Auckland, I'm proud to have them on board.

Q. How do the musicians fit into this picture?
A. I take my hat off to them, it can't be easy playing music and accompanying poets with all their eccentricities. Jarad Bryant makes it look easy. He adds a delightful feel to the show, you can see he's into fun...he cracks me up with his over the top outfits!  Paul Williams I would describe as a heavy weight in terms of music. He has a sensibility that is extraordinary, the best description of him that I have come across is 'soundscapes' his stuff is on another level.

Q. What is your personal favourite??
A. Hummm thats a dangerous question I'll have to watch my back at the rehearsal on Sunday (cringing). But lets be brave here...I'm going to say that Jarad and Christian Jensen's beat poem 'Simple Human' was an unabashed smashed hit at The Kerouac Effect in 2013. Christian's has a kind of cynical theme to his poetry, combined that with Jarad's crazy techno beats and you have genius!!    

Q. How did you get into promoting shows in Auckland Ruth?
A. That is a very good question??? Ummm well it really came down to being the only person silly enough to take on the job!! (eye roll!!) I'm an artist and I decided to go to Poetry Live as a night out to get away from the art scene...a change of scene really. But what I notice that there were some seriously talented people at this club but they needed promotion to get some kind of elevation and recognition. Poets reciting to poets!!! I would be thinking, 'hey there is a whole world out there lets go' there you have it. I felt this need to help them out a bit so I started taking photos with my cheap cell phone and it grew from there.

Q. Its at The Basement?
A. Yes it will be wonderful to see them there, on April Fools Day...of all days! Next week Tuesday 1st April 8pm. I would love to see a younger crowd come to this gig, I think they will get a lot out of it. Our youngest poet, Chris McMurray is into Hobohemian issues, he speaks for the generation dealing with modern life.

Q. Do you plan to do other shows with the Theoradical Hobohemians?
A. To be quite honest I hope not!! (laughing). All I can see is the finishing line for the Basement gig and thats all I can focus on at the moment but who knows I'm very good friends with these great people and never say never!!! Ask me again after the show!!!

Thanks Ruth you have been great to interview and all the best with your show Theoradical Hobohemians. 

LINKS to the Show


Friday, 21 March 2014

THE BLACK KEYS "Turn Blue" Album Cover Leaks Online

The Black Keys "Turn Blue" cover art designed by in-house Grammy award winning designer Michael Carney has apparently been leaked online. Insiders suspect a rabid groupie called Linda close to the rockstars committed such a venomous act. The well known drunk nick-named "Linda-Loo" as she is well known for spewing in toilets apparently got enraged when her mustard double cheese hamburger did not arrive on time while recording at the Black Keys Nashville based studio. It is still unverified whether this is in fact the cover art for the bands eminent release across North America. However, what has been discovered by a loose lipped recording engineer out of music city is that Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have been bickering over the album cover for months. The bone of contention has been the hue of the blue elephant that the band commissioned to sit on top of a life size elephant toilet. The photo was rumored to have been shot in Africa on Twitter and by all accounts the toilet looks fully functional. Amongst other controversies the Black Keys have been taking to social media to market their new album through Mike Tyson's twitter account. The Bilboard Hot 100 said it was a brilliant move for the band to attack the boxing fan demographic. This often overlooked section of the record buying public has not yet realized that you can download music for free on the internet. Their record company None Such records part of the juggernaut Warner Sisters says they hope to see sales triple in the Keys first week.  

Rock On Moss Rock

The Black Keys endorse their personal friends The Neo-Kalashnikovs new single "Treat Me Right"

Thursday, 20 March 2014

THE NEO-KALASHNIKOVS New Single "Treat Me Right" Streaming Now

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - "Treat Me Right" Official Song Lyrics
Written & Preformed by Volita Pearl Bioletti and The Neo-Kalashnikovs

Hey You Hey You Cowboy Cowboy My loves worth more than Gold
Hey You Hey You Don't go Wastin my love my love my love

I'll take back my time

Take back my pride 
Take back my everything if you want Treat Me Right
Ill take back my life ill take my time take back my everything if you want treat me right

Treat Me Right Treat me Right Treat Me Right Treat Me Right

So Hey You Hey You Cowboy Cowboy My loves worth more than hers

Hey Hey You Hey You Don't go Wastin Cause my loves worth more than Gold

I'll take back my time

Take back my pride 
Take back my everything if you want Treat Me Right
Ill take back my life ill take my time ill take back my everything if you want treat me right

I'll take back my time

Take back my pride 
Take back my everything if you want Treat Me Right
Treat Me Right Treat me Right Treat Me Right Treat Me Right
Treat Me Right Treat me Right Treat Me Right Treat Me Right
Treat Me Right Treat me Right Treat Me Right Treat Me Right

The Neo-Kalashnikovs Are:
Singer/Guitarist: Volita Bioletti 
Bass Guitar: Gabriel Bioletti
Drums: Moss Bioletti
Guitar Solos: Jeremy Bioletti

This song was recorded in one take on Fathers Day. 

Recorded at Tonewheel Studio by Justin James in Point Chev
Mixed by Olly Harmer at The Lab Studios in Mt Eden
Mastered by Big Bass Brian Los Angeles 
A&R: Leighton Keutenius

             Volita Pearl Bioletti the Heart & Soul 
                     of The Neo-Kalashnikovs

    Official Artwork for The Neo-Kalashnikovs 
                  "Urban Warfare" Single
Hand drawn by band artist Rufus in Tokyo, Japan

Thursday, 13 March 2014

The 3 Neo-Kalashnikovs

Volita Bioletti: Lead Singer/Guitarist 
 Favourite recent album: The Lost Highway by Steve Earle Favourite Band of all time: Smashing Pumpkins Favourite type of food or meal: Lasagne Favourite place to party: 'Watergate' and 'White Trash Fast food' in BerlinFavourite song to play live: Drama Queen (New Song))

Gabriel Bioletti: Bass Player and Pianos/Keys
Gabriel Bioletti: Bass Player and Pianos/KeysFavourite Recent Album: Reflektor by Arcade Fire Favourite Band of all time: Radiohead  Favourite type of food or meal: Chocolate cakeFavourite place to party: Wellington, any of the local dive bars.Favourite song to play live: Diamonds 

Moss Bioletti: Drummer
Favourite Recent Album:  Gary Clark Junior "Blak and Blu" favourite song on the record them all.Favourite Band of all time: Lynyrd Skynyrd   Favourite type of food or meal: Chicken Fried steak with corn pudding and beetroot gruton with Gravy.

Favourite place to party: Los Angeles Favourite song to play live: Turn the Tables                                RockNRoll   The Neos  

Monday, 10 March 2014

The Kerouac Effect 2014 & Documentary Trailer

The Kerouac Effect 2014 happening this Thursday at The Winchester starts at 8pm details on the link below :) Message the Page to secure last minute tickets as they're almost Sold Out!! :)

A documentary filmed by Ruth Bioletti in 2013. The Kerouac Effect is an event that has been running for seven years in Auckland, New Zealand. Produced by the homegrown Beat Poet Shane Hollands, who rounds up a team of talented poets and musicians who are are randomly thrown together to produce material for the show. 

It celebrates the extraordinary life of American writer/poet Jack Kerouac on his birthday March 12th. The KE fever has spread to Wellington in New Zealand and Melbourne in Australia. The theme for KE 2013 was 'On The Road' inspired by Kerouac's famous book of the same name. Hollands sums up it " I really enjoy poetry and music and the possibilities that the KE allows".

The Neo-Kalashnikovs & Their Italian Record Label: White Zoo Records

The band mailed off 30 copies of our "Turn the Tables/Gorgeous Baby Studio/Live E.P" to Italy last week. Was happy with the product we sent over so hopefully our man Sergio can help flick around our copies before we get our first official vinyl released pressed up. He's a really onto it dude and his awesome label is White Zoo Records. They've released some great releases and some sick punk records. I especially like the glam-rock band Guido who are kick ass and remind me of The Darkness. Here is a link to their latest single and video below:

    Limited Edition Copies of the; "Turn the Tables/Gorgeous Baby Studio/Live E.P"

Sunday, 2 March 2014

The 2014 Kerouac Effect - Featuring Tourettes & Volita of The Neo-Kalashnikovs

Linguistic Rap genius Tourettes will be teaming up with Volita Bioletti of The Neo-Kalashnikovs for "The 2014 Kerouac Effect" happening Thursday 13th of March at The Winchester. The show celebrates the poetry of Jack Kerouac and will see 12 musicians and 12 poets take to the stage for one  night only to preform two brand new works. The collaborators will meld original music and words together in the heart of Auckland city. It promises to be truly exciting night of entertainment for music and poetry lovers alike. Shane Hollands the founder of the event will also feature in the line-up! 
Tickets are on sale now directly through the 2014 Kerouac Facebook Page.
Send them a message to secure your tickets from the link below as they are selling fast!!