Friday, 21 March 2014

THE BLACK KEYS "Turn Blue" Album Cover Leaks Online

The Black Keys "Turn Blue" cover art designed by in-house Grammy award winning designer Michael Carney has apparently been leaked online. Insiders suspect a rabid groupie called Linda close to the rockstars committed such a venomous act. The well known drunk nick-named "Linda-Loo" as she is well known for spewing in toilets apparently got enraged when her mustard double cheese hamburger did not arrive on time while recording at the Black Keys Nashville based studio. It is still unverified whether this is in fact the cover art for the bands eminent release across North America. However, what has been discovered by a loose lipped recording engineer out of music city is that Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have been bickering over the album cover for months. The bone of contention has been the hue of the blue elephant that the band commissioned to sit on top of a life size elephant toilet. The photo was rumored to have been shot in Africa on Twitter and by all accounts the toilet looks fully functional. Amongst other controversies the Black Keys have been taking to social media to market their new album through Mike Tyson's twitter account. The Bilboard Hot 100 said it was a brilliant move for the band to attack the boxing fan demographic. This often overlooked section of the record buying public has not yet realized that you can download music for free on the internet. Their record company None Such records part of the juggernaut Warner Sisters says they hope to see sales triple in the Keys first week.  

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The Black Keys endorse their personal friends The Neo-Kalashnikovs new single "Treat Me Right"

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