Thursday, 27 March 2014

LOCAL ROCKERS: The Bonzai Birds - Wrong Is Right As Rain

Great guitar tones and a nice opening refrain with chilled out vocals all combining together  bring to mind an NZ Tame Impala. A band that must be one of the only Australasian rock bands to be nominated for a Grammy. The song is a rhythumic juxtaposition  with blending tones and melodies which make it in my mind a great song to listen to on a rainy Sunday morning (smoking a cigarette). If this is the benchmark of Bonzai Birds work I'm excited and looking forward to hearing more music from these rockers. "Right As Rain" is definitely a song with multiple layers which is the best type of song, because every time you listen to it you can focus in on new parts of the arrangement keeping things dope. A really promising song commercially and critically. Moss from The Neos  

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