Friday, 30 May 2014

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 A song that inspired Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" interesting ;)

Monday, 26 May 2014

The "She's On Heat" North Island Rock Tour | The Neo-Kalashnikovs

                  Designed by Volita and Moss

Lead Singer/Guitarist Volita Pearl of The Neo-Kalashnikovs rocking out in Palmerston North.

  Her guitar tones inducing unstoppable head-banging motions from the front to the back :) 

After playing Hamilton, Palmy and Wellington in the North Island for 3 weekends in a row I've got to say it was intense. The best part about the tour for me was playing across NZ as joint headliner. Although it's obvious the live scene has suffered a serious decline of 80% due to recession. Dis-regarding this bull my favourite memories are as follows; playing on the Giant stage at Altitude Bar that bands like Shapeshifter,Blacklistt and Shihad and other countless rock acts have slaughtered. Then I think the best performance of the Tour would definitely go to Palmerston North, New Zealand show were the crowd was insane and some OG's head banging at the back cracked me up mid-set seriously Palmy knows how to head bang Boy!!! 

    The Neo-Kalashnikovs playing Altitude Bar on some Vector Arena level vibes in the Hammer.

            A Big thank you to Laurie, Nicky and Craig for making the show next level!!!

In reflection it was also super great to drop into Radio Control 99.4FM and hear "Gorgeous Baby" played on University radio. Unlike Douche Fm Control rocks and David and Abi some serious Ass. The station was also super swish with an amazing view of the campus, winning!!!

The best sound of the Tour definitely goes to Bodega the room, desk, speakers and vibe were great. Also the whole band nearly getting physically attacked by a "Superfan" was memorable to say the least. All I can say is thank god for Bouncers. 

All three siblings Volita, Moss and Gabe rocking at Bodega on a cold Wellington Night.

       It was a huge honour to play at the longest running music venue in NZ history.

Last but not least i'd like to say a massive thanks toForce Fields for kicking out some serious jams across the nation. I swear I saw a rocker patrons head simultaneously explode when you rocked out Zeroing Full Volume at Bodega!!!  Also a giant thank you to Matt for helping book shows the tour couldn't have happened with out you. Jeremy for supplying his legendary bass amp and being generous enough to let Gabe play it and Matt the Drummer of Forcies for letting myself tenderly smash the shit out of his drum kit hahaha  don't tell him I said that 

Finally I'd like to thank Radio Hauraki 
for playing our songs and talking about the tour nationally. Phantom postering for hitting every lamp post from the Tron to Kaitaia with a tour poster. And our mumager Ruth Bioletti Artist for coming on tour with us and stopping Volita and I getting into titanic sibling level fights on the road haha 

Next up for the band is the release of "She's On Heat (Turn the Tables)" record on U.S college radio, meetings with some school of hard knocks music managers, hitting the studio to make a new swag-laddened record!!! and swanning off to grind it out in England and generally get up to no good haha - Stay Classy NZ

Moss (Drummer of The Neos)

The Neo-Kalashnikovs are sending off 200 cds to U.S College Radio this week via Brooklyn. We're all looking forward to seeing what happens with "She's On Heat" (Turn the Tables Edition). Thanks to everyone that has helped inspire us to make our first record. New music is coming out soon by the band in the shape new Rock Album as yet untitled. The hand inked drawing on the cd was lovingly spawned by the talented SLICK BLACK . His Facebook URL is: 
RockNRoll Neos
 — with SLICK BLACK.

Joke of the Tour:
                  The Highs and Lows of being a fledgling RockNRollStar in NZ 2014 lol
                                              photos taken leaving Wellywood!!

Until Next Time 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Turn the Tables - Fear and Loathing Long Beach California Review

 The Neo-Kalashnikovs recently recieved a great review from 'Fear and Loathing Long Beach California' for our studio/live release "Turn The Tables". It was compared to some classic rock records!! The platform is a cool digital rock magazine in the States.  Here is a link to the article:

Keep your eyes peeled for Volita's indepth interview coming up with Fear and Loathing alongside new exclusive photos that are by all accounts on Fire!
RockNRoll MR

                                     Brought to you by Rocawave Records

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Day Master signs of The Neo-Kalashnikovs

In the chinese zodiac everyone has a day master that forms the back-bone of who you are. It is described as the 'me' part of the 'you' in everyday life. The year you are born, your month and hour complete the four pillars that reveal your destiny. I have noticed that all the bands day master signs are ruled by the dominant Yang parts of each element; making us strong and powerful :) . The Yin parts of fire, metal and water are by comparison more gentle and reserved. In my personal opinion I think our elements reflect us correctly. Moss is usually described as fiery, Volita is definetly the smoothest, eloquent member being extremely calm, while Gabriel is tough like iron underpinned by his logical thinking and unwavering sense of character which I admire))))  

Monkey - Moss Bioletti - Fire Day Master 

Bing Day Master (The Sun)

If you are a Bing (Yang Fire) day master, imagine the Sun energy.  This is big and active fire, and channelling warmth across earth and all things.  A Bing day master thus radiates warmth and radiance, and is vibrant, vivacious and sunny in disposition.

This is a person who is open, frank, generous and full of warmth, passion and enthusiasm. honest, passionate and upright.  Bing people are generally cheerful and well-liked by others.  They have leadership capabilities and will not stop until they attain their goals. Like the Sun, Bing day masters are big-hearted and of striking personality. 

They are not only amicable and lenient, but also very energetic, show enthusiasm and interest in all things, and will actively hands-on in action.  They like to do big things.
However they also have big ego and pride.  Just like the Sun, day in and day out, it does the same thing.  Hence, Bing people very often are routined oriented and easily become complacent and get stuck in one way.

As Bing people are dynamic in nature, since the Sun looking across the earth, can create benefits as well as unhealthy or harmful reactions especially scorching hot when one gets too near, they play both the good and the bad roles in their lives.  They can be impatience and have a tendency to waste.  Also prone to mood swings every now and then.  Sometimes they can be conceited and sometimes they have a merciful heart.  So friends tend to come and go.
Bing characteristics will defer according to their overall Bazi chart and will depending greatly on what time the person is born.  Are you born day time or night?

Snake - Volita Bioletti   Water Day Masters
Understanding (Ren) Water Character (Yang Water)

Just like waters of rivers and sea or waterfalls, they flow continuously everywhere, and drawn into various kinds of things, the Ren person is worry free and optimistic; they do not mind the past and are filled with courage to move on.

They show enthusiasm in whatever they do.  They like to help others and don’t mind hardships.  They are vivacious, lively, high-spirited, and often become the center of attraction. They are high adaptable to change in any circumstances.  They are also quick to grasp and will not miss any good opportunity that comes along.  Once the drive kicks in, they will overcome all difficulties to meet their objective to reach their goal.

Ren people are clever, intelligent and full of inspiration.  They can be endowed in both civil and martial virtues, have leadership qualities, and are able to outshine and surpass themselves from others.

Shortcomings are that although they have a well-rounded personality, they are willful.  They can be lazy and this causes them to be dependent on others easily.  Ren people are very fond of freedom, dislike to be restrained or controlled.  As a result, they are not able to hold on to the last-minute at times.  They are also easily affected and get entangled in love relationships.

Dog - Gabriel Bioletti  Metal Day Masters
Understanding (Geng) Iron Character (Yang Metal)

Like a sword being sharpened for war, Geng people are strong and hard when compared to others of the same nature. They are sharp, determined, straightforward, strong-willed, and do not admit failure easily.  They show much enthusiasm and determination in whatever they do, as they do not want to waste time thinking and contemplating, and once they have made a decision, they will take action without any hesitation.
Geng people exercise great comprehension and will spare no effort to upgrade oneself.  They can be proficient in a skill most of the time; apply and reap benefits from what they have studied or learnt.
They are ruled by the belief systems and principles, thus they have a strong sense of justice. are against unfairness or hypocritical behaviour.  They also have a chivalrous heart; when they see others suffering from injustice, they will stand up for those suffering.
One of their shortcomings is stubborness; after decided on something, they will not change their decision under any circumstances.  Superficially, they are unbending rather than stubborn, and hard rather than tough.

Geng people are also careless, not paying much attention to fine details or feelings.  They can also show little or no mercy for people whom they do not like, hence will make enemies very easily.

p.s- Water is also associated with a heightened sense of creativity which Volita has. While Fire in Moss' case reflects Yang Fire's unparalled sense of Drive.  Lastly Metal in Gabriel's case re-inforces his unshakeable ability to preform in the studio and on stage with ease.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - First show in Brisbane with Lebelle, The Royales & more

The Neo-Kalashnikovs are heading over to Brisbane, Australia to play with LeBelle and The Royales on June 13th at the Oh Hello venue. It will be the first Australian show of the bands career! We are also looking forward to seeing our family in Ozzy  

Event Link here:

           Volita Bioletti: Lead Singer/Guitar
      Gabriel Bioletti: Bass Player/Piano

Moss Bioletti: Drummer

Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - Play Altitude Bar in Hamilton

Here is the link to the Neo-Kalashnikovs official photos from their Hamilton show at Altitude Bar:

A giant thanks to Force Fields for all their effort and playing!!! as well as Peter Jennings for taking all the photos :) 

A special thank you to Laurie & Nicky for helping us put our show on in their beautiful venue. 

And of course the biggest thanks to our FANS!!! 
who came down from Auckland and all the Hamiltonians who love Rock!!! 

Roll on Neos 

p.s - it was sick to play on the same stage that Shihad, Shapeshifter and Blacklistt have played on
as well as other countless legendary acts!!! :)

Friday, 2 May 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs On Tour - First Stop The TRON

The Neo-Kalashnikovs North Island Tour starts tomorrow first stop the TRON everyone get ready for a GOOD TIME!!!. First show of the tour Altitude Bar 3rd of May Doors open 8.30pm