Monday, 10 March 2014

The Kerouac Effect 2014 & Documentary Trailer

The Kerouac Effect 2014 happening this Thursday at The Winchester starts at 8pm details on the link below :) Message the Page to secure last minute tickets as they're almost Sold Out!! :)

A documentary filmed by Ruth Bioletti in 2013. The Kerouac Effect is an event that has been running for seven years in Auckland, New Zealand. Produced by the homegrown Beat Poet Shane Hollands, who rounds up a team of talented poets and musicians who are are randomly thrown together to produce material for the show. 

It celebrates the extraordinary life of American writer/poet Jack Kerouac on his birthday March 12th. The KE fever has spread to Wellington in New Zealand and Melbourne in Australia. The theme for KE 2013 was 'On The Road' inspired by Kerouac's famous book of the same name. Hollands sums up it " I really enjoy poetry and music and the possibilities that the KE allows".

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