Monday, 10 February 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs Place 3 songs in "Fleecing Led Zeppelin" - A New York Indie Film


We've just found out that 3 of The Neos songs will be featured in the upcoming movie  "Fleecing Led Zeppelin". The songs featured will be "Turn the Tables", "Diamonds" & "Paranoia". The story of the film goes that sometime during their last sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden in 1973, Led Zeppelin had more than $200,000 stolen from them out of a safety deposit box at the Drake Hotel, NY. The money has never been found until now!

 Make sure to watch the trailer to the film above.

The band would also like to thank the Director Gabriel Tolliver of Ol' Soul Production based in Queens, New York. He was the original person that backed our songs for the film. Also a huge shout out to fellow Kiwi O. Valerie Nicolas at Kiwi Brooklyn Media Group who is the New Zealand Producer of the film and woman who got the movie made! 

By the way Volita recently found out that Gabriel and Valerie are aiming to get the movie into the Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Fleecing Led Zeppelin will no doubt be carving up the Festival scene in 2014 .And if didn't know The Neos have actually been to the Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. We almost died on the way there as our friend drove down the wrong side of the freeway. It's funny how we got out of that one haha I might actually might save it for another interview. Needless to say the Rock & Roll hall of fame is must see for Rockers worldwide !!!

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