Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Unrelenting Pursuit of Leighton Keutenius for New Music (Episode 1)

Dear Readers
I just want to let everyone know that we have a new columinst joining TMR in 2014 this week called Leighton Keutenius. He is a great friend of mine and is at the beating heart of new music on the internet. His unrelenting pursuit of new music is an amazong asset to us here at the Moss Rock and we are really excited to have his help. Below are all the rare and hard to find musos/records he's found for us this week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have listening to them. Thanks for your support Leight brilliant to have you with us!!! :) 

Great band for Black Keys Lovers!!!

Baxter hes done bad things migrated to truck stop bus greyhound central from the middle east check the production out on this play it loud original songwriter on his time in his own mind so fricken happy to find

Sometimes the music just gotta be peeled back with paintstripper so it leaves a burn on the flesh this album isnt about musical evolution but more standing strong in its musical direction its a foming stew of early police with a sesoning of sublime get those jandals on now and taste this well smoked bbq

These dudes album "Yardboat" is really unique and trippy. This performance of theirs wouldn't be a miss at Woodstock awash with the vibes that go with a concert of such epic proportions. 
I really like the songs "Magnetoception" and "Fountains of Gold" there names alone are brilliant.

They have subtle influences of the Doors and bands of that era. It seems to me the more you think about these guys the better they are. The drummers ghost name game is on point. The long hair is
kick-ass. Also the background vocals remind me of the Klaxons monster hit but instead of limited to one song they span the whole album "Yardboat". You can stream it on Spotiy.

 You'd be a fool to say these guys don't have some magic. The potential for them to make a super tripped out hit is very high in my opinion. It would be cool if Eric Clapton did a guitar solo on their next album. Hints of Creme springs to mind and those dudes are legends. Their album "Yardboat" is very nice to listen to the production is intense. I'd love to know who recorded it. All and all a great new band. The riffing on the intro of "Country Moon" is sublime.  

Leighton Keutenius

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