Tuesday, 28 January 2014

PREMIER: Cure Motel - "Do It Your Own Way" (The Official Single)

Here is the first official single "Do It Your Own Way" by Cure Motel in association with Rocawave Records. The electro punk rock/house producer has been touring the single up and down the coasts of NZ and it's officially dropping tonight!!! I really dig this tune it reminds me of if Devo and Gangnam style got all mixed up in a blender and served on ice. 

The song is 100% Kiwi (can I get a hell yeah!!). I'm super stoked to have the PREMIER and will be working hard to get it heard. "Do it" will be available for purchase physically through Bandcamp and digitally via iTunes as part of the first Rocawave compilation. But until then grab a limited time free download and keep rocking New Zealand!!! :) 


Linear Notes:
Cure Motel's debut single "Do It Your Own Way" is an electro punk dance rock anthem.
Darcy Gladwin is the producer/singer/programmer/guitarist/synth player. 
He also managed to pen the lyrics for the single "Do It" in his spare time ;)
Production Credits:
Original demo recorded and mixed by: Darcy Gladwin at Cure Motel Studio
Profesisonal single recorded and Mixed by: Olly Harmer of The Lab studio in Mt Eden.
Mastering engineer: Brian Lucey in the U.S (Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys)
A&R: Moss Bioletti

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