Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Beige Music - Record Producer meets Cover-Extraordinare (Paris, France)

Can you describe your musical career in 5 sentences for our readers?

- I studied classical piano and sang in a boys choir when I was a kid, which learned me harmonies
- I've discovered the Beatles when I was 13, and got my first guitar for christmas plus a Beatles chord sheet. I've spent hours on it, trying to play every song, even those I did not know
- I founded a band with my classmates at 16, I was a guitarist and lead singer, we made a few gigs in our hometown, the band actually still partially exists ... sometimes !
- I've always loved to record music, my first experience was with a Tascam 4track machine, which I still own
- I still play with a band, and I'm running my own home studio, in which I spend most of my spare time

Where can we find out more about your music?

Conveniently at the end of this interview!
Who are your biggest influences? 
Mainly music from the 60s : the Beatles, the Beach Boys, PhilSpector, the Zombies, the Rolling Stones, all this classic stuff and the bands they've influenced : XTC, britpop bands (Blur, Pulp, the Divine Comedy ...)lBut I also listen to many other things, from Arcade Fire to AC/DC, from jazz to cassical music !
Who is your favourite Rock Band?
I always come back to the Beatles,they had the best songs, the best sound, the best attitude

Do you think electronic music will still reign supreme in 2014? 
I love Electronic music when it's organic and real, and when the synthetisers are so well used that they carry feelings and emotions.For example DaftPunk's RAM was a masterpiece, because they made their robots sing like humans. Arcade fire's last album has bits of electro sounds that are great too. I've introduced a synth into my studio recently, and I like to put more and more electronic sounds in my productions. On the other hand, the basic electro sounds of, say, David Guetta, do not interest me at all ... because it's sterile and not musical at all.
Do you like the song "It's All Over Now" written Bobby Womack and preformed by The Rolling Stones? apparently Keith Richards has been criticised and idolised for his guitar solo in the song, your thoughts?
No idea !
Favourite Beatles song?
Can I pick the whole B-Side of Abbey Road ?
Tips for making and producing music?
Never stop trying new things ! Nothing is worst than bad habits and doing always the same recipe won't bring you anywhere !
Picks on the Grammy's for 2013? who do you think will win best song and best record?
Best Record : Daft Punk (RAM)
Best Song : The Rolling Stones (Doom&Gloom)

Thanks for agreeing to this interview Beige. And also for being so generous with your time. Everyone at TMR looks forward to hearing more songs from you in the future!!

The Moss Rock

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