Sunday, 19 January 2014

PREMIER: Slydigs - Bang Bang & My Bullet Was Gone (Music Video)

Slydigs have come to my attention and I've spilled a great cup of coffee sitting up so fast. Yes, these guys are a serious RocknRoll outfit. I'll tell you how I know this almost instantenously its because of their hair. If a rock band has great hair there gonna go far and Slydigs have the best hair since Arctic Monkeys in my opinion.

The British rockers from Warrington in the North West of England remind me of early records made by super successful Aussies Jet who are one of my all time favourite rock acts. After watching "Bang Bang & My Bullet Was Gone" it's safe to say we're all seriously impressed at TMR. Co-editor Volita immediately said she loved them and that was 30 seconds into the video!

The highlights of the tune are the musicians powerfully playing in unison to support the song, the brass section thundering in and out as a hook and the vocals that cut through. Because lets face it if your vocals can't cut through a rock n roll track your in a precarious position, thank goodness these vocals have more cutting power than a commercial lawn mower while being sweeter than lemonade.

I'm also blindingly taken back by the cinematography of the music video that gives the viewer a privileged glimpse into how real RockNRollas play on the road. The lush stage lighting also adds buckets of finesse and glamour. I also really dig Slydigs attitude towards music. It's a take no prisoners gun on the trigger approach and they mean business. I mean the video could have easily been by Kasabian! or another notable act who top the charts on the regular.

I usually don't get so fired up about a new Rock Band this early in the year but Slydigs have bucked the trend and I'm stoked. I also want to mention that lads image is on fire. So stay tuned if your ready to rock with the electric Slydigs in 2014. The group have told me they will be hitting the studio with producer George Shilling a mainstay of Primal Scream and their legendary records. The E.P's release is scheduled for April/May and they plan to hit the road all round Europe to support the release.

May the Rock Gods be with Slydigs in 2014

Rock On TMR

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