Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Cribs - A Medley of Great Indie Rock Songs

I was once a sceptic of The Cribs but I've changed my tune and really like them. They're a band with some solid integrity. They do exactly what they want and their music is refreshingly alternative. In a sense the guys write pop songs but they rock them out and don't worry about commercial factors.                 I for one completely agree with the bands rock ethos, because to be quite frank, no mistakes should be sanitized out of existence for greater sales. The main reason being that one runs the risk of ruining a potentially great song because of a miner defect. And lets face it you don't just throw something away because it's not perfect, at least I don't anyway. For me then the imperfection of The Cribs is why they're great because they stand for; great rock music without the dross that causes malignant creative rock hang-ups or should I say hang-overs laughs.

On a personal note I'm actually really keen to dig deeper and find the hidden gems scattered amongst their albums. I also just want to mention that the core band are all siblings and that makes them rock even harder for me. I remember people asked the lead singer once if he was worried about his album charting after the success of a previous record going number 13. He said he didn't give a f#uck as long as the record was better than the last. For him at the end of the day he just wanted to rock with his brothers and everything else was either irrelevant or close to it. Cool. Another thing I like about The Cribs is how they use their brains to twist things in a creative way lyrically and make fun of people that would try to detract from them, very inspirational :)

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