Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - TV2 Advert

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The Neo-Kalashnikovs were stoked to be
 a part of the TV2 2014 rebrand. The Director and crew were super nice. The camera man was really talented. Apparently the camera was shooting at 1000 frames a second and I can tell you it was a hefty piece of hardware. The lighting man on set was from the Hobbit and he did an awesome job. On set it was kind of free form and we were more or less left to jam in the garage, that is until a giant explosion went off and shot littles "2's" everywhere! :)

On the take that TV2 kept Volita almost got her leg blown off and fell over. The look of rock angst is actually pure pain haha. But every aspect of the shoot was pure fun. Moss also screwed up the slow-motion cymbal shot hence there's no cymbal shot haha. Our stylist was Lisa Matson at really helped fine tune Volita's outfit and was brilliant to work with :) Moss on the other hand was given the o.k from the director straight away in his own clothes that he specifically chose. Bass player Gabriel is wearing a "Cage the Elephant" t-shirt. The song was stock production music from Sony/ATV. Hopefully the band gets the o.k from the director next time to use our own song. During our performance in front of the cameras the band were playing "Take It Or Leave It": 
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