Monday, 13 January 2014

The New Warpaint Record Sounds like a Minimal, Cult-Status, Rocker

My thoughts on the new record by Warpaint; very minimal, good drum sounds, unique tones on each track. The whole record is super-produced. I also think the album would have had a lot more impact if had come out prior to Lorde who has in effect taken the style of the new Warpaint record and delivered to the bulk of North America, before them. Having said this it may be good for the band as they may be more easily embraced by the music buying population. The bands new record is top notch indie release and super solid, you can tell a lot of people spent a ton of time and money on this record and its been worth it. I hope the sonic reverberations inside listeners heads are all positive because this is a nice record.

I mot not to sure how to assess it lyrically but hopefully there are more hooks that I heard on the first listen. Having said this critics have been ranting on about how the album fits together and slides into the next track really well. A brilliant release from the L.A woman maybe not a hit record but a timeless cult status record for sure and that aint bad !!! :)

Stream Warpaint's new album here: 

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