Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Cure Motel - The Rotten side of Mangawhai Tavern

Auckland based recording artist Cure Motel and his Gonomada Tour were not happy muso's at Mangawhai Tavern this week . On their nationwide tour they thought it would be brilliant to pay their respects to Managwhai Tavern. A famous venue that they were stoked to be performing at. Unfortunately the reality of the venue was a complete illusion.When the tour first stepped into the venue there was a cold atmosphere. The management eventually came out to greet them and then immediately told them they didn't have a P.A. Something that the band was depending on the venue supplying. Something they could have brought but thought they wouldn't need. Despite this significant set-back Cure Motel and DJ Romantech managed to source a sound system from a neighboring venue the Pippi Lounge that were hospitable and warm. 

However, despite acquiring a p.a for the gig Mangawhai tavern management were still throwing spanners in the work. For instance once the band had set-up their guitars, dj players and synths they were told to move right into the corner of the deck. This being at odds with the band who were happy being in the centre of the deck and trying to make the most of a bad situation. The managers then told the acts to turn their speakers up to blistering level. A volume that was potentially ear shattering as the subs on the system were already close to exploding. Apparently Managwahai tavern wanted people who lived in the hills to get excited and come down, never mind the hearing of touring musicians?
After discussing the ordeal with lead singer /producer Darcy Gladwin over the phone he also mentioned a severe shortage of food for the musical acts at the venue. Whether this was because of a bad financial position of the venue was not made apparent. The band were aggressively told to buy food at a restaurant across the road. Grudgingly they were given a staff discount but were made to feel severely awkward about asking for one. 

Withstanding the bad vibes of the Manawhai tavern Cure Motel believed that the worst action taken by the venue predated Gonomada's arrival. This was because the venue had failed to bill the show on any part of the venue. Tour manager Darcy stated to me; "How the hell are people even going to know we are playing unless the venue does some form of promotion, can't they be bothered writing our name on the venue list. We've travelled hundreds of kilometers to share our music with Managawhai. It's been the worse touring experience ever by a country mile in New Zealand! 

The head of management also had the nerve to tell Darcy that she would 'eat him for breakfast" amongst an assortment of disrespectful and threatening snipes. In our conversation about the rotten side of Mangawhai Tavern he summed up the whole debacle as a situation were one is systematically being terrorized by a venue with no compassion. And personally I have to agree with his view point as it really does seem the venue doesn't care about acts that will go on to be high-flyers in the future.

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