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An Interview with John McNab from Freaky Meat

An Interview with John McNab from Freaky Meat:

1) What was the first record you bought?

Michael Jackson's Off the Wall. As a 9 yr old I was a serious fan of him and that album. 
The music was pretty high energy and the dance moves.. nuff said! 

2) How did "Freaky Meat" get their name?

We were at a book launch at the Dogs bollix  (Shane was co-author) The book was called "Freaky Meat" and I asked if we could use the name for the band. So yea.. my idea contrary to popular opinion.

3) What kind of guitar, gear do you use?

Mostly the Fender Strat. modified to accommodate my tastes which the purists would hate. Fender amps too, and guitar picks of destiny.
For Jazzier tones I use a Gibson ES-135 and the Gibson also happened to be the guitar in the new video because it looks sexier! On the recording the guitar tones of the Gibson and my old Fender Strat were blended together to add a unique shine to the record. 

4) Your favourite Freaky tune to preform live?

It is actually" Ghost Kitchen" our latest single when it's grooving hard. We were keen on making a dirty funk record injected with some heavy rock vibes. We like mixing things up a bit.. more than your average pop-song, experimenting with textures and dynamics. This song musically was more of a funk/rock journey which is different to the jazz/metal thing that we like to do as well. 
As a guitarist the arrangement of Ghost Kitchen is
challenging so when you play it well its awesome.

5) Where about's did you guys shoot your new video coming out soon?

The Tool Room in Titirangi. There was a bit of cafuful over the cigar smoke as Shane was getting a bit carried away with the cigar in hand. It looked like he was enjoying the cigar a little too much, It started seeping into the restaurant, and you really shouldn't be doing that these days. But he did a really good job and sacrificed his lungs for the shoot. Hardly any lungs were destroyed in the video shoot.

6) Who is the Rhythm section creating some fun silhouettes in the video & what gear are they using?

Jules Pettitt is on Bass guitar playing a 5-string Ibanez through his Mesa Boogie Mk V, 
doing his best not to blast us all to pieces.
Our drummer James Percy smashes sticks on a  
Yamaha Master studio Drum kit and Paiste Signature range cymbals.

7) Where did you track the "Ghost Kitchen" and get it mixed and mastered?

We recorded the song at The Lab studio in Mt Eden with head engineer Olly Harmer. He did a great job recording and mixing the song in break neck speed. We then sent the song to the U.S.A to be mastered by Brian Lucey who has worked with
Arctic Monkeys and other great bands like the Black Keys. 

8) Where have you played recently?

We played in Wellington at Valhalla which use to be Medusa. It was great venue and great sound, cheers guys really sweet set-up. We got some cool feedback from all the Wellington Metalheads, lots of open minds in Welly. The stage and P.A were epic and the layout was tight! We also played in Fielding in heavy dub territory, we survived and opened eyes and ears. 

9)  Any cool preformances coming up with your Jazz set and the Freaks?

Yes, actually we are close to confirming our slot at the Harbour Street Jazz Festival in Oamaru, 
so a different set for this gig! I even put down the gat in favour of a saxophone for a couple of numbers

10) How do people get a hold of your music and say hello?

You can hit us up on our official website

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