Saturday, 18 July 2015

Neil and Tim Finn's - Grand-BeachBall-Slamin Undie World Champion 2015 Title Fight [WWGrundy Worldwide Network Exclusive]

The WWGrundy crowds are screaming hear tonight folks and everyone wants to know who's gonna win the Grand-BeachBall-Slamin Undie World Champion 2015 Title Belt

Plain as the eye can see both contestants have under gone a rigourous and gruelling half-naked training regime and personal trainer work outs of what must have been constant couch slams and refrigerator pull ups as well as the dreaded mind training techniques of kung-fu action kicks in mid power nap.

Well a lot of naysayers have been tooting their horns saying age will be a factor in this fine example of human masochistic endurance but I personally believe that this middle aged man-off is as evenly matched as you get. Their overwhelming fluro Pasty posteriors their heredity wrestling techniques and choice of shoes and shoeless feet make this fight so even it could go anyway, even possibly a crowd members if they wish to join the Finn melee.

 I'm really hoping, even though our audience ratings would go THROUGH THE ROOF that someone doesn't get downtrousered in our Batle Royale tonight even though it would certainly be a network first the legal implications would make it a disaster!

The bets are coming in at the local Mt Albert TAB and the brutal Freudian battle between father and son for sheer domination will prove one hell of pay day for a gambling dude. Liam finn is two to one favourite with Neil paying out 10 times as much on a side bet long shot if he pulls out his trademark trade of a Don't Dream its Over Wall Removal that has left his past opponents alone and isolated delirous daze

Traversing the oedipus complex at every twist and turn the victor of tonights crunch will be allowed the sweet victor of drowning the loser in the blue ocean behind them while making the loser stomach churningly wear the 3 week old training undies of Timothy Finn, the smelly objects actual existent still being contested at this very moment.

Without further adieu in the left Blue unders corner we have the usurpppperrr and all round El Loco taco mr Liam Undertaker Finnnnn known for his powerful wrestling rugby dump trucks of destruction and in the left corner we hhavvveeee the El Diabolo Red Devil Underpants Capadra himself Mr Neil undisputed king Finn of Calamity Chockhold eye gouge master finger cruncher toe crusher midnight crooner let the Games BeGINNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dis-claimer: No family bonds were hurt during the shooting of the Live title match video replay above. And if anyone has the remotest problem or issue about this post please send myself a friendly email to: and I will communicate with you in all seriousness about easily the greatest NZ music video of 2015 :) and make any fixes or changes that you need done!! This is attended as farce in good humour to promote a genuinely unique piece of visual/musical NZ art and not meant to offend anyone. 

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