Thursday, 16 July 2015

Rackets Found Dead - Walking the Skeleton

Stream the Album above and start Living!!!

Well I'll be damned those kinky King's of old skool Slacker rockyroad fame Rackets drop a sick new album "Walking the Skeleton" straight from the top of the Dirt Pile. The musical range on this record could be likened to a Valentines buffet meal its vast, unhygienic and yet you really want to eat it all in a facken instant!! nutty professor style. Hysterical Nietzschean madness aside oh yes on a more proper and eloquent British note, quaint, the audio work from the Auckland rockers took many moons to construct including a few blue moons were we all know what happens. Like some bollocks new state funded National motorway to John Key's Ponytail caressing paradise the is over! but are we there yet? I'm not gonna lie this album is an emotional roller-coaster with all the highs and lows of a refreshingly painful joke that the past NZ election was, but what do Kiwi's finnd so inherently magnetizing about the colour blue?

From a personal down to earth tip of the Fedora my fav track that really is a heart to heart tear jerker is "Swan Song" with a flaming performance of god knows who from the band playing some Spanish castanet's which sounds as if their life depended on it or perhaps their rent! to the classic boistorious rock fuelled antics of "Barracuda" offering in my dark mind a high-class Remeura lady on the hunt like a paranoid piranha that at the same time offers up the greatest lyrical highlight of the record from my view;

"I taught my brother and sister both Karate"

We then do a drunken backward U-turn without indication into an atomic musical swerve that sees us together wading waste deep into the seas of the Mediterranean Hawaiian shirt unbottoned pinacalada in one hand our best mate Jez being swept off into the surf never to be seen again withourselves just caught in the moment laughing at the beauty of the world while languishing in the melody laden obnoxiously phat snare young cash money sound of "Fools Gold" with what i might add is a really stand out vocal performance on the record from none other than the All Black's themselves leading their tone-deaf fans into a Rocking haka

But wait a second Rackets comes charging out of Rugby Union changing room ready to rock out in the middle of the field they storm the stage playing fasce shattering powerslides from the new record the Super bowl at halftime is eclipsed by the almost NZmericans going wild Katy Perry faints in a self-induced Diva moment overwhelmed by her bosom and for a moment the world is in a complete of Buddhist like harmony as a car crashes into the stadium filled with an Isis militia trying to stop the musical Rugby broadcast in all its footy glory they are hacked down one head at a time by the Sonic power of Rackets unbudging nationalism backed up by the thunder thighs of Jonah Lomu propelled by a healthy morning meal of South Auckland ghost chips.

In all sobriety what a colossal stonker of an Album Rackets you have all earnt a well deserved outstanding F+ for your services to derail the brainwashed public of New Zealand your knighthoods are already in the mail with a lifetimes supply of scorched almonds :) :) :)

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