Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Neos Impress Four time Grammy winning A&R

Hey Rockers 
The Neo-Kalashnikovs had some really good feedback about our song "Turn the Tables" from Noah Goldstein. He's a four time grammy award winner from the USA. He's actually Kanye West's go to recording engineer. He was actually the man who recorded all the vocals on Yeezus that was produced by Rick Rubin. He's also great friends with Arcade Fire and helped sculpted the Suburbs sound arguably their best album. Anyway I just wanted to say a big thanks to Radio Hauraki for believing in the band and that song. We are actually in the midst of tweaking it for an A&R in the US for potentially some solid airplay on rock stations and without our fans and our team this wouldn't have happened let alone been possible!!! RockNRoll 

On a personal note Noah is someone that is a really genuine person. You can see his love and drive to make great recods is the very fibre of his being. To have someone in his position say that "all I can here is limitless potential" after listening to your track is a real eye opener. It's really awesome when you meet someone who understands what your doing and why you do it because it's the very people that are crazy enough to scale the Great Wall of China that see beyond it into the freeworld. Nothing great is ever achieved easily and so you just got take the good with the band and be philosophical about your life Shit i've had my share of ups and downs and the key is to look past that and build a life that you want to live utterly, completely and forever (Nietzsche)! If you want something bad enough and are willing to put the work in 10o and 10 % you can attain anything the only thing stopping you is yourself. Real talk. The Will to Power is strong!


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