Monday, 14 October 2013

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - An Interview on Self-Promotion & SoundCloud for the Indie Artist

You're doing pretty good with 1300+ followers on sound cloud. What do you think helped the most in getting this far?
1) To crank a solid game on sound cloud you need to start liking peoples music, following people up to the 2000  follower limit, write nice comments to people after listening to their music and always comment back to people that take the time to message you enjoying your music

Indie rock is big in the UK but if you had to pick another country in Europe to do concerts, which would it be?
2)If you break America you break the world, Japan and German are also really important for a rock musician. All 3 countries have the biggest music markets in the world. So you can either slum it in New Zealand with platinum album sales or tour America and get paid for moving like 50,000 records which is like ten times platinum in NZ haha. For instance LF =m2 (Larger populations equals more fans which results in money squared haha) 

What do you think is the best way to get a following quickly in a short amount of time?
3)Do really awesome albums and give them away on the internet and play shows on Saturdays were ever you can and promote it by shooting video, recording it, poster it, love it haha!!!!

Which radio station in the UK would you want your music to get played on?
4)BBC Radio 1 by Zane Lowe the biggest DJ in the World and a New Zealander too!!! Man that guy needs to spin "Gorgeous Baby" already and stop interviewing Kanye :)

What was the best venue/place you played at?
5) Las Vegas in the middle of Summer, they shut off a block downtown and we rocked out in front of the local college crowd. When I say the sound system was loud it was like Skrillex on crack. After the show we went back to our hotel the El Cortez (one of the oldest hotels in the city). It had been owned by Mafia Bosses to Movie Stars and every hustler in Las Vegas in between. After the show our friend Rico from San Pedro and I (not to be confused with my friend in Highland Park) went off and gambled on the slot machines there. He ended up losing his money so I put mine on the line and with some help from lady Luck managed to break even. By the way we actually grey-hounded into Las Vegas which is insane because its like a 12 drive or a one hour flight haha but its such a euphoric feeling when you see the Bright Lights and how dope is Cesar's palace thats like Ancient Greece on steroids. We ended up having a huge band fight when we got their we were so delirious. Still we had some Long Islands on the side walk you can drink them on the streets there and everything was all good :) The Neos




  3. money squared. zero times itself is still zero.