Monday, 7 October 2013

The Neo-Kalashnikovs Stand up for Young People like Miley Cyrus: Screw the old haters like Sinead O'Connor

They say a photo tells a thousand words and this one certainly does. If you can't tell it's Miley Cyrus and Sinead O'connor Fused together :) The creative image was masterminded by Nerdy Frames and all the words are from The Neo-Kalashnikovs

Big shout out to Nerdy for proofreading the letter and Keep Rocking New Zealand!!! Click the Link:

Dear Sinead O’Connor I think you have a good-heart but have expressed your message in a way that only seeks to identify the negative aspects of Miley Cyrus, which are really not so severe. After all she is a young individual with a lot of responsibility and people relying on her to cut through the mainstream media to sell records. Things have changed since you were famous Sinead, which seems like a century ago. Today musicians like Miley recognize the value of viral marketing campaigns that are risqué. Do you honestly think Miley is so naive that she won’t be judged for expressing her sexuality in any way she sees fit? From the view of a feminist she has every right to present herself as a women in anyway that she sees fit, so RESPECT HER and come down from you withering aged high horse!!! 

Miley is the number one female artist in the U.S. right now and she has achieved this herself by taking risks. Other artists in the industry rely upon hundreds of millions of radio spins to hit the number one spot; I would imagine Miley’s spins have been limited if not inexistent. Where is the respect due to her! For this young woman and her capacity to go for broke. She is a true entrepreneur that has taken the crown in the most male dominated record charts in the world. Every woman that reaches the top spot in the Billboard Hot 100 deserves to be celebrated and not ridiculed by their idols that have inspired them (with no effort on your part). The general sub-text of your letter can be boiled down to the fact that you think Miley is a prostitute and is the abused property of the record industry. This is a simplistic and childish take on the real, you don’t recognize the value of what Miley has generated and her subsequent achievements. 

At such a young age she has shown all the people of your rotten age what we can do regardless of corporate industry executives controlling the recording industry. I bet there are a lot more men that are angry at Miley for making the top spot than individuals who have generated a giant income off her record sales. Because news flash there is no money in selling music, pirating makes record sales pointless due to the money needed to spend on marketing to get your music heard above the rest of the clutter of music! This is not to mention artists like you that
                                     DO NOT SUPPORT YOUNG ARTISTS. 

Where were you when Miley was recording her record, you sure as hell didn’t offer to collaborate on a record with her or mentor her obviously. And you see that’s the difference between artists like Miley and The Neo-Kalashnikovs we don’t need you or your paternal belittling. Your industry hang-ups are bases in antiquity. If we don’t get financial backing our generation doesn’t sit round feeling sorry for ourselves! We go number one of our own accord whether that be through music videos, sponsorship deals, tv shows all areas that Miley excels in. Young people are the future and we make sure we hit the top spot – by any means. Just ask fellow New Zealander, Lorde she hit the number one spot, but her song had to be played hundreds of millions of times to achieve the same feat Miley achieved with a viral video. There is no difference between young people that achieve on a grand scale like Miley or Lorde, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are all forced to fight against the hegemonic gate-keeps trying to block YOUNG PEOPLE HAVING A VOICE (who are both men and women). 

You Sinead O’connor need to stop sitting on the sidelines and put your money were your mouth is. Help young artist become famous and stop taking the selfish route by flogging the dead horse that is your career. That way young people have the option of not having to resort to extreme measures of publicity to help further their careers. If Miley Cyrus had just shaved her head and shot the wrecking-ball video she would have got a pathetic 10,000,000 views. Her operation and music career would cease to function and this is your remedy to her, tow the line and through away your future? You need to realize the game has changed and Miley Cyrus is a champion representing oppressed young people starving due to exploitative rents imposed by your generation, crushing student loans and skewed house prices! Miley Cyrus is making sure the young peoples true voice is heard and she is in sublime rebellion from all your social conventions and norms.

At a time when almost all young people are unemployed across the globe and not one person the age of 21 has a seat in Congress or Parliament you will only see more Miley Cyrus and others who follow in her footsteps in our cry to be heard. We shall scream in unison until our lungs give out the world-over to fix the wrong your GENERATION HAS LEFT US WITH BEING DEBT, NO JOBS & NO TRUE CAREER PATHWAY TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE. YOUNG PEOPLE UNITE #SelfPimpin IS BACK ON THE MENU 

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