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Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground

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Me and Lou Reed have had a good time over the years. Through his music me and him have really got along. The effect Lou has had on my life has been very personal. I can't really explain it but maybe you will understand it when I say I feel I know him. He has rubbed off on me, he's left a mark on me like a good parent does. His music has taught me more about life than any teacher ever will. 

When I was younger my father introduced me to this album by The Velvet Underground:

"The Velvet Underground & Lou Reed - Live 1969, Vol.01 & 02 (CD version)"

The first thing I loved about it was the cover. I remember asking myself can you have a picture like that on a cover and will it be alright???? Thankfully the world hasn't ended because of this risqué and in my opinion the hottest cover ever made. The second thing I loved was how the lyrics resonated within me.

The swagger, the nerve, the freedom, the artistic merit (that was untaught and untouched) staunchly coupled with the happiness of playing rock music live made this album absolutely magic. It's so raw, it's so real it makes me want to scream! Lou taught me through this album that life aint glossy no matter who tries to feed you that notion, he taught me rough n real is good, the tough life is rewarding and working hard at being you leads to purpose. I find a lot of people my age struggle to find who they are which is distressing to see. Because of Lou Reed and my other idols I have never had that problem. They really addressed the meaning of living, being, dying and singing for me. 

This album taught me you don't have to be perfect, you can sing anyway you please.
You don't have to be anything you don't wannabe, you can be free. 
 It taught me to be me. The self-empowerment that came with this album defiantly in part lead me to dedicate my life to the art of rock music. 

 It's pretty subconscious when you are introduced to such music at a young age hence the reason I can't fully explain what it truly did to me. I do know it lead me to high school where I covered the song "I can't stand it anymore" with complete dedication over and over again (this song I still hold as my favourite song by him). It also later lead me to the reload album on vinyl and finally to the masterpiece Berlin album in my early twenties which helped me get through some very tough times. I'd just like to say thank you to Lou Reed for putting so much life and time into his rock music and to Andy Warhol who saw the potential in Lou and gave him a kick up the butt and told him to work harder. The hard work paid off in the end and now I am and we are left with a beautiful legacy in ode to life and rock music. 

xox Volita Pearl Bioletti

I have posted all of the albums I mentioned below for your own listening pleasure and I am aware I have missed out some extremely famous songs and albums but these to me are the most important ones that I wish to share with you. 

The Velvet Underground & Lou Reed - Live 1969, Vol.01 & 02 (1988)

Volume 1

01 00:00 "Waiting for My Man"
02 07:02 "Lisa Says"
03 12:53 "What Goes On"
04 21:47 "Sweet Jane"
05 25:46 "We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together"
06 29:00 "Femme Fatale"
07 32:04 "New Age"
08 38:40 "Rock and Roll"
09 44:46 "Beginning to See the Light"
10 50:15 "Heroin"

                                                                                         Volume 2

01 00:00 "Ocean"
02 10:56 "Pale Blue Eyes"
03 16:47 "Heroin"
04 26:36 "Some Kinda Love" 
05 31:24 "Over You"
06 33:41 "Sweet Bonnie Brown"/"It's Just Too Much"
07 41:36 "White Light/White Heat"
08 50:11 "I Can't Stand It"
09 58:03 "I'll Be Your Mirror"

Why am I so shy????? 
Why oh why am I so shy????

The Velvet underground - Reloaded

This album is gold. Favourite tracks are 1, 2, 8 awww f**it all of them lol 

1. Who Loves the Sun - 0:00
2. Sweet Jane - 2:45
3. Rock & Roll - 6:51
4. Cool It Down - 11:34
5. New Age - 14:38
6. Head Held High - 19:46
7. Lonesome Cowboy Bill - 22:42
8. I Found a Reason - 25:26
9. Train Round the Bend - 29:43
10. Oh! Sweet Nuthin - 33:02

I'll come running to you honey
when you want me to...

I found a reason to keep living oh and the reason dear is you.

I do believe you are what you perceive what comes is better than what came before.

ohhhhhhhh sweet nothingggggg

ohhh sweet nothing she aint got nothing at all. 

Lou Reed - Berlin 
 This record is truly is a masterpiece. 
Nice for when you are depressed and nice when you are feeling romantic too. 

1. Berlin 0:00
2. Lady Day 3:24
3. Men of Good Fortune 7:03
4. Caroline Says I 11:42
5. How Do You Think it Feels 15:39
6. Oh, Jim 19:22
7. Caroline Says II 24:36
8. The Kids 28:50
9. The Bed 36:45
10. Sad Song 42:36

How do you think it feels when you're speeding and lonely
how do you think it feels 
 when all you can say is if only
if only i had a little
 if only i had some change
If only if only only
how do you think it feels and when do you think it stops?

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