Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Great Flag Debate

I just wanted to clear up some madness jumping around about trying to get the "The Red Peak Flag" design into the New Zealand flag referendum. Many of you probably don't know but
New Zealand is under going a perfect storm - an identity crisis so the National government can avoid doing anything productive in office for their whole third term. Here are some snubbed designs many now labelled great alternatives like Otis Frizzels "MANAWA":

Or the obvious Maori choice "Tino Rangatiratanga", anything but that one aye ;)

What I truly find worrying is a 20,000 strong signed petition advocating that we switch our flag to
a back packing brand red peak is the fifth option thankfully not an official choice.

I also don't know about you but I see striking similarities to the SOUTH AFRICAN FLAG aka our Rugby playing arch-enemies. I can't imagine anything worse or more embarrassing than flying this flag high which incorporates Red, White, Black and Blue!

                                                      'Red Peak' by Aaron Dustin

South African Flag (below)

The current New Zealand flag that my grandfather Harry Bioletti 
fought under in WW2 in the South Pacific 

Rugby Ball Flag 

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